Planning the perfect summer vacation starts with choosing the right destination. With so many options, it can be difficult to decide sometimes. So, here is a detailed comparison between two very popular destinations to help you choose – Bali vs. Mykonos. Each has a list of pros and cons, so consider each one carefully and take the first step toward the vacation of your dreams.

The Battle Between Bali vs. Mykonos – Which Island Is Better for Your Next Vacation?

When choosing the next destination for your holiday, the overwhelming number of options might lead you to a battle between the two most popular islands in the world – Mykonos vs. Bali. So, if you’re having trouble deciding whether you should spend your summer on one of the most beautiful Greek islands or on an exotic getaway in Indonesia, here is a detailed comparison to help you decide.

Visit Mykonos for the Legendary Nightlife

If you’re in the party mood looking for some memorable crazy nights, you really can’t go wrong with either destination. Both Bali and Mykonos have great nightlife but in completely different niches. Balinese nightlife is mostly known for its crazy parties like raves and wild nightclubs.

On the other hand, Mykonos is known for being the nightlife epicenter of Europe, with countless celebrities like Kendal Jenner coming every year to experience the legendary nightlife in some of the world’s hottest day parties in beach bars. The Island of the Winds hosts the best DJs in the world, and the party scene is something you should definitely experience.

You Will Need Help Deciding Which Beach to Go to – Here’s an Honest Comparison of the Beaches

One of the most difficult choices is deciding between Balinese and Mykonian beaches. Ultimately, it all comes down to what kind of beach day you’re looking for. If you’re seeking adventure and want to enjoy the more primitive, natural beauty of the beaches, Bali is known for some of the most breathtakingly beautiful isolated and exotic beaches in the world. And here’s a tip – Bali has amazing water sports, especially snorkeling and scuba diving.

However, if you want to relax and enjoy the advantages of an organized beach, Mykonos has some of the best beaches in Greece, with fully arranged sunbeds, countless beach bars, and restaurants with exceptional service, golden sand, and crystal clear waters.

View of a beach bar and the sunbeds
Mykonos has gorgeous organized beaches

Bali Is Much More Affordable But Offers a Different Lifestyle

Mykonos has many advantages, but the island’s reputation of being fairly expensive precedes it. It’s one of the most expensive islands in Greece, maybe even in the world, but the exclusive lifestyle it offers justifies it. Everything in Mykonos practically sparkles and gives off the most glamorous vibes. In contrast, Bali is known as one of the most affordable travel destinations in the world, with a lot to offer. For those traveling on a lower budget, Bali is the obvious choice, but if you want to treat yourself to a luxurious vacation, Mykonos is the place to be.

Greece vs. Indonesia – Where Is the Food Better?

The battle of the Balinese and Greek cuisine is a really tough one. While Greek food is known for its rich and comforting flavors, Balinese food and its exciting flavors are on the bucket list of every true foodie. It all comes down to personal preference – whether you’re in the mood for fresh seafood and the comfort of traditional Greek dishes or you prefer exploring different exotic dishes and trying new and bold combinations.

And while the cuisine battle may be a draw, the best restaurants are definitely on the Island of the Winds. They’re around every corner so you don’t have to travel great distances searching for one, and you can find anything from gyros street food to decadent and luxurious fine dining experiences.

Mykonos Offers Better Shopping and Sightseeing

Mykonos undoubtedly has better shopping options. The entire island screams of luxury and glamor, and the stores are no exception. When you go shopping in Mykonos, you will stumble across the best and most exclusive designer shops in the world, as well as countless unique local shops that have been open for generations. While Bali has some interesting and exciting shops, they can’t compete with shopping opportunities on the famous Matogianni Street.

And even though they are both fascinating islands, the Island of the Winds has better sightseeing opportunities and a richer history than Bali. For example, unlike its competitor, Mykonos has a gorgeous Old Town of Chora that’s filled with amazing tourist attractions and beautiful whitewashed buildings. From getting to see the iconic windmills and the gorgeous Armenistis Lighthouse to visiting a few museums and churches, you can take in Greek culture.

Streets in Mykonos Town
Go to the Old Town for shopping and sightseeing

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