If you are someone who is not so attracted to the touristy and crowded spots and you actually enjoy exploring some more hidden places, you will surely love staying on Mykonos. Although it is a famous destination, some of the best secluded places in Mykonos are still not so popular among tourists. Finding these hidden gems will surely give you a new perspective on this island.

If You Travel to Mykonos, You Have to Visit at Least One Hidden Beach

Although this destination in Greece is mostly known for its popular beaches packed with sunbeds, parasols, and exclusive beach clubs, it also has a completely different side. Besides those Instagrammable streets of the main town and parties that all the hottest A-listers attend, there is a more tranquil side of this paradise island in the Aegean Sea.

If you are looking for a quiet beach hidden away from noisy beach bars, we have some interesting recommendations for you. There are lots of secluded coastal gems on this small island, which you must add to your summer travel itinerary or try to rent one of Mykonos luxury villas in their proximity.

What Are the Best Hidden Beaches on Mykonos?

There are plenty of gorgeous beaches on the island that are totally worth visiting. One of the greatest things about this destination is that all the beaches are so different from one another, and everyone can find a beach that perfectly fits their preferences. If you are someone who likes relaxing in the sun and having quiet surroundings – you must visit some of these beaches:

  • Kapari Beach – is known for its crystal clear waters and soft sand. It’s surrounded by gorgeous nature and gorgeous sceneries and is perfect for anyone looking to escape the usual crowded spots. You can easily arrive at the beach if you catch a taxi or use public transport. It’s a nice place for numerous water activities, but there are also beautiful hiking trails nearby.
  • Agrari Beach – not very popular among tourists, but quite known among the locals. This quiet beach is nudist-friendly and has a beautiful coast for relaxing and enjoying summer days. There are few seafood restaurants in its vicinity, which are known for some very reasonable prices.
  • Fokos Beach – offers one of the wildest and most beautiful natural landscapes on the entire island. The beach is free of crowds, equipment and is nearly deserted. It’s popular among tourists who like indulging in different water sports and nude sunbathers. Also, it’s a popular spot for horseback riding, so don’t be surprised if you encounter a horse while relaxing on the sand.

The Kiki’s Tavern on Agios Sostis Is One of the Best Secluded Places in Mykonos, Greece

This unique taverna is located on the north side of the island and is a well-kept secret among tourists who love indulging in traditional Greek cuisine. This beautiful Greek restaurant serves authentic Greek food, fresh seafood, and many delicious meals which will positively surprise your taste buds. The place also offers a nice sunset view of the Aegean Sea and Agios Sostis Beach, which creates a perfect atmosphere for a late lunch or dinner with your loved ones.

This Tavern Is a True Hidden Gem With With Specific Rules

Besides offering a traditional Greek menu, Kiki’s Tavern is also interesting because of the way it functions. It is all very vintage, with no telephone, electricity, or Wi-Fi inside. Everything is designed to grasp your full attention and help you completely indulge in the Greek wilderness. Keep in mind that you can not make reservations at this place, so make sure to go there early.

Agios Sostis beach

The taverna is located above a small secluded beach – Agios Sostis

If You Like Exploring Authentic Places, Visit the Hidden Mykonos Castle

This special castle is one of those spots that many people haven’t heard of, even though it definitely should be considered one of the biggest attractions. The Castle of Chora in the main town used to be a Venetian castle built on a hill near Little Venice, providing a panoramic view of the sea and a perfect spot for watching the sunset. It was mainly used as a fortification for protecting the island, but now it is completely abandoned.

Not a lot of people know about this spot, especially because you have to go through lots of narrow streets to get to it, but the path is more than mesmerizing. It is a beautiful and picturesque place, which is why it can be a perfect Instagram spot.

The Entire Area Surrounding the Castle Is Quite Interesting

Near the castle, you can find many other interesting places, such as the Church of Panagia Paraportiani. This beautiful white-washed church is a famous example of typical Cycladic architecture, and it can be super interesting for those who would like to learn more about Cycladic culture.

Close to the church is the famous Folklore Museum, which holds a large collection of paintings, ceramics, lithographs, and many other art pieces. The entire area is very secluded, and you can rarely see many people spending time around these corners.

Panagia Paraportiani church

Castro is located near the beautiful Panagia Paraportiani church

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