So, you found yourself on this beautiful island in Greece, but you’ve got only one day to spare. You’re probably wondering – Is 1 day enough for Mykonos? Well, the truth is you can never get enough of this place, but you have to work with what you got, so let’s see how you can make the most of it.

It Might Seem Impossible, but With the Right Plan, You Can Accomplish Anything

Maybe you’re thinking about catching a ferry from Santorini, or you’ve found a cheap flight ticket from Athens to the island’s JMK airport. Either way, you’ve probably got less than 24 hours to spare, and you have to think about how to spend your time here in the best possible way. Who knows, maybe you’ll like the atmosphere so much that you find yourself researching Mykonos villas for rent and a tour cruise to Delos by the end of the day.

This can be accomplished with a good travel itinerary and a schedule to follow. It might be a fairly small island with many of the main attractions close to each other, but there are a lot of things to see. So, let us be your travel guide for the day and show you the best places you don’t want to miss while you’re here.

If There’s Not Much Time to Spare, It’s Important to Figure Out the Transport

When you want to explore as much as possible on a limited schedule, it’s important to find an efficient way to get around. The buses are a great option because they’re cheap, but if you don’t want to waste precious minutes waiting, you should consider renting a car with the help of a Mykonos car hire service. Check out this video for helpful tips on how to make a great travel itinerary:

Start Your Trip Right With an Authentic Breakfast at a Local Bakery

When you’ve got less than 24 hours to spare, an early head-start is key. And is there a better way to kick off your experience than visiting a local bakery for some authentic pastry delights such as tiropita or spanakopita? So, pack your beach bag and go get your authentic Greek breakfast – you’ll definitely need a full stomach to explore the island.

A Relaxing Morning at the Beach Sounds Like a Pretty Good Way to Start Your Day

The truth is, you haven’t been to this Greek island if you haven’t experienced its beautiful beaches. If you plan on walking, it’s best to stay close to the main town and lounge on nearby beaches such as the Megali Ammos Beach. But if you want to explore a bit more of the island’s beaches, go straight to the most famous, Paradise Beach, and check out the beach club there. That way, you will start your sightseeing tour completely refreshed.

Woman with a beach bag

There’s no way you can avoid visiting the beaches here – and why would you want to?

Head to the Picturesque Mykonos Town for That Perfect Instagram Post

Obviously, the main town of this island in Greece is the main Instagram spot and the place where you’ll spend most of your time. Simply known as Chora, you will be taken by its cobbled, narrow streets and beautiful whitewashed houses with touches of deep blue. Cruise around and explore, pick up a few souvenirs on the way, and don’t forget to catch a break for some authentic Greek food.

Explore Mykonos Town and Its Famous Windmills

Chances are you’ve seen plenty of windmills if you traveled around Greece, but the most famous windmills in Greece are here. Most of these windmills date back to the 16th century when the isle was under Venetian rule.

Of course, they are no longer in use today, but they are a significant part of the island’s history and definitely a sight to see. Aside from the famous five windmills known as Kato Myloi, you should check out the nearby Boni’s Windmill as well – it’s a breathtaking view from up there.

Experience the Charming Ambience of Little Venice

One of the most beautiful parts of the town is the area known as Little Venice, situated right opposite the Kato Myloi. Little Venice is a vibrant place full of popular attractions, restaurants, and shops. It’s famous for its interesting architecture – the houses are built right above the sea, just like in Venice. It’s perfect for walking around or sitting at one of the seaside bars and enjoying the view.

Houses in Little Venice

Your Instagram profile will be completely refreshed with wonderful images of Little Venice

You’ll Quickly Realize There’s a Lot More to Explore

While you cruise around the center of this picturesque Greek island, you’ll definitely stumble upon plenty of churches, museums, galleries, and shops. You might even come across a few lesser-known hidden places, and that’s always fun. Here are some places you can visit while strolling along the cobblestone streets:

  • Church of Panagia Paraportiani – there are hundreds of religious buildings on this island, so you should at least visit the most famous one, the 17th-century Panagia Paraportiani Church, which is actually made out of five smaller churches.
  • Archaeological Museum – if you’re interested in visiting museums, one of the closest ones is the Aegean Maritime Museum, but if you have some time to spare, you should definitely visit the Archaeological Museum and learn more about the ancient artifacts.
  • The Rarity Art Gallery – there are quite a few contemporary galleries near the center, so if you’re more interested in art that is not several centuries old, make sure to visit them.

Recharge With Some More Greek Food and a Beautiful Sunset View Before It’s Time to Go

Finish your one-day travel the same way you started it – by enjoying some authentic flavors of Greece. While exploring, you probably spotted a cute place you wanted to return to and try some food. If that’s not the case, you should check out our list of the best restaurants this Greek island has to offer.

We strongly recommend visiting a classic Greek taverna because it’s the perfect place to try out some traditional food and have an authentic experience in Greece. Most of them have a beautiful view of the sea, so you can spend your last moments here enjoying the sunset.

Food on a table

There’s no way you can miss out on the authentic flavors of Greece

Is 1 Day Enough for Mykonos? It Might Be, but You Will Surely Want to Come Back

Maybe you’ll find yourself watching the sunset and thinking if you should research private villas in Mykonos and stay a bit longer. If that’s not possible, you’ll probably want to come back again and stay for a week or two in a Mykonos villa with a private pool. With the help of the concierge VIP services Mykonos, you will definitely find the perfect accommodation – they will get you the best luxury villas Mykonos has to offer.

With their service, you will surely have an unforgettable experience staying in one of the Mykonos villas for rental, and you can even cruise around and explore a bit more of this place by getting a Mykonos yacht rental. By going on a cruise, you will surely check out all of the places you missed on your first visit.