If you are planning a vacation on Mykonos and you’re interested in finding a place where you can relax and recharge your batteries in peace, we know a spot for you. Kapari Beach Mykonos is in the west part of the Agios Ioannis peninsula, next to a trendy beach with the same name – Agios Ioannis. Despite being next to a loud and noisy beach, Kapari is known for being a tranquil corner of Mykonos with a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

How to Get to Kapari Beach, Mykonos, Greece?

Being a small, calm, and relaxing beach, Kapari is a hidden gem located in the northwestern part of the Agios Ioannis peninsula. If you are looking for a simple and easy way to get to this small paradise, there are several options. Since there are no bus transfers that can take you directly to this specific beach, it’s suggested that you go via taxi or bike, or simply rent a car.

There is a small platform at the beginning of the beach where you can leave your car, and then from there, you’ll have to walk to the beach. However, there is a bus that goes from Mykonos Town to Agios Ioannis, from where you can walk to Kapari. It’s going to take you around fifteen minutes to walk from the bus station to the beach. It is a bit of a rocky path, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes.

When Is the Best Time to Visit This Beach?

If you were wondering when to visit Mykonos, recommendations vary depending on where you are planning on going. If Kapari is your main goal, then you probably don’t care about the partying season, and you wish to have a relaxing holiday. Mykonos season usually starts in May and reaches its peak during July and August. If you wish to avoid the crowds, choose to travel during late spring or the beginning of fall.

Beach on Mykonos

Mykonos is known for its crystal clear water

Kapari Is One of the Most Beautiful and Wild Beaches in Mykonos, Greece

Kapari is one of the rare beaches in Mykonos that is not crowded, and there are no parties here. This place is known for its wild beauty, gorgeous landscapes with small rocky hills surrounding the beach, and crystal clear blue water. The paradise beach is not very developed, so you won’t find any restaurants or beach furniture there.

It’s recommended to bring your own food and drinks, as well as parasols and other things you may need. The beach has a long coastline, which is around 150 m long, and has the most breathtaking view of Delos Island. The sunsets on Kapari are mesmerizing and definitely worth experiencing.

Woman relaxing on a sandy beach in Mykonos

Kapari is a wild beach and not very crowded

What Can You Do at Kapari Beach?

Being such a wild beach, Kapari offers a very specific range of activities you can do while spending time there. Unlike many things to do in Mykonos, Kapari offers a smaller number of activities. However, activities mainly depend on what the visitors are looking for and what their preferences are.

It Is Great for Swimming and Relaxing

It is perfect for lovers of swimming since the water is clear and of ideal temperature. It is also a great spot for relaxing all day and enjoying your time. Since there are no crowds here, it’s great for meditating and doing some relaxing yoga. If you wish to walk a bit around the beach, we suggest going to the church of Agios Ioannis. It is a small picturesque church, only fifteen minutes away from the beach.

There Are a Few Interesting Water Sports for Adventurous Types of Visitors

If you are looking for some adventures on the water, there are nearby places where you can book a yachting, sailing, or kayaking trip. This is also a great option if you are willing to see the nearby beaches, enjoy diving, and take some excellent photographs. You can also search online for Mykonos yacht rental and get all the needed information.

 Luxury Mykonos yacht on the sea

A yacht is a great option for exploring hidden beaches

Where to Stay at Kapari Beach?

The closest hotels are around 300 m away. If you are willing to find a place to stay near this beach, we recommend you book it in the Agios Ioannis area. This area is closest to Kapari Beach, and you will be able to find some amazing hotels here. Hotels are great if you’re going with your partner, as we can assure you that Mykonos for a honeymoon is a magnificent idea. Also, if you’re in Mykonos on a budget, you can find affordable hotels in this area.

Consider Checking Out Mykonos Villas for Rental

For people looking for a more comfortable stay for a bigger group of people, maybe a family or a couple of friends, Mykonos luxury villas are a great choice. We have villas on every corner of this stunning Greek island, as well as the Agios Ioannis area. So be sure to check these private villas in Mykonos and choose the one that you love the most.

Luxury Mykonos villa in Agios Ioannis area

Agios Ioannis has some amazing luxury Mykonos villas

In Case You Wish to Take It All Off, Kapari Beach Allows It

Greece is well known for having beaches where you can enjoy swimming in the crystal clear Greek waters, with and without your bathing suit. There are no official nude community beaches, but a few usually have some nude sunbathers, and Kapari is considered to be one of those beaches.

As a secluded beach, Kapari is a perfect palace for taking it all off. The small number of people who visit this beach enjoy being nude on it. This is, of course, not a necessity, but if you’re willing to try it out, Kapari is the beach for it.

Woman on a beach in Mykonos

Kapari is one of the few nude beaches on Mykonos

If You Need a Dream Vacation, We Can Fulfill All Your Special Requests

If you are interested in having a dreamy Greek vacation on this gorgeous island, where you can enjoy the most stunning beaches and stay at luxurious villas, we can help you. Whatever request you may have for your vacation, we can provide you with our concierge services, provide information on boat rentals, and offer a luxurious car rental service. Mykonos will surely delight you with all the amazing places it has to offer, and we will make sure you are prepared for your vacation in the best way possible.