Mykonos has numerous diverse and unique eateries, and it is truly a foodie’s paradise. From small tavernas with limited seating to luxury international restaurants and beach clubs with superb traditional dishes, one will be spoilt for choice. But first, you must eat at the best Greek restaurant in Mykonos if you want to truly experience exquisite traditional food. Read on to find out where you can find the best authentic dishes on the island.

Noa Greek Restaurant Is the Best Greek Restaurant in Mykonos Town

Noa Greek Restaurant is described as a ‘must visit’ while vacationing on the island by customers on reviews websites. The delicious and satisfying Mykonian food, as well as the friendly and professional staff, make Noa stand out from the rest.

When you order at this exclusive eatery, you can expect to get big portions that are filling and appetizing. What is more, while eating meatballs, gyros, lamb chops, or various dips, you will be able to enjoy a stunning view of the sea. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to experience great hospitality and absolutely amazing traditional cuisine at Noa while staying in one of the private villas in Mykonos nearby.


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One Can Expect Mediterranean Gastronomy and Contemporary Innovation

Noa is an ideal place to go after swimming in the crystal clear water and spending an entire day sunbathing on a rental luxury yacht. There is nothing more exciting than ordering at a place that combines culinary heritage and contemporary cuisine to prepare memorable dishes.

One can expect the appetizing and intricate aromas of traditional cooking as well as rich Mediterranean flavors. The special ingredients are grown, reared, meticulously picked out, and fished exclusively for this place. So, instead of aimlessly searching for restaurants to eat in after visiting the popular attractions on the island, reserve a table at one of the top-rated places in Greece based on TripAdvisor reviews.

Souvlaki with french fries

If you are searching for a perfect and authentic meal, then you have to visit Noa.

What Can You Find on the Menu at This Exclusive Eatery?

The chef’s intention is to serve the guests unforgettable dishes prepared by following his grandmother’s recipes while incorporating a contemporary twist as well. What makes this the best eatery on the island is the aim to present how beautiful and extraordinary local cuisine can be.

The extensive menu features delectable appetizers such as baked aubergine, fried zucchini, sea bass “Savoro,” beetroot, and cod. Almost all appetizers are prepared with feta cheese which would be a real treat for cheese lovers. Also, one can find meat mezes on the menu, such as grilled striploin steak, mouthwatering lamb chops, and pork belly “Prasoselino.”

Those diners who want to have tasty souvlaki and gyros would be able to order pork gyros, pork souvlaki, and chicken gyros. Each plate comes with juicy meat, tomatoes, tzatziki, onions, and french fries. As far as their fish mezes, they offer prawn saganaki, grilled calamari, fried calamari, and grilled sardines.


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Try Star Dishes at This Unique Restaurant in Mykonos Town on Your First Visit

So, what should you eat on your first visit? Choose whatever you desire the most from the menu once you go for the first time, but our honest tip is to try their most mesmerizing meals. These include:

  • Pork belly “Prasoselino” – Get a taste of the mouthwatering pork belly served with braised and crispy leek. The celery root purée completes the dish with a savory flavor. The cost of this meal is 33 euros.
  • Fried Calamari – No other international eatery in Greece offers fried calamari like in Noa. You can have crispy fried calamari with gherkins, capers, and sour white lemon sauce. Every diner is blown away by the combination of flavors of this meal that costs only 24 euros.
  • Green Leaf Salad – Do you want something refreshing after taking a trip on a private yacht? Luckily, we have the answer – green leaf salad is just what you need. It features spring onion, cucumber, dill, Xinomyzithra ( sour cheese prepared in Greece), and lemon dressing. The price of the salad is 18 euros.
  • Grilled Striploin Steak – Order this to have an incredible lunch if you’re staying in one of Mykonos luxury villas This incredible and well-seasoned steak is highly recommended at Noa since it comes with feta cheese, smoked eggplant purée, and tomato. Almost everything Greece is known for is offered at the price of 51 euros.
  • Country-Style Penne Pasta – If you are on a special diet, this dish would be ideal. Eat pasta with savory eggplants, tomato sauce, feta cheese, olives, and herbs for just 22 euros.
  • Trio of Sea Salt – Cured Fish – A wonderful appetizer you must try features octopus, marinated bonito, and marinated anchovies. This specialty can be ordered for 26 euros.

Craving Something Sweet While Enjoying the View of the Beach? Have Noa’s Delicious Desserts

What makes a memorable vacation? Surely looking at a beach during sunset while sipping wine and eating a delicious dessert. Noa offers this kind of special experience. Reserve a table overlooking the beach and order their Walnut Cake which is made with sweet chocolate ice cream and pecan cream, or Ekmek Tsoureki with sour cherries and maraschino liqueur.

If you truly want something unforgettable, get Mille-feuille “Galaktoboureko,” which can be paired with the type of sweet wine popular in Greece, such as Muscat or Mavrodaphne. “Galaktoboureko” is an authentic dessert made with caramelized pastry sheets, cinnamon ice cream, berries, and semolina patisserie cream.

A slice of cake on a plate

Stay in one of Mykonos villas for rental close to Noa and visit it every day

If You Want to Test a New Restaurant or Small Taverna Every Day, Here Is Where to Go

Apart from Noa, there are various warm and charming restaurants in Mykonos, Greece, and tavernas that offer top-notch hospitality and first-rate cooking. Here is a list of other places you can check out while staying in the finest Mykonos villa.

  • Bistrot de Nicolas,
  • Kiki’s Taverna,
  • Koursaros,
  • Krama,
  • Elia,
  • Buddha Bar,
  • La Maison de Katrin,
  • Indian Palace.

Bear in mind that you should first find out how to safely get around the town and where the eateries are located. We recommend first exploring the places that are closest to you, and once you get to know the destination better, you can visit exciting hidden gems.

Watch this insightful video to get a better understanding of the island.

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