Most people think their vacation would be ruined if even a small water droplet fell from the sky. But the thing about The Island of the Winds is that it remains the most beautiful summer destination, no matter the weather. Even if it’s rainfall season Mykonos is still the best place to be, so here is everything you need to know about the fabulous rainy days on this island.

When Does Rainfall Season Mykonos Start, and How Long Does It Last?

While The Island of the Winds has a Mediterranean climate which usually indicates warm weather, it’s one of the Greek islands that gets its fair share of rain throughout the year. The rainfall season on this gorgeous island starts at the beginning of October and lasts until the end of April.

That means that only around five months out of the entire year is a rainless period, while the other seven months have high precipitation. Another thing worth noting is that Mykonos is a pretty small island, so if you were hoping that the rainy weather forecast would apply only to a part of the island, that probably wouldn’t be the case.

Mykonos Climate and Rainfall Averages Change Monthly

If you were planning on traveling to this gorgeous island in Greece, you should know that not every month will have the same amount of rainy hours. The average rainfall varies greatly throughout the months, so it’s always best to check out the Greek weather forecast, for example, at, before booking your trip.

The chances of rain are the lowest during the summer months, which is when most people tend to visit. The highest average rainfall in Mykonos is expected in December, when it reaches 2.6 inches, while July and August, with 0.0 inches, have the lowest averages.

Should You Travel to The Island of the Winds During a Rainy Month, and What Is the Average Temperature Like?

While rain doesn’t sound like the best thing on your holiday, you should know that there is no bad time to stay in Mykonos. The period from November all the way until the end of February is the rainiest period, but the temperature is usually always above 5°C.

Therefore, if you were thinking of traveling for the holidays – The Island of the Winds is the ideal destination for you. There may be some rain, but the weather is pleasant, and it’s the perfect time to rest, go sightseeing, visit all the main attractions without the crowds, and explore the island thoroughly.

The rest of the rainfall period, including the months of March, April, and October, is prone to a bit of rain. However, they are also very warm months, with temperatures exceeding 20°C, which makes them perfect for visiting this island out of season, when there are no crowds.

There Are Many Fun Things to Do On the Island, Even When It’s Raining

If the weather forecast predicts heavy rain during your stay on the island, don’t worry, you will still have an amazing time, and no matter what the weatherman says, it will be the best vacation of your life. If a rainy day on The Island of the Winds is upon you, it’s the perfect opportunity to stay in and have a relaxing day in your luxury Mykonos villa rental.

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like spending an entire day of vacation inside, there are countless fun things to do, just make sure to bring an umbrella. Here are some ideas:

The Ideal Time to Visit Is September, the Average Temperature Is Still Quite High, and the Rainfall Chances Are Low

If you’re not a fan of rain on your vacation, you should look into traveling to The Island of the Winds in the dryer, warmer months. June, July, August, and September are the months with the lowest rainfall averages.

June, July, and August are ideal if you like high temperatures and sunny skies, and it’s the perfect time for those who like to spend the entire day lounging on the best beaches, swimming, or participating in water sports. It’s also the peak of the season, and the island is filled with tourists looking to have a good time and party in the beach clubs.

However, if you’re not a fan of the crowds, September is the ideal time to travel. The average daily temperature is high, but not as high as the average temperature during other summer months.

The average rainfall in September is 0.3 inches, and while that is a bit higher than in July or August, it’s not as if it’s raining every day of the week. Rain is still a fairly rare occurrence, which makes September a great time for people looking to have a calm, relaxing vacation.

View of Mykonos

You can always have a blast on Mykonos, even if it’s raining

Book One of the Best Private Villas in Mykonos in Time if You Want to Avoid Bad Weather in This Warm Climate

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