The stunning Island of the Winds in Greece is not only one of the most beautiful places you could ever travel to, but it’s also one of the most expensive ones. But is the island’s reputation true – is Mykonos for rich people who can afford the lavish lifestyle this place has to offer? Or is it possible for regular people to go as well without spending their life savings on a single trip?

The Island of the Winds Is Known for Being an Expensive Place, But Is Mykonos for Rich People Only?

Mykonos is known for being one of the elite summer destinations in Greece and the entire world, an IT place where you go to be seen. It’s not only one of the most beautiful Greek islands, but it’s also the most expensive one. The prices on this island are a lot higher than anywhere else in the rest of the country, but seeing that it attracts over half a million tourists each year, it’s obviously worth the splurge.

If You Do Have the Money, This Gorgeous Greek Island Offers Endless Possibilities

If you don’t mind the steep price point and you have enough money in your pocket that you’re ready to spend, there really isn’t a better destination for you. The saying money can’t buy everything doesn’t fully apply to The Island of the Winds.

There are endless possibilities for luxury and fun, starting with the legendary nightlife this place has to offer. Many famous celebrities have confirmed that this party island is worth a visit. It’s truly the ultimate place to go if you want to spoil yourself.

You can go to some of the best restaurants in the world, eat some amazing dishes, and have a great time. And what would a summer vacation be without getting a Mykonos yacht rental and throwing a boat party? You can hire a private chef, get some music, and relax right on the Aegean Sea.

Yacht in the sea

What could be better than cruising along the Aegean Sea on a luxury yacht?

A Day Spent at the Beach Looking at the Sunset or Walking Through the Old Town Is More Than Affordable

You don’t have to be a millionaire or dip into your savings account in order to visit this beautiful Greek island. Having lots of money and being flashy isn’t a prerequisite for traveling to this stunning destination. Anyone can go, even if you’re on a budget and looking for a cheap summer holiday. You just have to do a bit more research and spend your money a bit wiser than other people.

While it is true that Mykonos is expensive, that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable options. At first glance, The Island of the Winds is a bit flashy, but if you dig a little deeper and get past all the glitz and glamour, you will find that this destination is more than its looks, and it’s got more to offer than ways to throw money around. It can provide you with the best summer vacation of your life, even if you don’t have that much money to spend.

There Are Many Fun Things to Do During Your Trip That Don’t Require a Lot of Money, Like Exploring the Island

The great thing about this island in Greece is the fact that it’s incredibly versatile. It truly offers the best of both worlds – it’s the destination to be in if you’re looking to blow off some steam, spend some cash, and party in the hottest clubs in the world, but it’s also the perfect place for a lovely family vacation.

It all depends on how you plan your trip itinerary, and if you plan it right, you could have the best time of your life for very little money. The Island of the Winds is extremely beautiful, and it has many attractions you should definitely see, even if you don’t have a cent to your name. You don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy this island. There are countless fun things to do for free, or they are at least very cheap.

For example, you can go on an organized tour and explore all the hidden gems and the beauty of the place. Or you could rent a car and go on your own tour with your friends, bring your own food and it’s a great way to spend the day without spending too much money.

Sunsets and Beaches Don’t Come With a Price Tag

The beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, and spending a day lounging on a public beach is affordable. You can also take a walk through Chora (Old Town) and find an affordable taverna where you will probably have the best meal of your life. The iconic sunsets are always free of charge, so don’t worry – there are plenty of fun activities that don’t cost much.

Taverna in Chora

Find an affordable taverna in Chora and try some amazing Greek food

No Matter If You’re Rich or on a Budget, You Will Never Regret Splurging on One of Private Villas in Mykonos

Whether you’re traveling on a budget or with the sole intention of spending some cash, the one thing that both types of travelers can agree on is that if there is one thing you should be spending your money on, it’s good accommodation. A great place to stay can completely transform your trip and turn it into something memorable, even if the destination you’re visiting isn’t that special.

So, if there is one thing that you should definitely find room in your budget for, it’s one of the Mykonos villas for rental. You will never regret spending a bit extra for the experience of staying in such a magical place. Each of the gorgeous Greek villas Mykonos has to offer has all the amenities your heart desires, from private pools and tennis courts to Mykonos concierge services.

View of Mykonos from above

Staying in one of Mykonos villas for rental is the proper way to experience this destination

Contact The Ace Vip for the Finest Luxury Villas in Mykonos

A Mykonos villa rental might even be the best solution if you’re looking to visit The Island of the Winds on a budget. Just go with your friends and share the cost of the villa. Once all of you have shared the expenses, it will be even cheaper than staying in a hotel. The prices in the supermarkets on the island are similar to those in supermarkets across the country, so you can prepare the food on your own in your luxury Mykonos villa. All you have to do if you want to have a magical vacation is contact The Ace VIP and book one of the Mykonos luxury villas for your stay – it will be the best money you’ve ever spent.