When you start planning your Greek vacation, you will wonder which island is the best and will make for a memorable trip. Cycladic islands are among the most popular, and the decision between all of them can be tricky. Oftentimes, it comes down to Mykonos vs. Paros. Which one sounds better to you? Let’s take a look at the basics of these two magnificent places.

Mykonos vs. Paros – Which Greek Island Can Offer You Better Vacation Options?

As the start of the season approaches, you are beginning to wonder where to go for your summer vacation. Of course, Greece is an obvious vacation choice, but which place? If you feel like visiting an island, Cyclades are one of the most common choices. Still, there are a few islands in that archipelago – Mykonos and Paros are two very popular destinations. Which one should you choose? Let’s help you decide where to travel.

You Will Have a Lovely Time in Greece, Whichever Out of These Two Islands You Choose

When it comes to choosing a place in Greece to visit, you can hardly make a mistake – this country is beautiful wherever you go. We’re sure that both the  Mykonos trip and the Paros trip would be excellent, but it’s all a matter of choosing the places with the vibes that suit you.

The point is actually to figure out which island offers more of what you want for your travel experience. We will talk about the essential parameters for deciding, so you can pick your best tourist destination – let’s get to it.

View of the sea from next to the windmill in Mykonos town

It’s time to decide – where do you want to travel this summer?

Where to Go if You Want a More Diverse Travel Itinerary?

This greatly depends on what kind of day you imagine having when you come to Greece. If you want an upbeat, adventurous time and you wish to visit some fancy places, Mykonos is the place for you. If you prefer a laid-back type of vacation, Paros is the winner.

Paros offers more of a rustic vibe than Mykonos – whether that’s a good thing or not, it’s up to you to decide. If you come to Paros, you will get to experience a more traditional Greek atmosphere – tiny villages, rugged beaches, and hiking trails. If you go to Mykonos, it will be more of a luxurious vibe and hedonistic lifestyle – so it all depends on what you like.

Where to for the Best Dining Experience – Mykonos vs. Paros?

Again, we must take personal preferences into account here. Paros has some great restaurants with traditional Greek and Cycladic cuisine – if you’re looking for that, Paros is your answer. But Mykonos has something different – and most likely better for foodies.

This part of the Cycladic islands can offer you not only traditional cuisine but all sorts of international dishes as well. Mykonos has a cosmopolitan approach to everything, so it shouldn’t surprise us that you can find fabulous restaurants in Mykonos with many different types of food. Whatever your heart desires, you can find it in Mykonos. Of course, that includes many fantastic tavernas, so you won’t be robbed of traditional food if you come here.

Greek salad and a glass of white wine on the table

If food is a deciding factor, Mykonos can offer you a more diverse experience

Where to Go for a Less Expensive Vacation?

This isn’t much of a competition – Paros is obviously the less expensive option. Still, whether that’s good or bad depends on your travel budget. If you’re tight with money, it would be easier to stay in Paros. Even a single day in Mykonos can end up very expensive. They have a fine hotel selection, not crazy expensive, but nothing near a Mykonos hotel experience.

If you can afford to treat yourself a bit, Mykonos is the place where you have to stay. Every hotel in Mykonos is a little piece of luxurious heaven, and the amenities are stunning. So, in the end, it all depends on whether you want to spend less or more on your time in Greece. But hey, it’s summer vacation we’re talking about – why not treat yourself? You won’t regret it.

Woman taking a photo of the windmills, standing on the hill in Mykonos town

Paros might be cheaper, but Mykonos has high prices for a reason – it’s worth it

Where to Go for a Better Beach Day?

There is no clear winner here because the islands are so close that their nature is very similar. However, we must note that Mykonos has more organized beaches, with plenty of restaurants and beach clubs. That also means more crowds, but you can still find some beaches here without many tourists – there are even a few unorganized, without any amenities, that can offer you a private setting.

Paros has excellent beaches as well. The sand and water are similar to Mykonos in quality. On the other hand, these beaches offer more of a secluded and rugged vibe. They are also smaller than your regular beach in Mykonos. If you’re coming to Greece with family, Paros could be a better solution for kids – but Mykonos also has a few family-friendly beaches.

View of Ornos beach in Mykonos from air

You can have a chill beach day on both of these islands – only the details are different

Where to Go for Great Nightlife?

This question has only one right answer – Mykonos offers better nightlife. In fact, Mykonos offers better nightlife than most places on the planet. It’s something that this island is very well-known for, and if you are a party animal, you probably already know that.

Mykonos nightlife is a completely unique experience – it’s extravagant, luxurious, and fabulous. There’s nothing that comes even close to this. Maybe (just maybe) we could debate over Mykonos vs. Ibiza nightlife, but Paros isn’t even anywhere in this category. The winner is clear.

View of the old port in Mykonos town at sunset

If you are a night bird, you should definitely stay in Mykonos – it’s a no-brainer

Which Island Is Your Winner for the Next Trip to Greece?

By now, you probably have a pretty good idea of where to travel to – so, at the end of the day, which place will fulfill all your vacation dreams? If you happen to choose Paros, you will have a nice trip – but if you choose Mykonos, the experience will be on another level. Why do we say that? Well, the reason is simple – if you decide to stay in Mykonos, we will be here to help you organize the most fantastic vacation ever.

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