If you’re getting ready for a vacation on one of the best islands in the world, you know that there will be an abundance of places for shooting amazing TikToks. But where do all the content creators go to film TikToks? The best spots to make TikToks in Mykonos aren’t hard to find, and we will tell you exactly where they are – read on for some brilliant ideas that will make your profile stand out from the rest of the crowd!

#1 The Iconic Mykonos Windmills – The Place You Can’t Skip

When you arrive on the island, the chances are that one of the first places you’ll want to see is the lovely Mykonos town, Chora. So, this is the perfect opportunity to get the most out of your day 1 in Greece and film some captivating content that will leave your audience eagerly waiting for more.

Head to the breathtaking Mykonos windmills and get your camera ready – here, you will get stunning videos, especially if you film at sunset time! Pro tip – be sure to look for the stairs next to the windmills, which are a well-known Instagram spot as well.

While You’re in Mykonos Town, It’s Best to Use the Opportunity and Film Some Content on Its Beautiful Little Streets

If you’re planning on making a TikTok with some useful travel tips for this island in Greece, may we suggest doing so on the narrow streets with characteristic Cycladic architecture? Imagine yourself walking down the street while the camera captures the perfect angle – this place is so magical that we have no doubt you’ll get plenty of inspiration for new content!

Woman filming a video of the windmills, standing on the hill in Mykonos town

Not many islands can offer what this one can, content-wise

#2 180 Sunset Bar – The Name Speaks for Itself

Everyone who’s done some research on this island before their trip can tell you that 180 Sunset Bar is worth climbing a small hill for a visit. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself to some cocktails at sunset and relax.

Even if you’re here for a Greek workcation, travel content can wait while you soak in this view. It won’t take you long to get the videos you need here – with a marvelous view of the town and the sea, TikToks will basically film themselves here, trust us.


Beauty of Mykonos from the 180 sunset bar #cavotagoomykonos #mykonos #sunsetlover #greecetiktok

♬ Just the Two of Us – Grover Washington, Jr.

#3 Legendary Cavo Tagoo Is the Spot Where You Can Make the Dreamiest TikToks

We’ve all read about this place, right? Cavo Tagoo is one of the best hotels here, and for a good reason – it’s definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing places you can see during this trip to Greece. The legendary cave pool suites are the number one spot here, but if you’re just looking to spend a day here, the restaurants and the pool will very much fulfill your needs for quality content.


Share it with someone you’d take here 🤍 📍 Cavo Tagoo Mykonos — Greece 🇬🇷 ‎📍فندق كافو تاجو ميكونوس — اليونان 🇬🇷 #cavotagoomykonos #mykonos #greece #greecetiktok #hotel #explore #holiday #vacation #adventure #travel #traveltiktok #travelstory #bucketlist #fypシ #fyp #fy #viral #viralvideo #classic #classicalmusic #love #honeymoon #honeymoontrip #فندق #ميكونوس #اليونان #ترند #شهر_العسل #اكسبلور

♬ Love Tonight – David Guetta Remix – Shouse

Apart From Luxury Hotels, Mykonos Luxury Villas Are Amazing Locations for Filming Attention-Grabbing Content on This Island

Sure, hotels are fun but have you ever stayed in a luxury Mykonos villa rental? Now, that’s a Greek travel experience to remember – wherever on the island you want to stay, there are plenty of magnificent Mykonos villas for rental with a private pool, perfect for recreating some viral TikToks. Mykonos is famous for having numerous huge villas with countless amenities – come and see for yourself what kind of unique content can be made in these luxurious properties.

View from a luxury Mykonos villa Marion

Think of how much inspiration you can get in a spot like this!

#4 Principote Beach Club Will Be a Great Place for Making Party-Related Content

Beach clubs here are known for their extravagant parties and epic atmosphere – the music never stops here, and neither does the inspo for great Mykonos TikTok content. While the beach guide is something we can talk about for ages, for TikToks, we can narrow it down to a few spots, and Principote Club at Panormos Beach is one of the top places where you can get amazing videos. Apart from the lovely sand and the sea, the beach club itself is designed to be so stylish – you and your audience will love it!

View of the Principote Beach Club in Mykonos

No need to search for a club to film your videos – Principote is the one

#5 Yacht Rental in Mykonos – Spend a Day Sailing and Film Unbelievable TikToks

Have you really had a Mykonos travel experience if you haven’t been on a yacht? Think about the level of fun one can have on a yacht party – and then treat yourself to a few days sailing around. You and your companions will get to see views you haven’t even dreamed of – and, of course, to film it all for a few memorable TikToks. Hurry up and book a yacht in advance – you can thank us later when your TikToks go viral!

Bonus Tip – Always Be Ready With a Camera, Because There Are a Million Best Spots to Make TikToks in Mykonos

The thing that no one tells you about Mykonos is this – you will need an infinite amount of time to see everything and get to try everything this spot in the Aegean Sea can offer. There is so much beauty to experience, which means that the inspo for content is endless. Wherever you turn around, there is a potential for magnificent TikToks.

So, that means you should keep your phone ready at all times. Whether you’re about to try some water sports or you find yourself in a gay club, you can rest assured that the fun is guaranteed! The truth is, you don’t even need to search for the top-notch spots – they will find you.

 TikTok page opened on desktop

The search for video inspiration won’t be hard – you’ll find plenty of spots, trust us

Wondering Where to Stay During Your Vacation? The Ace VIP Can Offer You the Best Private Villas in Mykonos

Before you can take a flight to Mykonos, you’ll have to book accommodation – preferably a few months in advance. This is due to the high popularity of this island – top villas tend to be reserved in advance. We’re sure you only want the most luxurious experiences for your vacation, so don’t hesitate to reach out to The Ace VIP. We would be happy to help you find the perfect luxury Mykonos villa that fits your style, budget, and needs. Contact us, and let’s get to finding you the accommodation of your dreams!