Being allergic to something can be not only extremely dangerous but also very annoying. When traveling on summer vacation to Mykonos, allergies are no joke. That is why it’s so important to find out as much as you can about how to protect yourself in case your allergy starts to act up.

Food Allergies Are Extremely Common, Especially When it Comes to Seafood

Most people have some kind of food allergy, even if they’re unaware of it. In most cases, it’s either nut or seafood allergies, which can be pretty severe. However, as long as you’re being cautious and caring for your health, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your experience on The Island of the Winds.

Try to Stay Away from Certain Types of Restaurants That Serve Food You Can’t Eat

The Island of the Winds is filled with some of the best restaurants in the world, so the temptation to visit all of them can be pretty high. However, if you’re aware of the fact that you have severe food allergies, try to avoid restaurants that serve that type of food. For example, if you’re allergic to seafood, it might be best to avoid seafood restaurants.

No Matter if You’re in a Hotel Restaurant or Beach Bar, Waiters Are Friendly and Hospitable and Will Respect Your Allergy Requests

When you have a food allergy, no matter how severe it is, you need to let your waiter know so they can inform the chef. Greek people are extremely hospitable, so asking them to change the item on the menu a little bit will never be an issue.

Wheat, peanut, and other nut allergies have to be reported anywhere you go to eat, as Greek food will often contain some of those ingredients.

What Are Some Common Symptoms of Food Allergies?

Greek food is a type of Mediterranean cuisine, and if you’ve never come across it before your trip, it’s possible you might be allergic to some of the ingredients that are commonly used in Greek dishes. So, here are some of the most common symptoms of allergic reactions to look out for:

  • Skin itchiness or rashes,
  • Eyes, lips, tongue, or other parts of the face start swelling,
  • Shortness of breath and closing and swelling of the throat,
  • Dizziness and nausea,
  • Stomach pain.

Once the Weather Starts to Brighten Up, the Wind Starts to Spread Pollen, and Allergies Act Up at the Speed of Light

Practically every other person is allergic to pollen these days, and we all know how irritating it can be, especially if you’re going to The Island of the Winds on vacation during the summer months. However, there is no reason why it should stop you from having a great time in one of the world’s most beautiful summer destinations, you just have to find ways to cope with it.

There Are Ways to Protect Yourself Against the Pollen in the Air

Even though you can’t fully avoid it, there are ways to minimize the effect your pollen allergy will have. For starters, take allergy medication regularly, and don’t go outside early in the morning, even if it means you will miss out on the best sports on the beach, and it might be a good idea not to go hiking during your stay.

Once you come back to one of the private villas in Mykonos, immediately change your clothes, as pollen can easily stick to them, especially when it’s windy outside. Keep your windows closed when it’s tree pollen season, and only use air conditioning. Luckily, all Mykonos villas for rental have the best air conditioning systems, so it won’t bother you.

A dandelion

Avoid being outside on windy days during the pollen season

Sun Allergies Can Be Very Tricky, Especially When the Temperature and UV Radiation Are as High as in Greece

One of the more unfortunate allergies, if you’re planning to go on a summer holiday to Greece, is a sun allergy. It’s not very common, and it can take many forms, from more serious conditions to lighter ones that cause a bit of skin irritation, such as freckles or itchiness.

However, no matter how severe it is, it shouldn’t be taken lightly – you need to protect yourself against the sun and the damage it may cause.

Try to Stay in the Shadow as Much as Possible

It might sound silly saying this to someone going on a Greek island on vacation but try to stay away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Don’t even think about going out during the hottest hours of the day in the afternoon when the UV radiation is the highest, take your medication regularly, and don’t even think about leaving your luxury Mykonos villa rental without sunscreen on.

A woman putting sunscreen on

Never go outside without SPF on and avoid the hottest hours of the day

Make Sure to Learn Important Phrases in the Greek Language, and Have Your Medicine with You at All Times

No matter what kind of allergy you have, there are some universal things to remember and do in order to protect yourself when you visit Mykonos. For starters, if you have severe allergies that require medical attention, you should learn some basic Greek words that could help you communicate with people in case of an emergency. Also, make sure to carry your allergy medication all the time, who knows if and when you may need it.

Do Some Research and Find Out Where Can You Seek Medical Attention in Mykonos

One of the most important things you need to do if you’re planning to travel to a new destination is to do research on where the nearest hospital or emergency center is, as well as any other necessary information. The number for emergencies is 166, and Mykonian Hygeia’s Emergencies Department (ED) is an emergency center that is open 24/7 in case of emergency.

A hospital truck driving

Dial 166 in case of a medical emergency

There Are Many Things You Can Be Allergic to, But You Shouldn’t Let Mykonos Allergies Stop You from Having a Great Holiday

With the right safety precautions and preparation, there is no reason why any allergy should stop you from having a magical summer vacation. As long as you avoid allergy triggers as much as possible and have your medication on hand, everything should be just fine.

So, don’t be afraid to contact The Ace VIP and book the vacation of your dreams. Mykonos luxury villas are perfect for your stay, and you can choose whether you want to rent a car and explore the island and the attractions that way or you’d like to see it right from the water on a Mykonos yacht rental.