The Island of the Winds is one of the most popular islands in the entire world, with over half a million tourists coming to visit each year. While it is known for its vivid nightlife and open-air Cine Manto cinema, it also attracts people with its fascinating landscape and history, and a walking tour of Mykonos is the best way to explore its culture and beauty.

If You Want the Best Way to Explore the Island, Go on a Free Walking Tour of Mykonos or Find Guided Tours with Transfers

Even though Mykonos is known for its wild party scene and the hottest beach bars the world has to offer, don’t sell this party island short if you’re looking for a more wholesome summer vacation. Mykonos has a fascinating history and culture, as well as a wonderful landscape, and it deserves to be explored properly.

One of the greatest ways to take in the culture and explore all the hidden gems is to go on a walking tour. You can either find guided walking day tours that have organized transport to and from your luxury Mykonos villa rental and cost around $100, or you can do some research and be your own guide for free. Whatever you decide, here are some popular attractions you shouldn’t miss out on.

Start Your Journey in the Heart of Mykonos – the Old Town of Chora

You can either take a taxi or a bus to the Fabrika station or walk from the Mykonos villas for rental to the Old Town, but the only right way to start your journey is by visiting the stunning Old Town of Chora – the heart and soul of the island. Try to get up early and start your walk as soon as possible; the earlier you start, the more you will be able to take in.

The Old Town of Chora is undoubtedly the most significant and beautiful part. It truly looks like it came out of a dream, and it represents the Greek style and culture. The narrow, beautiful paved streets of Chora are filled with small Greek-style houses with whitewashed walls and blue wooden doors and windows, the best restaurants and clubs, wonderful local shops and cafes, and so much more. Just take a walk around these vivid streets and experience the beauty of Greece.

Street in Chora
Start your tour in Chora

You Must Go Into the Archeological Museum and Experience the Rich Culture and History of the Island

After you’ve walked around for a bit, we highly recommend going into the Archeological Museum in Chora. While visiting a museum while you’re on summer vacation in such a vibrant destination might sound a bit dull, you will not regret it. You can see fascinating artifacts and ceramics, as well as many art pieces that date back all the way to prehistoric times. You can learn a lot about the rich history of the island and get to know it better.

Take a Little Shopping Break on Matogianni Street

After you take in some knowledge at the museum, it’s time to balance it out by going shopping on the famous Matogianni Street. It’s a real paradise for shopaholics, as this street is filled with the most prestigious, high-end designer shops in the world, as well as countless local jewelry and souvenir shops, cafes, and so much more. This would also be a good time to sit down with all your shopping bags and have a quick coffee break.

Go See the Iconic Windmills the Island Is Known For

The next stop on your tour should be the iconic windmills. They are a symbol of Mykonos and the Cycladic culture, and they are a must-see during your stay. The windmills were built way back in the 16th century, and their architecture remains fascinating to this day. Even though you can’t enter them, you can admire them and take a few photographs as a memory. 

View of the windmills from one of the Greek villas in Mykonos
Stop by the famous windmills and take some photos

Move On to the Church of Panagia Paraportiani

One of the last stops on your tour should be the gorgeous church of Panagia Paraportiani. After the iconic windmills, take a walk along the shore, make sure to walk past Cine Manto – a famous outdoor cinema, and you will reach this beautiful church. Even if you’re not religious, you should definitely see this stunning little church that was built somewhere in the 17th century and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It’s an important cultural and historical site, and its architectural style will amaze you.

Save the Best for Last – End Your Walking Tour in Little Venice

After a long walk, you should end your day with a treat. Take a walk to the most romantic and picturesque neighborhoodLittle Venice, and make sure to see the Old Port along the way. Admire the architecture of the colorful buildings and the beautiful scenery, and end your day by eating in one of the amazing restaurants right next to the water. And if you’re lucky enough, you might get to watch the iconic sunset. 

View of Little Venice
Little Venice is known as the most romantic neighborhood

Does Exploring the Beauty of Mykonos This Summer Sound Good to You? Book Your Travel Arrangements in Time

If you want to travel to and explore one of the most popular islands in Greece while experiencing authentic Greek culture this summer season, you need to book your travel arrangements in time. The Island of the Winds is one of the world’s most popular summer destinations, and with good reason. Its beauty attracts many tourists from all over the world each year, so you need to reserve your spot as soon as possible.

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