If you like going on active holidays where you try new, fun activities, there is only one summer destination you should check out – the Island of the Winds. It offers various water sports, but if you’re really looking for an adrenaline rush, kite surfing is something you have to try. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular sport.

What Is Kite Surfing and How Long Has It Been So Popular?

Have you ever been to a beach that’s filled with some people who appear to be surfing and flying a kite at the same time and wondered what that’s all about? That, my friend, is called kite surfing, and it’s an incredibly popular water sport that has rapidly gained its popularity since the 1980s when it was first invented.

It’s one of the favorite summer activities for many adrenaline enthusiasts, and even though it can look a bit overwhelming, it’s actually pretty simple. All you need is a good mood, a sturdy board, a large kite, and some strong wind. If you have all four, all that’s left to do is step onto the board, hold on to your kite, and allow the force of the wind to drag you across the water.

Kitesurfing doesn’t require great depths, just still water and some empty space in the sea so you don’t bother other people. You will have to wear a life jacket or even a wet suit if you’re doing it more seriously. The sport is very safe and suitable for people of pretty much all ages. It’s quite easy to learn and get a hold of, and most beaches that offer water sport activities will have kitesurfing as well.

What Is the Difference Between Kitesurfing and Kiteboarding – Getting to Know Your Kites

In everyday speech, the difference between kitesurfing and kiteboarding is non-existent. The two terms are used synonymously. However, there is a very slight difference between the two. While the sports look identical to the eye, they both include a person standing on a board with a kite, riding the waves with the power of the wind, the difference lies in the board.

In kitesurfing, a directional board that resembles a surfboard is used, while kiteboarding requires twin-tip boards that resemble snowboards and make it a bit easier to balance. Besides the board, there is no other real difference between the two sports, so most people consider them to be the same thing.

A person kitesurfing in the sunset
There is a very small difference between kitesurfing and kiteboarding

Learn How to Kitesurf in Mykonos – Finding a Good Spot Is the First Step

Some people might get the impression that learning how to kitesurf is pretty complicated. However, the sport looks more complicated than it actually is – all you really need is a good beach, a patient teacher, and some wind. Luckily, Mykonos has got all three. There really couldn’t be a better place to learn how to kitesurf than the Island of the Winds, which is why kite surfing in Mykonos is so popular.

There is a lot of wind to support your kite, and the water is pretty timid, so you will be well balanced and it will allow beginners to feel comfortable and safe. You can see a sky full of colorful kites on most of the beaches on this gorgeous Greek island, but which ones are the best when it comes to kitesurfing? Here are our 2 top picks.

Ftelia Beach Is Known for the Best Watersports

Ftelia Beach is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches on Mykonos, and it should definitely make it on your travel itinerary, even if you’re not planning on doing water sports riding the waves. It’s located on the north side of the island, about 15 minutes away from the Old Town of Chora. Ftelia Beach is known for its incredible water sports, especially windsurfing. It’s one of the few places on the island that offers excellent conditions for kite surfing, and it’s the go-to place for water sports lovers.

Korfos Beach Is Also a Good Choice for Wind Enthusiasts

The beautiful Korfos Beach is located right next to the famous Ornos Beach, and it’s one of the best hidden gems on the island. It’s very secluded and not very popular among swimmers and those looking for loud, crowded beaches, but it’s a little piece of paradise for those who like to ride the waves and other water sports. Korfos Beach is known for windsurfing and kitesurfing, so it’s the ideal place if you’d like to try out these sports.

View of Kornos Beach
Korfos Beach is the perfect place for kiteboarding

Discover the Benefits of Kitesurfing This Summer Season – Contact Us and Book Your Spot on the Island of the Winds

Summer vacations are all about having fun, and there is no other place that offers as many opportunities as the famous Island of the Winds. From water sports during the day to clubbing in some of the best clubs in the world at night, it’s truly a little piece of paradise for those seeking an adventure. So, if you want to spend your summer on one of the most popular Greek islands, sailing above some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, contact us, and let’s book your dream vacation.

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