There is nothing more exciting than taking your vacation experience up a notch and sailing around in the Mediterranean region. When you explore everything on the island, it’s time to go yachting or island hopping. If you don’t know how to book a yacht for a cruise around Mykonos, we’ve got you covered. Choose the type of yacht charter you’d like and enjoy a time partying, sunbathing, and relaxing in the middle of the Aegean Sea.

First Step – Choose the Charter Yacht You Want to Book

First and foremost, check out the array of yachts that are available. Pay attention to the general characteristics such as the length of the vessel, the number of people that would be on board, and the number of cabins on which you can base your decision. A concierge on Mykonos can help you select the right one.

Apart from the type of vessel you want, check out the numerous pictures that are available on the Internet. You can see what the outside and the interior look like, so you can ensure that it is suitable for your trip around the island.

What Is the Best Way to Charter a Yacht or Bareboat for Your Cruise?

There is an array of different private yachts available on Mykonos. From small sailing boats to mega yachts, you can choose the one that will make you experience the hedonistic glamor and beauty of the destination you are in. The first thing you have to think about when you charter yachts is how many people will join you and how much time you will spend on board.

This will determine the space that will be required and how big the vessel should be. After that, feel free to contact The Ace VIP, whether or not you’re booking a Mykonos villa rental with us. We can introduce you to numerous charters and provide you with a dedicated concierge on Mykonos who can be there for you whether you need to rent a yacht or a car.

Drinks served on a yacht

Get help from Mykonos concierge when it comes to selecting the right yacht

Second Step – Check Whether You’ve Made the Right Choice

When you select the one you want, contact the company that provides Mykonos yacht rental services over the phone or via email. Express your desire for what luxury yacht you want to charter. Then, inform them about your sailing plans. They would like to know:

  • When do you want to go sailing?
  • How long will the cruise last?
  • How many people are in the group?
  • Do you wish to explore the Mediterranean basin even more by going out in the open seas?

Also, inform them about your special preferences, such as alcoholic beverages you’d like to drink on the yacht, water sports equipment, or gear for scuba diving in Mykonos you might need. After a conversation with The Ace VIP team, you’ll know whether you’ve made the right choice based on your needs and requirements. If some changes are required, the company will advise you in the best way possible.

Find Out Whether the Charters Are Fully Crewed

Who is included in the crew? Ensure that you know who will accompany you on your trip. Most commonly, the crew is made up of skippers and captains. Companies offer food preparation by private chefs, but they are not calculated into the original yacht rates. If you want a private chef onboard, make sure that you request one. The crew will do everything so that you experience comfort and luxury.

People drinking champagne on a yacht

Ask whether a private chef will be included in the crew

Step Three of This How to Book a Yacht Guide – Sign the Charter Agreement

The company will send you the rates of the vessels you choose via email. The one you selected will be reserved by placing a three-day hold. The company will need to send a charter agreement that has the payment options and terms for charters. You then have to sign the agreement and pay the entire amount. Only then will you have completed the entire booking process. A couple of days before boarding the yacht, you will need to send all the passports of the passengers.

Exterior of a yacht

Are you bored of lounging in one of the Mykonos villas for rental? Go sailing instead.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Sailing on Yachts During Your Vacation?

Among the most luxurious destinations in the world, such as the Bahamas and the Caribbean, Greece stands out as the ultimate best destination for sailing. A cruise will elevate the entire experience of your vacation.

Relaxing in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos, exploring the gorgeous beaches, and partying at various beach clubs and bars can be fun and exciting for a while. But, if you want to get close to beautiful nature and get to know the new destination better, booking charter yachts is an incredible opportunity. Here are more reasons why you can’t miss out on yachting in Greece.

Best Weather for Yachting

Mykonos has the perfect weather for yachting. There is a lot of sunshine while the winds are not too strong. Also, there aren’t huge tides or giant waves. These are the optimal conditions you need for a cruise on a bareboat or yacht. What is more, many islands are on the sheltered end of the Mediterranean, so this guarantees smooth sailing.

Blond woman holding her hair

Among the destinations with the optimal weather for yachting is Mykonos

It’s Possible to Visit Surrounding Cycladic Islands

Have you ever considered what it would be like to go island hopping? Visiting numerous new destinations during a yacht tour is a dream come true for most tourists. There are many Cyclades close to Mykonos that you can visit and spend the entire day exploring. Most islands are within a distance of 3-5 nautical miles. Here are some of the islands you can sail to

You’ll Visit Incredible Instagrammable Spots

The cruise is definitely worth it since you will visit some of the best spots for taking Instagram pictures in the world. Imagine you can take a picture of the Mykonos sunset. It’s even better than the view of the sunset from one of the private villas in Mykonos. Also, you’ll get to see cliffs, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, ancient ruins, churches, cute villages, cozy tavernas, and stunning architecture. Be independent and explore everything that Greece has to offer.

Wooden deck of a boat at sunset

Capture the beautiful view of the sunset in the world from your bareboat

Contact The Ace VIP and Visit All the Beautiful Destinations on One of Our Luxury Charter Yachts

If you want to experience the highest level of luxury during your trip to Mykonos, contact The Ace VIP team. We can make sure that you stay in one of the perfect Mykonos villas for rent. On top of this, with our concierge VIP services Mykonos, you can pick the best vessel for your Mediterranean cruise and spend days lounging and partying on some of the most stunning charter boats in the world. Have a look at our list of the greatest charters and pick the one that suits you. After yachting, you can go to any other destination by our charter jets or cars. call us today.