Greece is a country known for its many fine qualities – dreamy beaches, delicious food, amazing hospitality, and a love of alcohol. If you decide to visit this magical place, you will need to blend in with their drinking habits, and that means you will need to know what is Metaxa liquor. So, keep reading to find out what type of drink is Metaxa, one of the most beloved drinks in the sunny country of Greece.

If You Want to Drink Like the Greeks – You Will Need to Know What Is Metaxa

The tourists that are lucky enough to visit the sunny country of Greece only need to know a few fundamental things – what is the national currency, can they drink tap water, are there any important restrictions, and most importantly- what kind of alcohol is Metaxa. This alcoholic beverage is one of the most popular Greek spirits, and it can be found in any watering hole in Greece. It’s usually sold in 750ml bottles, and there are 3, 5, 7, and 12-star versions, depending on how many years the liquor has been aged in the oak barrels.

Metaxa is a very smooth, brandy-like drink, and it’s exclusively made in Greece. It’s a very strong spirit, with a 40% alcohol percentage, but it still tastes very sweet. The only way to describe it is by comparing it with a much sweeter, citrusy brandy with deeper aromas and a much more complex flavor profile. So, what is Metaxa made from?

This amber spirit has a very specific and complicated production process. It starts off with a wine brandy that gets distilled twice before mixing with aged muscat wine and a secret botanical mix that gives it a special citrusy note. The mixture is then poured into large oak barrels and left to age for at least three years.

The Factory Has Been in Athens Ever Since 1968

The business of making Metaxa has never left the Greek soil, and even today, the center of the operation and the main factory is located in Athens. The story began all the way back in 1888. When a silk merchant called Spyros Metaxa created the recipe. After his death, his sons carried on the business and even expanded it to the market in the United States in 1900. What started out as a small family-owned business is today a very popular alcoholic beverage sold all over the world.

One of the Most Important Greek Travel Guides and Tips Is How to Drink Metaxa

Now that you know what Metaxa is, you will need a crash course on how to drink in order to fit in with the locals in the Greek taverna. Let’s preface this by saying that there is no wrong time or way to have it, but if you want the authentic experience, you will need to participate in an age-old tradition of Greek nights. Metaxa is a staple drink on these nights, where you can dance and watch professional entertainment perform traditional Greek dances, eat amazing food, smash plates, yell OPA, and enjoy the flavors of Metaxa.

This popular beverage isn’t meant to be treated as a shot. It’s meant to be served as brandy or whiskey, over ice or neat, and sipped slowly so you can experience all the aromas. While this is the traditional way of drinking it, it’s also become a very popular ingredient in many popular cocktails that you can find on their site, such as:

  • A Metaxa Orange Espresso Martini,
  • Negroni with a twist,
  • Greek Spritz,
  • Greek Mojito.

You Can Rely on Delivery any Time You Want Your New Favorite Brandy-Like Drink

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Bottle and glass of Metaxa
Metaxa is a staple of any good party on the Island of the Winds

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