This popular island in the Aegean Sea is most known for being a fun, party island featuring the most luxurious spots and hedonistic beaches. However, this place is rich in natural beauty, and hiking in Mykonos is more popular than you may think at first. If you’re a hiker and you’re interested in discovering some popular trails on this island, this is a guide for you.

The Walking Trails Will Help You Discover the Beautiful Nature This Island Has to Offer

Even though this party island is most known for its luxurious hotels, crazy nightlife, private Mykonos villas for rental, and some of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean coast, it’s also rich in natural beauty. Despite being developed and having relatively flat terrain, there are a few beautiful routes worth exploring.

These narrow paths will introduce you to a completely different perspective of this island, which you’re probably unaware of. If you’re planning to have a vacation on Mykonos, we highly recommend that, among all the various things you can do here, you spend at least one day discovering the wild beauties of this little paradise.

Nature on Mykonos

The walking trails offer some of the most stunning views

The Road to Armenistis Lighthouse (Fanari) Is One of the Best Routes for Hiking in Mykonos

The most well-known trail among people who love nature and walking is the one that leads to the Armenistis lighthouse, located in the Fanari area. This lighthouse is not only a big part of the island’s history but also one of the most interesting attractions, and the time spent here will surely be worth it. The road to this lighthouse is probably one of the most exciting hiking trails in Mykonos you will encounter.

This Spot Will Offer You the Best View of Mykonos and the Nearby Islands of Greece

Though the lighthouse is no longer in use, it is still an impressive landmark and a popular spot for experiencing the most picturesque sunsets. The lighthouse atop a steep hill offers one of the most astonishing panoramic views of the Aegean Sea and nearby Cycladic islands. To reach the lighthouse, it’s best to take the road from Agios Stefanos, located around six kilometers from the town center.

The road is about five kilometers long, and it will take around one hour to reach the final point, which is not too long. The path has a slight incline since you are reaching a spot at an altitude of 170 meters. The road is popular and safe, and you shouldn’t have trouble walking to it.

Armnistis lighthouse in Fanari area

The sunsets from this lighthouse are the most beautiful you’ll ever see

Take the Best Hiking Path Around the Local Countryside

If you wish to explore a more rural side of this spectacular vacation destination, we highly recommend the northeast quadrant of the island. This is the best area for travelers who like to explore the local countryside and visit some of the most popular organic farms and vineyards.

If you feel like trying some fresh, organic, local food, we highly recommend that for one day, you skip the best restaurants and go for lunch at the popular Vioma Organic Farm. Besides tasting delicious food, you can take a walk around the vineyards and explore the lovely countryside and fields of wildflowers.

From the Countryside, You Can Take the Narrow Road to a Stunning Secluded Beach and a Nearby Local Church

After taking a tour around the traditional farms and vineyards, you will probably be willing to finish your route with a swim in the crystal clear waters. From Vioma Organic Farm, you can take a walk down the narrow dirt road, past a small reservoir and gorgeous landscapes. The road to the near Fokos Beach is around 3 kilometers long and will take you about 40 minutes to get to it.

You will be surprised by the gorgeous setting of Fokos Beach and the surrounding nature. Here you can hike around the surrounding hills and continue your tour to the nearby Mersini Beach or hike to the Agia Anna Church. All of the roads are perfect, and you can plan your route however you prefer.

View of the Fokos Beach

Fokos Beach is well known for its untouched wild beauty

Take a Quick Trip for a Hiking Adventure on the Historical Site Of the Delos Island

This spectacular island is well known for being the most important archeological site of the Cycladic islands. Delos is the place you must visit if you’re planning a holiday on Cycladic islands.

Besides having an important role in the history and mythology of Mykonos, the Kythnos hill on Delos is a great spot for hiking lovers. Kynthos is 113 meters high and offers a gorgeous panoramic view. To reach the summit, you will walk around the gorgeous ancient paths.

Walking Around the Slopes of Delos

The hill’s lower slopes are covered in ancient ruins and are a pretty nice setting for a long walk. Walking around Delos, you will get to see many exciting attractions such as Sacred Lake, Terrace of the Lions, Sacred Precinct, Temple of Isis, Theater Quarter, House of Dionysus, and many other exciting spots.

The roads are narrow and have a slight incline, but the beautiful setting will ensure the hike isn’t dreadful. You can easily arrive at Delos by one of many public boats from the ferry port, or you can rent a private yacht and organize the itinerary according to your own schedule. The road to Delos won’t take a lot of time and is a swift trip.

Ancient ruins on Delos

Hiking around the ancient ruins of Delos is a real adventure

Don’t Forget Getting All the Essentials for Your Hike

Even though routes on the Cyclades aren’t too demanding and don’t require great preparations, it is still a smart move to bring some necessary items. Especially if you’re planning to spend the majority of your day exploring the natural beauties of this incredible destination. Here’s a list of a few things you might want to have by your side during the hike:

  • First aid kit,
  • Comfortable shoes and clothes,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Water,
  • A map,
  • Sunscreen,
  • A hat,
  • Snacks.

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