Finding the perfect accommodation for your luxurious vacation on Mykonos can be challenging and take a long time. That is why you should rent a villa through a concierge. It might be tough to find yourself a villa that would have all the necessary amenities, a beautiful view, and enough space. But concierges know the ins and outs of their services and will know what would suit you the best. Read our article for more details on how the concierge can provide you with the best villa you’d love.

A Concierge Can Pick the Best Villa for You Out of Their Catalog

Do you prefer a stunning party villa with an infinity pool and a view of the sunset or the gorgeous windmills? Or perhaps you’d like a more family-friendly Mykonos villa rental with a spacious living room and various modern appliances?

You don’t have to search wide and far to find something that would be suitable for you. Even though reviews and various online articles can be of great help, a Mykonos concierge that knows the entire catalog can recommend the best Mykonos villa with a private pool. They can inform you about how many guests can stay in the villa and what amenities you will enjoy.

A view of the pool in Mykonos villa

Make a choice based on the best recommendation, so your villa feels like home

They Can Provide You With Full Descriptions of the Luxury Mykonos Villas for Rental

Do you want to know the complete layout of the accommodation? The concierge’s in-depth descriptions will make it possible to gain a better understanding of what type of accommodation you will be paying for. They know whether there is a bedroom with a dressing room, a flat-screen TV, and a balcony with a mesmerizing sea view.

Also, you can ask them about how big the beds are, what type of bathrooms there are, and whether the appliances are connected to the outdoor and indoor dining areas. There is usually an upper level and a lower level, so you can ask about the details of each level. Also, they can tell your more about the outdoor area, how big the pool is and whether there are pillowed benches and a pool shower.

 The living room area in a villa

Ask all about the layout of the private villas in Mykonos

The Mykonos Concierge Knows Services in Their Rentals by Heart

A devoted team will know all about the services they provide so that guests will be well-informed about what they can expect. Recommendation and advice on what can be included during the holiday. They are also local experts who can tell you all about the best places on the island. Most Mykonos luxury villas include services such as:

  • Concierge service,
  • Daily cleaning,
  • Pre-stocking service,
  • Check-out and check-in procedures,
  • Arrival transfer,
  • Pool freshening,
  • Change of towels,
  • Welcome basket.

A Staff Member Knows Where All the Best Amenities Are on the Island

If you travel for the first time to Mykonos, you most probably don’t know where the best amenities are and how to get around the island. Concierges can book you a villa that will be close to the sandy Mykonian beaches you want to visit, the best international restaurants as well as Greek restaurants, outstanding wineries, coffee shops, bars, and exciting beach clubs. Therefore, you won’t have any problems when you arrive at your accommodation, you can begin exploring the area right away.

Rent a Villa and Then Enjoy Concierge Service to the Fullest

One thing that can elevate your holiday experience is the benefit of having concierges to book you a table at any restaurant you desire. Being close to all the most important and best amenities, as well as having a concierge at your disposal ready to book a table at any club, bar, or restaurant, will make your vacation exceptional.

This is excellent if you can only converse in English and require a local who speaks Greek. If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner and have a private driver take you to any location, again, ask your reliable concierges to arrange everything.

Tables on the coast

Concierges know what villas will be the best based on the amenities you want closeby

They Can Provide Your With Solutions and Answers to Different Questions About Their Service

The concierge aims to satisfy all guests and make sure that they experience a worry-free and relaxing holiday. Sometimes, guests have new requests and adjustments to their itinerary. Cancellations and setbacks are common, and one needs to know who can provide them with good solutions and advice when things don’t go according to plan.

When unforeseen problems arise, a reliable team will be quick to find a solution and give you an alternative. They are the first ones you can talk to when some changes must be made. A perfect solution and the right plan would ensure that you don’t miss out on anything during your vacation.

A woman stretching her hands and viewing Mykonos

Do you want to cancel or change your plan? You’ll need the concierge’s help

Staff Members Are Always Reachable, Making Your Vacation Stress Free

A concierge will be available to you at all times. They are informed about your arrival, stay, and departure, so they know all about their guests’ needs and requirements. Therefore, if you have some special needs like food preferences or diets, they will take that into consideration. Also, you can ask them about transportation to your accommodation so they can arrange for a private driver to pick you up.

They Can Help You With Anything During Your Vacation

During your stay, you can reach them whenever you require something, they are always at your disposal. With every guest, the experience is unique, so the staff members usually pay attention to anyone’s likes and dislikes in order to make the trip great and memorable.

In case you seem to like the outdoors, they can recommend activities that will interest you. If you want a beauty treatment, they could recommend a day at the spa. When families arrive at the Mykonos luxury villas, they can offer amenities such as cribs, high chairs, and car seats. Of course, you can arrange for this even before you arrive.

A balcony of a villa with a jacuzzi

A concierge will learn your likes so they can provide you with what you need

Get More Information About the Privacy Policy

When you book your accommodation, the company collects personal data. The staff members will protect your personal data, but they will first inform you what they must collect and how they will store this data. Since you have to comply with a Privacy Policy, you don’t have to read and go through all the details. You can ask the staff members you talk to about your reservation to brief you on how they collect, share and use the data. Any disclosure and use of information are solely based on your consent.

A man in a suit folding his sleeve

Learn all about the Privacy Policy from your concierge

Do You Have a Special Villa in Your Mind? A Concierge Can Arrange Everything for You

Do you need an exceptional villa to arrange a birthday party? Do you need a villa for a wedding? Concierges usually follow all social media and Mykonian food trends so they can arrange for a memorable wedding, birthday, or any kind of event. They can make any space more guest-friendly and relatable. Whatever you require to enjoy a stunning event, a concierge will arrange for. Arrange everything even before you leave your home.

A couple getting married

Do you want to organize a wedding in a Mykonos villa? Get the concierge’s help

Ask for Additional Services – Along With a Villa, They Can Reserve a Yacht or a Charter Plane

Enjoying a pure hedonistic holiday is only possible with the concierge’s help. When booking your accommodation, get all the information about yacht rental Mykonos and charter jets. It’s possible to arrange a trip on some of the most luxurious yachts, so you can experience an entire day in the middle of the Aegean Sea while a private chef prepares some of the most delicious dishes from the local cuisine.

Apart from yachts, concierges are able to arrange private jets to take you to some of the nearby islands, such as Milos, Sikinos, Paros island, and even Naxos island. It wouldn’t be required to go by ferry, and you’ll be able to get there much faster.

Watch this inspiring video that captures what yachting in the Aegean Sea looks like:

Instead of Reading Articles Online, Follow Our Tips for Booking the Perfect Luxurious Villa for Your Vacation

Even though concierges can help you tremendously to find the right type of accommodation as well as give you information on additional services, you can also research a bit at home before settling on a particular villa. Here are our tips that might help you secure the ultimate place to stay when you travel to Mykonos.

  • Compare the prices – Before booking your accommodation, compare prices. There is a possibility that you can find the perfect villa close to all the important amenities for a lower price than you expected.
  • Learn about the cancellation policy – A great policy cancellation can save you from frustration. Also, you will be able to save money and time. Ensure that you ask your concierge on Mykonos whether they offer cancellation up to a certain date or free cancellation.
  • Read reviews – Previous customers often leave reviews online about the overall atmosphere, cleanliness, and customer service. Honest reviews are instrumental when deciding what to select. Search for an authentic customer experience that you can trust.
  • Select the best location – While on Mykonos, you want to have the opportunity to enjoy the best view. A balcony with a view of the sea is perfect. Also, don’t forget to be close to some of the important amenities. Ask for a villa in a relaxing part of the island, with a stunning view, and close to many amenities.
  • Try to book your accommodation early – If you want to go to Mykonos during peak season, it’s best to book early. There will be more Mykonos villas for rent you can choose between, and you can ensure that you go on holiday at the time that suits you. If you wait for late spring or summer to book your accommodation, you’d be disappointed to find out that the majority is already booked.

Now You Know Why You Should Rent a Villa Through a Concierge – Choose The Ace VIP  And Book Yours

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