Can’t decide where to travel this summer, and it all came down to Mykonos vs. Rhodes? These are two of the most charming and magnificent Greek islands, so making the final decision won’t be easy. There are a few basic categories we will use to compare these islands, but the final decision will eventually depend on your personal preferences.

Mykonos vs. Rhodes – These Two Islands Are Not Very Close to Each Other

Both of these islands are very popular destinations in Greece, so planning your trip shouldn’t be complicated because both of them are well connected with major cities in Europe. The only important thing to keep in mind is that they are not so close to each other, so visiting them both during the same trip might be challenging, especially if you don’t have a lot of time.

Rhodes is the largest island in the group of Dodecanese, and it is located in the south-eastern Aegean Sea. Mykonos is a part of the Cycladic group of islands, also located in the Aegean Sea. While Mykonos is positioned near Santorini in the southern part of the Mediterranean, Rhodes is even further from the Greek mainland – near Turkey.

Is It Possible to Visit Both Islands on the Same Trip?

The distance between these two is about 420 km, and there are no direct ferries between them. Catching a flight is a more convenient option, but there are no direct flights between these islands either, so you’ll probably need to make a stop in Athens, which can prolong your journey.

You can find a flight from Athens to most Greek islands. During the summer season, there are multiple flights per day departing to both Rhodes and Mykonos airport. If you’re still up for a ferry ride, you can also opt for that.

Ferries depart from Piraeus port in Athens and can take you to both of these places. Ride with a speed ferry to Rhodes will last about 8 hours. The ride to Mykonos ferry port will be much shorter (about 3 to 5 hours) because it’s closer to the mainland and Piraeus.

Ferry Rides to Rhodes Can Be Very Long and Expensive

A flight from Athens to Rhodes is only 1 hour long, and it shouldn’t cost you more than €100 if you book your tickets in time. On the other hand, a ride with a speed ferry can last for 8 hours, but this could cost you more than €200 per direction, while the price with the regular one is about €100.

A Plane Ride to Mykonos Is Convenient and Affordable

A flight from Athens to Mykonos is about 45 minutes long. Ticket prices will depend on the period you pick for your visit and can be higher if you buy them last minute. If you book early enough, you can catch a cheap flight from Athens to Mykonos for less than €50 since many low-cost companies operate on this route. You can also get there by ferry for the same price (the duration of the ride is about 5 hours.)

Ferry at the port

A ferry ride from Athens to Rhodes can be quite long

Mykonos Is Considered for an Overpriced Island, But Rhodes Is Not Much Cheaper

Mykonos is often considered to be one of the most luxurious and the most expensive destinations in the world, and for many such high prices are a downside. However, this is actually more like a myth. Although there are many exclusive restaurants and amazing luxury hotels you can visit, you can still enjoy Mykonos on a budget if you organize well.

Rhodes Might Seem More Affordable, But the Average Spendings Are Almost the Same for Both of These Greek Islands

Rhodes is much bigger in size, so there are more accommodation options, and therefore prices can be lower in general but don’t expect it to be cheap. If you calculate daily expenses here, from food to accommodation and transportation, one person spends about €120 on average daily. On the other hand, the average daily budget for Mykonos is just a little bit higher – about €140.

Rhodes old town

Both of these places are more expensive than other Greek islands

Both Islands Have Gorgeous Beaches

Rhodes is a big island with a total area of about 1,400 sq km. On the other hand, Mykonos is not very big (it has an area of 85.5 sq km). So you can expect to find more spacious beaches on Rhodes, and they will usually be less crowded.

Most hotels and resorts are located on the southern side of the island, while the north coast is less developed and more relaxed. Some of the best beaches you can visit on Rhodes are:

  • Prasonisi Beach,
  • Tsambika Beach,
  • Agia Agathi Beach,
  • Traganou Beach.

Mykonos Is Home to Some of the Best Beaches in Greece

Despite being small in size, Mykonos is also home to many beautiful beaches with soft sand, picturesque views, and plenty of options for fun water sports. Some of the most popular beaches are:

Girl lying on the sand while the wave is coming towards her

Both places have beautiful beaches

Both Greek Islands Have Outstanding History

Despite the fact that Mykonos is mostly known for its parties and nightlife, this place actually has an amazing historical background and interesting landmarks. You can visit beautiful churches, museums, and galleries, and if you go on a day trip to the neighboring island of Delos, you can see the ancient ruins that are part of the UNESCO on World Heritage List.

Rhodes, on the other hand, has its breathtaking historical town. This was a significant economic and cultural center and one of the Greek’s oldest settlements dating from the time of the ancient Minoan civilization. It is mainly known for the Colossus of Rhodes, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Some of the most popular sites on this island include:

  • Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes,
  • The medieval old town,
  • Lindos Acropolis,
  • Kameiros.
Ancient ruins on Rhodes

Rhodes has significant historical landmarks you must visit

Mykonos Island Is Known for Its Nightlife and Party Scene, While Rhodes Is More Popular for Family Vacations

The last but not the least important thing to consider when making your summer plans and choosing a perfect destination is your vision of a holiday. Do you want to spend the whole day chilling on a beach and enjoy spending time with your children, or are you up for some cocktails on the beach and dancing at trendy beach clubs? If you prefer a more relaxed vacation, Rhodes might be a more suitable option for you.

Mykonos, on the other hand, offers more options for those who would like to party, but it still can be suitable for families – the difference depends on the specific places and beaches on the island you choose to visit. The main town is home to various places that are family-friendly. You just have to do a bit more research, so you don’t end up in a party hotel.

Girl looking at the beautiful Mykonos scenery

Mykonos offers the best of both worlds, wild parties, but also some peaceful oasis

If You Choose to Travel to Mykonos, Booking a Private Villa Might Help You Have a More Relaxed Stay

One of the best things to do for yourself if you choose to spend your summer here is to book one of the private villas in Mykonos. This will ensure you’ll have the most comfortable stay possible. For getting around the island, we recommend renting a private car. The Ace Vip can offer you many convenient vehicles and ensure you have a pleasant stay in one of our luxury Mykonos villas for rental.