Nestled in the heart of the Aegean Sea, the small island in Greece doesn’t just offer stunning windmills, party beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Its natural beauty is waiting to be discovered, and the best way to do it is on a bike tour of Mykonos. The trip takes you through the wonders of paradise. All tourists need to do is hop on a bike, strap on the helmet, and pedal through the breathtaking landscapes.

First, You’ll Need a Bike – Rent One From Local Bike Shops on the Island

The excitement of arriving at the JMK airport and waiting to find a pair of wheels to cycle around the island can be overwhelming. The joy of the adventure is well-known among bikers. However, not knowing where to knock and rent a bicycle could spoil the fun.

One of the best shops for renting bikes is the Bike Center in the Argyraina neighborhood. They offer bicycle rentals for tours of the latest generation so that the ride is smooth and enjoyable just like a cruise. Additionally, tourists are offered bookings and equipment along with the bicycle. If you want to book your bicycle in advance, you can do this online.

Not a Hiking and Biking Kind of a Person? Consider Going on an Electric Bike Tour of Mykonos

If you are not an adventurer ready to take on the steep roads and hilly areas of The Island of the Winds, you’d likely be more comfortable renting an electronic bike instead of a regular bicycle.

E-bicycles’ average speed is 27 km/h, and it includes a display that features the distance you’ve driven and the battery information. For anyone who is more eager to relax while cycling and visiting a secret beach, we recommend renting an e-bicycle.

A bicycle between trees

Let your hair down and enjoy laid-back e-bicycle tours

What to Bring With You When Cycling Around the Island for an Entire Day?

When embarking on a full-day cycling adventure around the island, it’s important to come prepared with the right essentials. Here’s a list of items to bring along for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

  • Light and breathable clothing: Make sure that the clothes don’t make you regret riding a bicycle while the sun is beaming down.
  • An appropriate helmet: Safety comes first and the best way to protect yourself from nasty injuries and ruining your vacation is by wearing a helmet.
  • Sunscreen: A great addition to a backpack is sunscreen which would protect you from the sun’s rays. This is also a great addition if you plan on visiting a beach as well.
  • A water bottle: It’s of utmost importance to remember that hydration is key, so pack a water bottle, and stay refreshed along the entire route.
  • Equipment for capturing beautiful landscapes: Pack a camera, phone, selfie stick, and a GoPro camera if you want to film while riding. Capturing the beauty of the Mykonian attractions, such as the legendary windmills, Little Venice, and the cozy Ano Mera village is only possible with high-quality cameras.
  • A GPS device and a reliable map: Know where you’re going! Of course, if something unexpected happens, a private driver can come to pick you up, but it’s essential to stay safe at all times.

If you’ve packed accordingly for the ride, strap on the helmet and venture into the unknown expecting to explore mesmerizing Mykonian hidden gems.

 A camera on a wooden background

Perfect tours require you to have a list of necessary things needed for a successful trip

Guided Bike Tours Will Help You Explore Popular Beach Options, Attractions, and Hidden Routes

People who don’t want to go exploring on their own have the opportunity to go on guided bicycle tours. The most popular organization offering authentic and unforgettable rides on this destination is Yummy Pedals.

With guides, one can experience off-the-beaten-path places, sandy and pristine beaches, cultural monuments, and places where locals sell unique souvenirs. There are several types of tours that last a couple of hours one can participate in:

  • Adventurous,
  • Demanding,
  • Romantic,
  • Leisurely & Culinary Intriguing.

A Private and Romantic Ride at the Dusk Is Perfect for Couples

If you want to surprise your partner with a date during a vacation, you can take them on a guided romantic ride at dusk. The enchanting landscape combined with some wine is a perfect date.

The route is not demanding at all, and the whole trip lasts 3 and a half hours. Of course, at the end of the date, we recommend having a Mykonos concierge organize a dinner with a private chef at one of the luxury villas in Mykonos.

A bike parked on a sandy shore

After cycling at dusk, relax and enjoy precious time in one of the luxury Mykonos villas

For Adventure Seekers, We Recommend a Guided Ride to Fokos Beach

If you love cycling and want to ride throughout the entire island, we recommend a guided ride to the village of Ano Mera, where you can visit its museum and monastery. It lasts three hours. The tour ends at Fokos Beach, where you can go for a swim in the turquoise water.

The tour doesn’t feature just one beach, it includes paths hidden from prying eyes, different gorgeous beaches, wild landscapes, and cultural sites. During the peak season, you will find yourself riding on main roads while cars are passing by, so there will be a touch of urban cycling as well.

Well-Trained Cyclists Can Spend a Day on the Winds Turbine Mykonos Bike Tour

After relaxing for days in one of the stunning luxury villas in Mykonos with a pool, we challenge all cyclists to experience a guided tour that guarantees an adrenaline rush. When the weather is not ideal for indulging in water sports on Super Paradise Beach or Ftelia Beach, you can spend it riding up the hill on a paved route to get to the wind turbine.

Trust us, after the hardships to reach the finish line, the scenic view from the top of the hill will blow you away. This is one of the best tours, which lasts for four hours, and the level of difficulty is 4 out of 5.

Person writing a mountain bike

Leave one of the Mykonos luxury villas for rent and go on a fascinating and scenic bike ride

An Amazing Bike Tour of Mykonos Is Waiting for You, but First Book a Luxury Mykonos Villa Rental

Mesmerizing and exciting routes on The Island of the Winds are waiting for your arrival. To ensure that you spend the summer of your life in Greece, book one of the private villas in Mykonos by contacting The Ace VIP team. Browse through the catalog of the most beautiful Greek Mykonos villas for rental on our website and pick the most suitable one for you. Of course, this is not all we can provide you with since we offer private jets, car rentals, concierge VIP services in Mykonos as well as private yacht rental in Mykonos. Therefore, after an amazing and sometimes tiring bike tour, you can always find a way to relax in luxury with our help.