If you are currently considering traveling to the famous party island in the Aegean Sea, we have some useful advice for you. This short guide of things to remember for vacation on Mykonos will be super helpful for organizing your trip and making this holiday the best it can be. Keep reading the article to learn some important tips and tricks before visiting the fabulous Mykonos island.

#1 The Best Month to Travel to Mykonos Is June

One of the super important things to think about when booking a vacation on Mykonos is choosing the perfect time. You should inform yourself about what the island looks like during the summer months and figure out which time seems like the best for you to use it.

The majority of people who are familiar with vacationing here believe that the best time to visit is during June. This is the beginning of the season, the weather in June is great, prices are not so high, and if you book everything well in advance, you might even be able to travel on a budget. This is advice you should really use since Mykonos can be expensive.

If Your Trip Is All About Partying – Choose the Season’s Peek

If you’re not so into exploring famous attractions and seeing the town without huge crowds, but your main goal is to attend the wildest parties – the season peak in July and August is the perfect time to book your flight tickets. During the season’s peak, all the beach clubs and exclusive beach bars are packed with celebrities and influencers. It’s the most exciting spot to be at during this time of the year.

Mykonos windmill with a nice view

Make sure you think about which time would be the most ideal for your vacation

#2 Ensure You Book a Private Mykonos Villa in Advance

If you’re willing to spend your vacation in one of the most fabulous accommodations on the entire Greek coast, ensure you make reservations on time. Because Mykonos villas for rental are so popular, we recommend you make reservations for your ideal one months ahead. This way, you will ensure you get the ideal property for you and your loved ones.

Things to Take Into Consideration When Choosing a Perfect Villa

If you don’t have any experience in booking private villas in Mykonos and you don’t know how to find the ideal one – we have some useful tips for you. First of all, think about what is the occasion of the trip and who is coming with you. For example, if it’s a family vacation, choose one of the bigger kids-friendly Mykonos luxury villas with a pool. Also, think about which area of the island is most attractive to you and is closest to all the popular beaches you want to go to.

Infinity pool and sunbeds in a private Mykonos villa

Want to have the most amazing accommodation this summer? Book your Mykonos villa on time


#3 Creating a List of Activities Will Help You With Organizing and Packing Luggage

Mykonos is known for being a very interesting destination with tons of fun things to do. There are countless activities in which you and your loved ones can engage, so much that it can sometimes even be very overwhelming. This is why it is super important to do a short research before your trip to figure out which places you want to see and which Greek restaurants you wish to visit, so you can have a proper trip itinerary, which will help you with organizing the trip in the best way possible.

Create a Packing List With Different Items According to Your Travel Itinerary

Not only that the itinerary list will help you stay organized throughout the entire trip, but it also helps with knowing what things to remember for a beach vacation. For example, it helps with packing your travel suitcase and avoiding overpacking with unnecessary items. This way you will know exactly what to bring.

One of the best packing tips is planning your vacation outfits, so you have an idea of what you will wear each day and how many clothes you need. You should pack only those clothes you know you will wear for specific occasions while traveling. That way, you won’t have trouble figuring out what to wear every day.

Clothes ready to be packed for a vacation

Before you pack your clothes, think about which activities you will be doing

#4 Don’t Forget to Pack an Essentials Bag and Bring It Everywhere With You

Besides packing a suitcase with clothing pieces and other items you will need on a regular basis, you also need to bring a  bag with travel essentials. It could be placed in your carry-on bag, which you will keep by your side the entire trip since you will most likely need to use them. Here is a list of things to remember to pack for a vacation in your carry-on:

  • Wallet with both cash and cards,
  • Identification documents,
  • Phone charger,
  • Water bottle,
  • Hand sanitizer,
  • Travel-sized toiletries,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Traveling insurance,
  • Headphones,
  • Travel pillow,
  • First aid kit.

#5 One of the Most Important Things to Remember for Vacation on Mykonos – Hire The Ace VIP Team

As you probably already know, Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations in the entire world, and organizing a holiday here can be pretty time-consuming. That is why most travelers opt for getting professional help from the famous concierge VIP services on Mykonos to make their holiday the best so far.

If you need a great concierge on Mykonos to help you book one of Mykonos villas for rent or perhaps get a yacht rental on Mykonos – The Ace VIP is the best assistance you could ask for. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable in organizing luxurious holidays and will be more than happy to ensure you have a fabulous holiday.