Most people associate Greece with the turquoise sea, gorgeous beaches, and delicious cuisine. The Island of the Winds is no exception to this and offers the same hedonistic pleasures. On a typical Mykonos menu, you can find quite a wide variety of different foods and dishes. Today we’re breaking down the most popular options which can be found in typical local restaurants.

Mykonos Restaurants Offer Various Cuisines – From Traditional Greek to International Tastes

If you know something about The Island of the Winds, then you understand how top-rated this tourist destination is. This is a cosmopolitan place, and because of that, it is home to some of the world-renowned dining spots. This island has everything from authentic traditional tavernas to some of the best international restaurants. If you consider yourself a gourmet, the food on Mykonos is a good enough reason for you to book a ticket to this unique island.

People dining at a restaurant on Mykonos

Here, you’ll find a wide range of different cuisines

The Traditional Mykonos Menu Is Something You Must Try While on Your Vacation

When in Greece, you must not miss out on the traditional Greek cuisine. Greece is known for being a country of unique flavors you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Authentic traditional tavernas and local food are one of the things that Mykonos is famous for. While on your trip, you must put dining at some of these tavernas on your bucket list of things to do. These places offer plenty of specialties, and you must try them at some point during your Mykonos vacation.

Greek Cuisine Has Interesting Entrees and Appetizers

Mediterranean cuisine is known for unique appetizers, and Greece has some of the best choices for tasteful starters. These entrees and appetizers usually contain local, freshly produced foods that are the basis of most local dishes. The usual Appetizer Plate is what most people choose when sitting in some local tavernas.

The plate usually consists of assorted olives, hummus, fresh tomatoes, feta cheese, and the famous toasted pita. Calamari is a super popular appetizer, served with some tasty side sauce such as tzatziki.

The stunning Saganaki-flaming Kasseri Cheese is an unavoidable part of the starting menu. Order a glass of Ouzo with your starters if you want to indulge in the Mediterranean atmosphere like a true local. This strong liquor is traditionally served as an aperitif to stimulate your appetite.

Food on a table

Greek cuisine has some excellent appetizers you must try

Seafood Can Be Easily Found on Most Menus

A standard rule when visiting Mediterranean countries is to try fresh seafood. Almost every Mykonos restaurant menu offers a wide range of traditional dishes with seafood. Greek chefs know how to prepare seafood most excellently, creating a rhapsody of mesmerizing flavors. Even if you’re not a fan of seafood, you should at least try something of a standard seafood platter.

You will be offered the freshest sea bass filets, shrimps, octopus, squid, and mussels. The best restaurants have a specific way of preparing octopus in red wine and vinegar, creating a fantastic taste. The fish is usually served with lemon, olive oil, vegetables, and a chickpea spread. A standard seafood risotto or lobster with spaghetti is also a dish worth trying.

Chef preparing seafood in the traditional way

You must try seafood when on your vacation in Greece

Don’t Miss Out on the Tasteful Authentic Greek Desserts

The Island of the Winds is the perfect place for you if you have a sweet tooth. There are plenty of restaurants and bakeries that offer a wide range of traditional Greek desserts. These desserts are particular and have a long tradition and are one of the things you must try while on this island. Here are some of the most popular authentic desserts so you know what to eat:

  • Traditional Ekmek – made out of toasted tsoureki with mastic syrup, mascarpone whipped cream, mastic ice cream, and cherries.
  • Karithopita – spiced walnut cake with aromatic spices.
  • Baklava – a super tasty dessert made out of filo dough, walnuts, and honey syrup.
  • Mykonian yogurt – combined with traditional sweet syrups, honey, and walnuts.
  • Loukoumades – sweet donuts dipped in honey and nuts.

Few Restaurants Offer Exceptional Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

If you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, there’s no need to stress too much about your meals on vacation. There are lots of places that offer vegan food. Besides that, most Mykonos hotels provide a vegetarian/vegan option for guests on a restricted diet. However, even the standard traditional cuisine offers some good vegetarian and vegan options.

There Are Plenty of Mediterranean Soups and Salads Which Vegetarians and Vegans Can Enjoy

Greek cuisine offers a wide variety of salad options and soups made out of fresh vegetables. You can get a salad made from romaine lettuce, cucumbers, kalamata olives, tomatoes, pepperoncini, red onion, and whatever else you wish to add. Hummus plate is a trendy dish, and it’s completely vegan. Vegetable soup or a pottage is available at most dining spots and is a good option for vegetarians and vegans.

Vegan salad made out of vegetables

Salads are always a good option when you’re on a vegan or vegetarian diet

Can You Get Takeout or Delivery on Mykonos?

If you don’t feel like dining at restaurants every day, you might wonder if some of them offer takeout or delivery services. Few spots provide delivery services, mostly street food places serving souvlaki, pita wrap, pizzas, grill specialties, and similar dishes. The delivery service on the island can be pretty expensive for deliveries and is not profitable at all. However, plenty of spots offer takeaway. But, in that case, you still have to leave your Mykonos villa.

If You Want to Stay in and Still Taste Exceptional Dishes, You Can Book a Private Chef

If you don’t feel like going out to a restaurant, but you still want to eat top-notch and exclusive dishes from a restaurant with a Mykonos menu, we have a suggestion for you. You can choose to book the services of a private chef who will come to your Mykonos villa and prepare food for you. Whether in your private villa or on a luxurious yacht, a chef can be booked and will come to you. This way, you will have the best restaurant service from the comfort of your accommodation.

Private chef on Mykonos preparing food

If you want a restaurant service from the comfort of your accommodation, book a private chef

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