Table Reservations

There are custom services where you can simply choose all of the options that you seek for fulfillment. Ask of us to customize your itinerary towards a well-enjoyed stay.

We provide VIP table reservations in Mykonos so that you enjoy your time fully without the need to worry about planning your reservations beforehand.

Aug 28
Zuma Mykonos

Nothing says leisure, indulgence and tasting journey more than this carefully…

Aug 08
COYA Mykonos Luxury Peruvian Restaurant

When we say Latin cuisine, the first thing that pops is usually Mexican, or some…

May 17
Pasaji Mykonos Restaurant

Pasaji Mykonos is located in Ornos, and it is one of those places with a unique…

May 17
Tropicana Club @ Paradise Beach Mykonos

When you think about hot and steamy Mykonian summer, with all the dance and cocktails…

May 17
Obati Italian All-Day Cafe Bar Restaurant

There are only a number of places that can accommodate the whole day service since it…

May 17
D’Angelo Italian Restaurant

Now, we know that you planned and arranged your vacation in Greece, and probably want…

May 17
Buddha Beach Bar

There are places that can evoke the inner piece just by their interior and resounding…

Mar 17
Oregano Mykonos Cook & Grill Restaurant

If you are in a mood for some authentic Greek hospitality and authentic Greek food,…

Mar 17
Koursaros Mykonos Fresh Fish & Seafood

This is not just another of your regular seaside restaurants. Koursaros Mykonos Fresh…

Mar 17
Caprice Bar in Little Venice

Imagine dipping your toes into the sea while you are sipping your favorite cocktail…

Mar 15
Spilia Mykonos Seaside Restaurant

Want to dine on the cliffs that are bathed by the waves of the Mediterranean sea?…

Mar 15
Solymar Mykonos Beach Bar – Restaurant

What would your perfect relaxation spot look like? Would it be on the perfect sandy…

Mar 15
Remezzo Mykonos Town Bar – Restaurant

Are you craving some authentic Greek food with a twist? If so, and you happen to be on…

Mar 15
Principote Beach Bar – Restaurant Panormos Mykonos

Do you need more than just wine and dine on your summer vacation? Do you need a luxury…

Mar 15
Nusr-Et Mykonos Steakhouse

Who hasn’t heard of the famous internet sensation “Salt Bae”? If you haven’t, you…

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