When on summer vacation, some people love spending their time relaxing, while others prefer adventurous activities. If you are one of those who love indulging in water sports activities, you should definitely try out windsurfing in Mykonos, Greece. Besides being a hedonistic paradise, this place has plenty of great spots where you can test your surfing skills and experience a truly adventurous holiday.

It Is Not a Coincidence That Mykonos Is Known as The Island of the Winds

Even though it is commonly known as the party island, Mykonos also has one more nickname: The Island of the Winds. You might have already heard that this famous spot in the Cyclades is one of the windiest islands in entire Greece. But why is this place so windy? This is all thanks to Meltemi, a dry northern wind that blows over the Aegean Sea during the summer season.

On most days, the wind feels like a pleasant breeze, not too strong, and rarely causes issues. However, for people who are interested in trying out some water sports activities, windy days will be the perfect time for it. While you’re on your Mykonos vacation, you must put trying to surf on the Aegean waves on your trip itinerary, as it will be a lifetime experience.

Windy weather on Mykonos

Winds are quite common on this paradise island

Kalafati Beach Is The Best Place if You’re Windsurfing for the First Time

This island has plenty of exciting spots for surfing. However, not all of them are suitable for beginners. If you’re willing to try out this sport for the first time, we recommend you do it on the famous Kalafati Beach. Kalafati is located on the island’s southern side and has a large deep bay with a constant breeze.

It is one of the best beaches for surfing since it features perfect conditions for a safe and fun experience of gliding across the Aegean waves. It is a great place for beginners willing to learn how to perform the skill of riding waves since it has a very good center that offers guidance.

The Windsurfing Center on Kalafati Will Provide You With Everything You Require

Whether you are interested in windsurfing, or some other water sports, the Mykonos Windsurfing Center is the place for you. Here you will be provided with all the information you need regarding water sports. You have the option of renting equipment and getting lessons if needed. There are various types of lessons you can choose from, such as:

  • Guided windsurf private lesson – 1 hour (€80)
  • Guided windsurf private lesson – 4 hours (€280)
  • Beginner group lesson – 3 hours (€130)
  • Guided windsurf private lesson – 4 hours (€440)

For more information, you can check out their website or contact them by calling their phone number. Kalafati has all the needed facilities and amenities nearby. Once you get tired of riding the waves, you can relax and enjoy some local food in one of the nearby seafood restaurants.

There Are Plenty of Great Beaches for Windsurfing in Mykonos, Greece

Besides Kalafati, there are plenty of other great places to try out your surfing skills. However, some spots are just more popular than others. If you’re looking to plan a list of fun things to do and you’re researching which beaches are the best for surfing, don’t forget to check out these few interesting places.

Ftelia Beach Is Every Surfer’s Dream

Located on the northern coast of this Cycladic island, Ftelia is a paradise for every fan of surfing. This secluded beach is rich in natural beauty and is one of the spots you must visit while on your vacation. It is superb for surfing and testing your skills and has a constant breeze going on. Being on a less crowded coast, you will be able to enjoy the waves freely.

However, since there are no centers for renting equipment here, you will have to bring your own with you. Once you get tired of swimming and riding waves, you can have a drink at a local beach club, which will be a perfect reward after an adventurous day.

Kalo Livadi Is a True Windy Paradise

Another great spot for individuals who love adventurous activities is Kalo Livadi, located on the southern side. There the light winds from the south are common during the spring and autumn months. The south winds do get a bit tricky and can be unpredictable, but if you catch a good windy period, which is usually before the season starts, Kalo Livadi is the surfing paradise.

Because of its moody wind, this spot is generally recommended for pros who are already confident. However, during the summer months, when it’s the season’s peak, the winds are weaker, and the coast is filled with tourists.

Located Right Next to Ornos Bay – Korfos Is a Spot Every Surfer Must Visit

Close to the town center, Chora is the gorgeous Korfos. Though the bay isn’t as long as the previously mentioned ones, this spot offers a pleasant terrain for freestylers who happily enjoy the north-easterly winds. The soft sand and shallow waters make this place an ideal spot for both advanced riders and beginners.

Besides the perfect surfing conditions, Korfos is super close to all the best restaurants and the island’s famous attractions, which you must visit while you’re here. The breathtaking setting of turquoise water and gorgeous nature will sweep you off your feet, and if you stay till the evening hours, you will experience a magnificent sunset view.

Korfos Beach by Ornos Bay

Korfos is a perfect spot for both professional and amateur surfers

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