Mykonos, the sun-kissed jewel of the Cyclades, has gained popularity for its legendary windmills, azure waters, and party atmosphere. After exploring all the island has to offer on the ground, it’s time to take off and go helicopter touring in Mykonos. Soar above the paradise in the middle of Aegean while sipping on wine or champagne. See the bigger picture of what you can view from one of the luxury villas in Mykonos.

Interested in Helicopter Touring in Mykonos? See Mykonos Town From a Different Perspective

The must-see spot that is first on our list is Chora since it reveals a breathtaking mosaic of narrow lanes and streets that cascade down white and blue homes. From the bird’s eye view, tourists can spot the most luxurious Mykonos villa rentals, each distinct with pools and traditional architecture.

Witness the iconic windmills during the tour, as well as the Old Port and the sprawling panorama of Little Venice. This is nothing like any postcard, a YouTube video, or an Instagram picture. Only from the air will you gain a full understanding of the island’s magnetic charm.

Little Venice from air
Spend your day soaring above Chora – surely the pinnacle of any vacation

Take Photos of Mesmerizing Beaches on a Short Helicopter Flight

In case you want to leave the bustling streets and private Mykonos luxury villas below and escape into the azure heaven, book a flying escapade above the Mykonian beaches. This little Cycladic haven is famed for its golden sand and crystalline waters.

So, if you’ve ever thought about what the most Instagrammable photo would be – it’s the island’s beaches photographed from the air. See beaches, hidden coves, cruise ships anchoring off the coast, and secluded stretches of coastline that can fill you with serenity.

What Are the Most Beautiful Beaches to View During a Mykonos Helicopter Tour?

Greece’s party island is renowned for its captivating shoreline. Usually, Mykonos concierge guides tourists to the best beach spots on the ground. We know just the info to share with you about the sandy beaches that are impressive from an aerial viewpoint. Here are the best beaches to admire from the sky:

Go on an Island Hopping Tour – Explore Santorini, Rhenia, Delos, Naxos, Tinos, and Milos

Instead of seeking flights from the JMK to nearby islands, rent one of the private villas in Mykonos with a helipad and, right from the comfort of the villa, ascend into a world where myriads of islands are scattered like pearls in the Aegean. Going island hopping is one of the favorite activities for most tourists, and you can do this flying in a chopper as well.

Hop to Santorini and view the famous caldera, then go to Rhenia, where the untouched beauty is just splendid. Don’t forget Delos, whose archeological site is uncovering more about the religion of ancient Greece. Also, Naxos, Tinos, and Milos are visual feasts. If you land on some of these destinations, don’t miss the opportunity to try the best flavors of Greece. This is not possible in Delos since it is uninhabited. It stands out as a historical landmark.

View of Santorini
Quickly get to the most famous tourist destinations, such as Santorini and Naxos

Get To Know the History of the Cyclades

Cyclades are a treasure trove of history. Find out more about Santorini and its story about the volcanic eruption that has affected the Minoan civilization’s downfall. A fun fact is that Santorini volcano is still active and draws many tourists.

Learn from your guide about the sacred island, Delos, the supposed birthplace of Artemis and Apollo. Viewing Naxos from above, you can spot Venetian fortresses, while in Tinos, churches prevail. To explore these historical sites, it’s vital to have an experienced and knowledgeable guide by your side.

Ruins in Delos
Leave some time for learning interesting stories about the Cyclades

Book a Sunset Tour and Have a Romantic Date in the Air

The majestic and colorful Mykonian sunset is a sight to behold, and witnessing it from the canvas of the sky is an experience like no other. Imagine sipping on chilled champagne as the helicopter hums and viewing how the sun gracefully descends into the deep blue.

While watching the sunset from one of the luxury villa rentals in Mykonos or the Mykonos yacht rental offers intimate tranquility, nothing can parallel the vastness of a panoramic perspective. Take a partner on a romantic date they will never forget.

Book the Tour on Time and Research Cancellation Policy

Don’t wait too long to book the trip into the Grecian skies. Reach out to the concierge in Mykonos and ensure that the flight is reserved. Provide the information about how many passengers are expected on the flight and ask about how many minutes the escapade will take.

Since these tours depend on the weather conditions and strict aviation regulations, cancellations and unforeseen changes are not uncommon. So, research the cancellation policy in advance to safeguard yourself against unexpected surprises and financial setbacks.

A helicopter flying above a beach
Upon booking one of the Greek villas in Mykonos, seek out aerial tours as well

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