Tourists often forget to gather a bit more information about the destination they are traveling to for their summer vacation. However, there are some things you should know about vacationing in one of the luxury villas in Mykonos. For example, whether it is safe to drink water in Mykonos, and by that, we mean tap one, which is usually problematic in some places in the country. Therefore, it’s important to get informed timely.

So, Can You Drink Water in Mykonos From the Tap?

Actually, no, it is not safe to drink tap water in Mykonos villas for rental or hotels. This doesn’t mean that it is undrinkable. However, the quality might not be on a high level since it is sourced from local drilling, and these sources are not properly monitored. There might be bacteria and chlorine byproducts that ruin its purity.

It doesn’t matter in what area of the island you stay – the water is the same on the entire destination. Also, the water’s Ph level is a bit higher than most tourists are used to, so it might cause stomach issues if you drink it. But don’t be discouraged, not all places in Greece have poor water quality.

Can Tap Water in Mykonos Make You Ill?

Drinking a glass or two won’t necessarily make you seriously ill. The bacteria and chlorine byproducts can cause headaches and stomach issues primarily. However, if you drink something that tastes strange or has a smell, you might get sick from it and end up seeking a doctor during your vacation.

Therefore, before drinking, make sure that you test it out by smelling it first and looking at the color of the liquid. This issue can be avoided altogether if you simply ask your Mykonos concierge to get you bottled water.

Two glasses of water

It’s best to buy bottled water that definitely won’t cause any harm

Can You Brush Your Teeth With the Water From the Tap in Your Mykonos Villa?

Now that you know that it is safer to avoid drinking water in your villa while on vacation, you might be wondering whether it’s safe to use it for brushing your teeth. The good news is that you don’t need to be worried about that because it is completely adequate for brushing your teeth. But, if you want to be extra careful and not risk it in any way, then we recommend using bottled water. It might make you feel more relaxed.

A red toothbrush

Brushing teeth with this kind of water is perfectly fine

Is This Problem Present in Entire Greece?

No, in a couple of major cities, there aren’t any issues with the method of sourcing water and the pipes that leave bacteria and different byproducts. For example, if you travel to Athens first, you will be free to drink water there since it is clean and it comes from a great supply. The same goes for Thessaloniki. If you make a short trip to this city before getting to Mykonos, you won’t have to worry or spend any money on bottles.

What About Other Cyclades Like Santorini, Naxos, and Paros – What Greek Island Has Safe Water?

The majority of tourists don’t just stay in Mykonos and lounge in their Mykonos villa rental for the entire vacation. They either go sailing on a Mykonos yacht rental or go to other nearby islands like Santorini, Paros, and Naxos. If you have enough time to visit the marvelous Santorini, make sure that you avoid drinking tap water.

The health authorities advise against drinking it and urge tourists to buy bottled water. The same applies to Naxos island. On the other hand, Paros island is a bit different. The water there is clean all year round across the whole island.

A yacht in the sea

The water in Athens is of good quality as opposed to the islands, except in Paros

What Greek Bottled Water to Drink While in Mykonos?

Since drinking from the tap should be avoided and the filter bottles won’t solve the problem as well, it’s best to purchase the best-bottled water. There are numerous brands of water on the island, and you can select between the few that are perfect for you. Here is a list of some of the best Greek brands you can buy:

  • Nikolaos,
  • Aqualife,
  • Avra,
  • Korpi,
  • Samaria,
  • Souroti,
  • Spring,
  • Tem,
  • Vikos,
  • Zagori.

Have a Bottle With You at All Times Since Summers Get Hot in Greece

Don’t underestimate the Greek heat. During the peak season, it is really hot on the island, and you might feel dehydrated while you are lounging on pristine beaches or enjoying water sports activities.

If you purchase from any of the brands mentioned above and have a bottle or two always with you, there won’t be any concerns. This is incredibly important for tourists who will travel with children. Visit the small shops in the old town before going to the beach, or request bottled water from your concierge in Mykonos.

Two girls standing on a beach

During June, July, and August, pay attention to your water intake

Now You Know What Happens When You Drink From the Tap in Mykonos, and You’re Ready to Prepare for Your Holiday

The number one priority of every tourist on vacation is safety. Now that you know what needs to be avoided, it’s time to book your accommodation and get ready. If you want to rent Mykonos villas, The Ace VIP has some of the best private villas in Mykonos, so don’t hesitate to contact us. With us, you won’t even have to worry about this since our concierge VIP services in Mykonos can arrange for everything you want. Apart from this, with us, you will enjoy jet rental services, yacht rental in Mykonos, and car rental services. So, all that’s left to do is to pick a date and travel here.