Matogianni (Matoyianni) Street is the most popular street in Mykonos for a good reason. First of all, Matogianni Street is truly unique with its cobblestone ground and white houses. There are beautiful flowers that embellish every corner as you walk by. But, it attracts people mostly because of the numerous stores, bars, and restaurants. If you want to go shopping in Mykonos, this is where you’d come. Now let us take you on a tour of this special place.

Here’s Some Information About Matogianni Street

Matogianni Street is the main street in Mykonos town – Chora. It is located close to Little Venice and the Aegean Maritime Museum. The street’s main appeal is that it is the center of all activity during the night and the day. Everything is painted white except the railings and window panes, which are blue or brown. On balconies, you will see colorful flowers.

Here designer stores, as well as shops that sell handmade jewelry, are located. People who sell art and decorative items showcase the products while the locals and tourists are strolling around. Apart from stores, you can find marketplaces with traditional Greek food. So if you want to experience the culture of Greece, leave one of the Mykonos luxury villas or hotels and head down to this place.

A street in Chora

A must-visit place when you travel to Mykonos is this narrow but beautiful street

What Shops Can You Visit in This Part of the Town?

Tourists primarily come to Matoyianni Street for high-fashion boutiques. These elegant and glamorous shops attract even the celebrities who stay on the island and who wear their clothes. The best-known designer shop is Soho-Soho. Other popular stores where you can go shopping are Prince Oliver, Carla G, First, Carouzos, and LAK. Also, cute and fashionable bags and hats are sold at Manebi.

However, if you want to shop for high-quality colorful sandals, you should definitely check out Kostas Rabias’s shop. Comfortable leather sandals can also be bought at Liontis Leather Sandals store, and you can wear them later while partying on the yacht rental in Mykonos or the beach.

Don’t Forget to Check Out Various Jewelry Shops

In Greece, you will find jewelry shops everywhere. There is at least one store in every single alley. However, the quality varies from store to store. One of the best that you will find in Matoyianni is the Delos Dolphins which is located at Enoplon Dimameon. Here you can shop for Byzantine-style pieces and ancient-style necklaces and bracelets. If you want high-end and unique handmade jewelry visit the Apriati store, and if you are interested in luxury watches, go to the Gofas jewelry store.

Luxury handmade jewelry in a store

Leave one of the Mykonos villas for rent and enjoy shopping in Matogianni alley

Shop at Souvenir Shops and Small Local Boutiques for the Lowest Prices on Mykonos – You Can Even Bargain for Some Services

Even though expensive designer stores are a true attraction of Matogianni street, the authenticity of the small local souvenir and clothing stores cannot be overlooked. So, when you find yourself strolling here, check out the handmade souvenirs and crafts you can take with you home.

They typically sell inexpensive handmade necklaces, seashells, paintings, beach bags, scarves, and hats. Sometimes bargaining during a sale is welcomed so tourists can talk a little bit to the Greeks and get a great deal.

A clothing store in Chora

Apart from high-end boutiques, shop at different souvenir stores as well

In Matoyianni, You Can Buy Greek Delicacies and Try Great Food at Different Places

In and near this alley, there are markets where you will find tasty Greek delicacies. At Skaropoulos, sample the popular cookies and pastries that are highly praised among tourists. Go to Pantopoleion as well, a gorgeous shop made almost 300 years ago, and buy traditional organic food, local crafts, and natural makeup.

Also, you can shop here for ingredients and cook a traditional Greek breakfast in one of the Mykonos villas for the rental or hotels you are staying at. It will boost your energy and prepare you for a day at the beach. We recommend doing this because you should indulge in traditional cuisine as much as you can instead of just shopping for souvenirs.

Greek salad and a glass

Shop here for traditional ingredients and learn how to prepare delicious Greek meals

What Clubs and Bars Can You Enjoy Here?

Not many people associate a great nightlife scene with Matoyianni, but actually, around this destination, there are some of the best clubs and bars on the island. The alley is pretty short, but just around the corner, you can find amazing spots for a wild night out. You can even go from one bar to the next all night, looking for the atmosphere and vibe you find the most suitable.

You can choose to go to a Rock n’ Roll club where you will dance to popular summer hits all night long. Close by, there is Bonbonniere Club which hosts the wildest parties on the island. Most celebrities and influencers travel to the island and visit this club during their holidays to dance the night away. Also, a beautiful bar nearby is called Cosi Bar – you should check it out.

If your Mykonos villa rental is close to Matogianni street, you can simply stroll through it and find a bar or club you want to hang out with your friends. The nearby alleyways offer true nightlife gems, so don’t be afraid to explore further.

People partying in a club

Close to Matogianni Street, you will find the greatest clubs and bars

Go on a Private Tour of the Old Town and Take Pictures in This Stunning Street

The best way you can explore the beauty of this place in Greece is to go on a private walking tour. There are numerous walking tours of the Mykonian Old Town during which locals explain all the important things about different streets, and they don’t forget to take you to Matogianni.

One of the things that guides mention is that according to London’s GetAgent, Matogianni is number 49 in the top 50 most beautiful streets in the world. So, don’t forget to take pictures for Instagram as you are strolling down this gem during a walking tour. However, if you want to snap pics in privacy, you can go to this destination alone.

Street in Mykonos Old Town

One of the most scenic and stunning destinations on the island is the Matogianni Street

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