If you’re not the biggest fan of Mediterranean cuisine out there, but you’re going to spend your summer vacation in Greece on The Island of the Winds, don’t worry, you’re not going to stay hungry. These are the best Thai restaurants in Mykonos you should definitely visit in case you get tired of seafood or gyros.

What Is Thai Cuisine?

Thai cuisine is a staple part of any international restaurant’s menu in the world. It’s known for its depth of flavor, the freshness of the ingredients, and the many herbal spices that go into making some of the most delicious dishes you will ever get to try. The sweet and salty dishes with just the right touch of acidity are the perfect choice to refresh you after a long day at one of Mykonos beaches.

What Are Some of The Most Popular Thai Dishes?

While Thai food is known for having a few exotic dishes featuring frogs, insects, bugs, and spiders, there are some dishes that are a bit less extreme and staples that everyone loves.

They love incorporating fresh ingredients that pack a punch of flavor, such as coconut, fish sauce, lime, and of course – hot peppers. This type of comfort food is made in large batches, and it’s so delicious it’s addictive. Here are some classic dishes you have to try during your stay on the island:

  • Pad Thai – Thai-style fried noodles,
  • Khao pad – fried rice,
  • Tom yum goong – spicy shrimp soup,
  • Tom kha kai – chicken in coconut soup,
  • Som tum – spicy green papaya salad.

There Is No Need for Endless Searches for the Best Thai Restaurants in Mykonos

If you’re getting a bit tired of Greek cuisine and all the seafood, you don’t have to worry because that’s not all the food Mykonos has to offer. There is a large selection of international cuisines, and Thai is just one of them, so you won’t have to search high and low for a good place to eat some hearty noodles.

All you will have to do is take a few steps outside your Mykonos villa, and you’ll stumble upon the most amazing meal you’ve ever had. Just because you’re in Greece doesn’t mean all you have to eat is Greek food, so don’t feel guilty you’re not in a taverna snacking on gyros.

A Greek taverna

You don’t have to spend your entire vacation in Greece in a taverna

You Don’t Have to Go on Long Road Trips – Bambao Is a Great Place Right in Mykonos Town

The great news about the so-called party island is that whatever you need is just a couple of minutes away by taxi. Of course, you can always rent a car if you don’t want to take a cab, but you will find that everything is pretty close and centered around Chora. So, great clubs and restaurants will always be nearby.

That’s the case with one of the most delicious Thai places – Bambao restaurant is located right in the center of Chora. It’s a great place to gather with your travel mates and have an amazing meal. They serve many Asian cuisines besides Thai, so be prepared for a fusion of flavors. Their shrimp curry noodles are to die for, and they will be the highlight of your trip no matter how many windmills you see.

Their menu has a large selection, the portions are quite big, and the prices are more than reasonable, so it’s great value for money. While the place does have table service, most locals order takeout, so you can get takeaway and enjoy some delicious fried rice in your Mykonos villa rental. Another great thing about this place is that it’s open until 4 AM, including table service, so if you ever feel hungry after a night out, you know where to go.


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Mr. Pug Is Another Great Place Near Mykonos Town

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience that is so authentic you will feel like you’re visiting Thailand, you need to go to Mr. Pug. the main chef Yiorgos Venieris has mastered the art of combining bold flavors, and he has won several awards for dishes that taste as if they were made in Thailand. They change their menu pretty regularly, but they keep the staples such as lamb curry, which is the best curry you will ever try.

Mr. Pug is located very close to Chora, and they have a big balcony that offers the most beautiful view of the sunset. The interior design is very elegant and modern while giving the atmosphere a touch of Thailand culture. The prices are a bit higher than in other places on the island, but their staff is friendly, and the fine dining experience is worth it.

If You’re Looking for a Restaurant Near the Beach – Buddha Bar Is an Excellent Choice

If you’re looking for a restaurant with the best beach view and location – look no further than the Buddha Bar, located close to Ornos Beach. Every dish is impeccable, and the views are out of a movie, which is why they are often overbooked. Ornos Bay is a beautiful location with many great Mykonos villas for rental, so it can be a perfect place base for exploring the island.

If you want to get a reservation here, ask your Mykonos concierge to help you out. Buddha Bar is an upscale restaurant, and the prices show it, but spending a small fortune in an atmosphere like this is completely worth the experience.

Shrimp noodles

If you feel like eating some delicious shrimp curry noodles, go to Buddha Bar

By Booking One of the Private Villas in Mykonos Close to Chora, You’ll Be Near Your Favorite Thai Restaurant

This island is not only known for the crazy parties and Mykonos clubs but it’s also known for the food as well. So, if you’re going to spend your summer vacation on The Island of the Winds, you should book one of the Mykonos luxury villas by contacting The Ace VIP. We can help you rent Mykonos villas close to the best restaurants, and your concierge on Mykonos will ensure you get the best table. If you really want to have a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, book a Mykonos yacht rental and let a private chef prepare you a meal you can enjoy right on the water.