Scuba diving is an excellent option for people who prefer to spend their summer holidays enjoying some adventurous water activities. If your summer destination is going to be the famous party island in Greece, you are probably wondering, is there good diving in Mykonos? Even though it is most known for being the popular vacation spot among hedonists, this place also offers spectacular sites for those who like to discover the natural beauties of the Aegean Sea.

If You Wish to Know Is There Good Diving in Mykonos, This Is the Ultimate Guide for You

Underwater swimming may not be one of the most popular activities at this destination and is definitely not what Mykonos is most famous for. However, it is pretty spectacular. The crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea attract many divers who enjoy revealing some hidden beauties of the gorgeous reefs and diverse marine life.

Most professional divers consider the Cycladic archipelago the home of a fascinating underwater world. Whether you are an amateur going underwater for the first time, or an experienced diver, the natural beauties of this place will undoubtedly blow your mind.

What Is the Best Time to Dive on This Island?

In the past few years, scuba has become a pretty popular activity at this destination, and most of the island’s diving centers are open year-round. The majority of divers consider that the southern side of the island is better, and that is when you’ll most likely find the underwater swimming community exploring the waters. Even though summer is probably the best time to visit Mykonos, the best time to dive on this island is at the end of the season, in September and October.

The diving community believes that the end of the season is best since the water temperatures are ideal and the island is less crowded. Organizing your Mykonian vacation at the end of the season is also great if you’re on a budget since the accommodation prices for some of the best hotels and stunning private villas in Mykonos are more reasonable.

View of the Ftelia beach

Beaches on this destination are known for their rich marine life and beautiful reefs

Exploring Some of the Most Beautiful Underwater Sites on This Island Is a Unique Experience

The underwater coast of The Island of the Winds is a magnificent site you must see while on your vacation. While exploring the Aegean Sea, you will encounter some exquisite marine life, colorful sponges, Mediterranean fishes, sea urchins, octopuses, and plenty of other interesting species. Paradise Reef is an easily accessible shallow area, great for beginners who wish to have a view of the rich marine life up close.

If you’re lucky enough, you might even encounter a unique and endangered species – the rare monk seal. This creature can usually be found around the reef close to the Tragonisi island caves, which is one of the most astonishing sites around this place and is definitely worth visiting. Besides these gorgeous creatures, you will also spot some of the unique Cycladic attractions.

The Underwater Shipwrecks Are One of the Most Popular Attractions

On the bottom of the Aegean Sea, you can find pieces representing Greece’s long and fascinating history. One of the most stunning attractions is the underwater shipwrecks which became artificial reefs and are every diver’s dream. The Anna Wreck is one of the most famous underwater sites in the Cyclades and is a well-preserved ship that sank in 1995.

Another popular ship is The Peloponnese Wreck which sank before WW2, in the 1930s, on the northeastern side. It is now a playground for experienced divers who love to discover historical underwater attractions. In the video below, you can see how fascinating underwater swimming around these wrecks in the Aegean looks.

There Are Few Great Scuba Diving Centers in Mykonos, Greece You Should Check Out

A few centers on this popular Greek island have been operating for the past few decades on the gorgeous beaches. These centers offer high-quality services and instructors who will introduce you to the underwater world and numerous traces of the island’s history.

These centers have high safety standards, convenient and clean facilities, and kind and friendly staff, guiding you through the art of underwater swimming step by step. The most famous centers are:

  • Mykonos Diving Center operates from Paradise Beach,
  • GoDive Diving Scuba PADI Resort at the popular Lia Beach,
  • W-Diving Center on the Kalafati Bay.

These Popular Centers Offer Numerous Diving Programs

You can choose one of the various programs these scuba centers offer depending on your preferences and level of expertise. You can choose some beginner lessons and tours under the supervision of professional divers, open water diving, or perhaps night underwater swimming, as well as many other exciting options. Choose the center that seems the most suitable for you, and indulge yourself in exploring the fascinating marine world.

A boy and a girl getting ready to jump in the water

These professional centers will give you all the instructions you could possibly need

Take a Tour to the Nearby Delos if You Wish to Dive Somewhere Else

Scuba is also popular on numerous Greek islands, but especially on Delos. Besides underwater swimming, you can experience plenty of interesting water activities on Delos, such as snorkeling. Delos does not have a center where you can rent equipment, but there are plenty of interesting tours that offer you the opportunity to dive around this place.

You Can Go on a Day Tour With a Group or on Your Own

From the ferry port in Chora, numerous boats take tourists on daily excursions and tours around the nearby Greek islands. If you wish to experience Delos, you can either go on a group tour or perhaps rent a private yacht and go on your own. By renting your own boat, you have the opportunity to be time flexible and organize your yacht tour and itinerary however you wish to.

Man scuba diving in Greece

At these popular centers, you can learn how to dive like a professional

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