Imagine throwing a great party in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos. This island is synonymous with stunning sunsets, lively nightclubs, and gorgeous sandy beaches. It is truly the best place to travel with friends and make precious memories. Before you start packing and preparing to have the greatest time of your life, read our reasons why Mykonos should be the next destination you vacation in with your favorite crew, and you won’t even consider other destinations.

#1 Sunbathing and Having Fun at the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

Mykonos beaches are known all over the world as pristine and beautiful. The sand is very comfortable for walking barefoot, and the translucent blue water is absolutely stunning. The occasional winds create waves that are fun to swim against. This is not surprising. After all, Mykonos is called The Island of the Winds for a reason.

There is nothing better than enjoying a sunny day at any beach on Mykonos. We recommend that you explore the greatest ones, such as:

Enjoy Fun Water Sports Activities With Friends at the Beach

The great thing about Mykonos is that you won’t get to experience a dull moment on the island. It’s simply impossible. There are numerous fun activities to explore and fascinating things to learn during your visit. For example, different beaches offer fun water sports activities. If you are up for an adrenaline rush, fun activities that range from windsurfing and waterskiing to flyboarding or wakeboarding are available. Ftelia beach is one of the best places you can go windsurfing while you can engage in other water sports activities on beaches like Platys Gialos, Agrari, and Elia.

People windsurfing

You don’t have to just lounge on the beach, you can also enjoy water sports activities

#2 A Group of Friends Can Stay in One of the Luxury Villas on Mykonos and Have Fun on Their Vacation

If you want to find perfect accommodation where a group of friends will feel comfortable yet experience luxury and elegance at the same time, then the mesmerizing Mykonos villas for rental are the best choice. Choosing a villa over a hotel is the smartest option.

They have all the amenities that a group of friends needs, and there is enough space for everyone to feel comfortable. The outdoor area of almost every Mykonos villa features an infinity pool and sunbeds which can be a great spot for a pool party. Don’t miss an opportunity to relax in one of the best Mykonos villas for rent during your visit.

The Best Choice Would Be to Call up Mykonos Concierge to Organize the Party of Your Dreams

Forget about managing work and the hustle and bustle of the city. You won’t have to bother with new boring tasks during a vacation in one of the private villas in Mykonos. You should know that a concierge in Mykonos will be just a call away, so you can have them organize parties at your villa. They are skilled and knowledgeable about the finest food and drinks that would elevate your party at the Mykonos villa rental with a pool, and they can arrange for live entertainment like dancers, superstar performers, and DJs.

Balloons in a pool

Mykonos concierge can organize a unique and fun event like a party in your villa

#3 Dance the Night Away and Experience First Hand Why Mykonos Is the Best Place to Travel With Friends

What might remind you of city life is the never-ending party atmosphere. If you want to experience the true nightlife scene of Mykonos, the best place in Europe to travel with friends, head to the main Mykonos town. Here you will find nightclubs one next to another, blasting your favorite music.

During the peak season, which is mid-July, you will see nightclubs packed with people enjoying themselves until the break of dawn. You never know what might happen, your crew might end up meeting new people from all over the world.

Some of the best nightclubs where you can visit are Scarpa in Little Venice, Addiction club, Moni Mykonos, At54, Cavo Paradiso, and Tropicana club. Don’t forget that some places like Tropicana club and Cavo Paradiso are at the beach, so you can wear the most fashionable beach attire to the parties.

Party people raising their hands during a performance

Plan which beach bars and clubs you will visit

#4 Explore the Aegean Sea and Travel to Other Places on a Private Mykonos Yacht Rental

Are you always on the lookout for an adventure? Exciting moments that you would, later on, retell as you are coming back to your Mykonos villa rental? Well, exploring nearby Cyclades and the Aegean Sea on a yacht rental on Mykonos is the perfect way to search for an adventure.

Places such as Santorini island, Naxos, Milos, and Delos island are picturesque and breathtaking destinations that you can visit and where you can search for secret beaches and ancient ruins. Book a trip on a private yacht rental in Mykonos and see what things you can explore outside of Mykonos.

Take Your Travel Crew Snorkeling and Search for New Treasures in the Water

Is your crew up for a challenge? The exciting dive into the blue Aegean Sea is what you should do. Sail on your private yacht to some of the ideal places for diving in Mykonos. We recommend exploring destinations such as the Peloponisos Shipwreck, The Anna II Shipwreck, Lia Reef, and Agia Anna and Dragonisi. You don’t want to forget your GoPro when you reach the shipwreck at the bottom of the sea. The pictures and videos are ideal for social media.

Woman diving in the sea

Make wonderful memories with your crew by going on a sailing trip and scuba diving

#5 Shopping and Taking Instagram Pictures in Matogianni Street

One of the most beautiful streets in the world is the main street in Mykonos called Matogianni. If you’ve ever seen a picture with white buildings, blue roofs, and window panes representing this destination, then it was most probably taken on this street. It is one of the greatest places to take Instagram photos and stroll down the narrow alleyway. It doesn’t look like anything you can find in a big city.

This is a destination of many designer shops such as Soho Soho, Prince Oliver, First, and Carla G. If you are traveling on a tight budget, consider getting new creative trinkets from souvenir shops. After the shopping spree, you can have lunch at the best Greek restaurants near Matogianni street, such as Kazarma and Bouboulo.

A street in Mykonos

Return to the city from the trip with pics from this stunning destination

Book Your Villa Today – The Ace VIP Team Is Waiting for Your Call

The five main reasons listed above are proof that Mykonos is the best place to travel with friends in Europe. Other destinations can’t even come close. This trip is going to be something your crew will recall and talk about for a long time. The beautiful beaches, great nightclubs, trips on a private yacht, and shopping sprees in Matogianni Street are everything that makes an exquisite vacation fun.

If you want to make sure that you get luxury and style and escape the city, contact The Ace VIP team. We will provide you with yacht rentals, private drivers, concierge VIP services, private villas, charter jets, and helicopters. Don’t waste your time in indecision, read our website and book one of the Mykonos luxury villas today.