Mykonos offers so many possibilities to the tourists, and one of them is certainly an excellent gastronomic experience. Here you can find all sorts of international cuisines in amazing restaurants all over the island – but what if you’re a vegan? Is there any good vegan food in Mykonos, Greece? Stay with us for all the relevant information on this topic.

Such a beautiful tourist destination as Mykonos can surely provide its visitors with everything they desire – and that stands for vegan food, of course. Although Mediterranean cuisine primarily consists of fish and meat, that doesn’t mean you can’t find excellent vegan options in Mykonos. Don’t worry about staying hungry on this luxurious island – you can travel stress-free. Keep reading to find out what are the best places for vegans in Mykonos.

Top-Rated Restaurants With Vegan Food in Mykonos, Greece, You Must Try Out While on This Island

Mykonos is known as a cosmopolitan destination – you can find almost anything here regarding food, from sushi to Indian or Italian cuisine. Naturally, there is an abundance of tavernas and fancy places that serve Greek specialties, and we must mention unique Cycladic dishes as well. However, most of that won’t be appealing to vegans – so, where should you go?

There aren’t many strictly vegan restaurants in Mykonos, but there are countless vegan-friendly ones. Trust us, that’s all you need because their menus consist of some beautiful options for you. We’ve selected a few places with fabulous fresh dishes and a great view – be sure to check them out. Like anything else in Mykonos, these restaurants are among the best ones in the world.

Street in Mykonos town with pink flowers

You’ll find more than one place with delicious fresh meals during your Mykonos travel

Bowl Near Ornos Beach Has an Excellent Selection of Vegan Dishes

If you’re looking for a lovely cafe where you can grab a (meat- and dairy-free) bite, be sure to visit Bowl. It’s a cute place owned by an Australian couple who love Mykonos – their passion is visible in this place.

Although not entirely vegan, Bowl has plenty of options you will love – you will be able to order around 70% of the stuff from the menu. They are primarily a healthy food restaurant and juice bar. Come and enjoy the classics such as avocado toast and acai bowls in a fabulous interior near one of the best beaches on the island.


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Koukoumi Hotel in Ano Mera Is the First Fully Vegan Hotel in Mykonos

Koukoumi is a dream come true for a Greek travel experience. Located in a picturesque village, Ano Mera, this hotel promises a serene vacation in a mix of boho chic and traditional Myconian style. Aside from the perfect dining, everything else reflects a healthy lifestyle, and we’re sure you would love it.

Try Out Delicious Food in Amazing Koukoumi Vegan Restaurant

As a part of this resort, there is a fantastic restaurant that even meat lovers would enjoy. The menu consists of Greek and Mediterranean-inspired vegan dishes and all-organic raw cuisine, and they source most of their products from their own fruit and vegetable garden.

If you have any specific nutritional requirements, they can even offer you a specialized nutritional program made in collaboration with a personal trainer. Additionally, we must mention that they have fabulous smoothies and juices served at the pool bar all day long and also make great vegan sweets.

You Can Find Delicious Food in D’Angelo, Located Near Windmills in Mykonos Town

Although they serve meat, this fabulous Italian restaurant has a separate vegan menu with a number of delicious kinds of pasta and pizzas. They also have very nice salads, and a vegan brownie is something definitely worth a try. Enjoy the tasty cocktails in a lovely atmosphere, and don’t forget to check out the view and take a few photos – D’Angelo is located near the famous windmills, a perfect Instagram spot.

Domino’s Is Another Excellent Pizza Place in Mykonos

Domino’s is another place in Mykonos town that serves vegan options in addition to meat ones. This American fast-food chain has great American-style vegan pizzas with delicious vegan cheese, and their vegan ice cream is top-notch.

Nice n Easy Offers Some of the Best Options for Vegans in Mykonos Town

Nice n Easy is an organic, gluten-free spot that offers contemporary Mediterranean cuisine with vegan options. They are located in Little Venice, which means your dish will come with a fabulous view. There is a separate vegan menu, and even though the selection isn’t large, you can be sure their portions will be. Also, some regular dishes can be modified to be vegan.


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Kiki’s and Fokos Are Famous Tavernas That Have Delicious Salads for Vegans – Be Sure to Pay Them a Visit

Admittedly, Greek taverns probably don’t sound like they offer anything that fits your eating habits but don’t judge them too quickly. Let’s not forget salads – some places offer a wide variety of salads that can serve as a whole meal – and one you’ll love.

If your travel companions eat meat and dairy, you can still accompany them to taverns – it would be a shame to miss out on this experience while in Greece, trust us. We suggest Kiki’s Taverna or Fokos Taverna – they have a few fabulous vegan options and some meals that can be made vegan on request.

Plate with a vegan salad

Don’t forget about the salads – many places in Mykonos offer delicious meal salads

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