The Island of the Winds is the ultimate summer destination – it’s the epitome of luxury, comfort, and extravagance. There truly isn’t another place in the world where you can experience such decadence. So, if you want to get away and relax, check out these lavish villas with floating sunbeds that will make you forget about all the worries of everyday life.

Our Private Villas in Mykonos Are a Bar, Restaurant, Spa, and Gym All Rolled Into One

If you’re looking for the world’s uniquely perfect all-inclusive 5-star resort, where you can have everything you want whenever you want it, without having to share your space with other people, luxury Mykonos villas for rent are exactly what you need. You get the entire property just to yourself, without having to worry about any rules or limitations.

Every luxury Mykonos villa rental is equipped with all the amenities you could possibly need, which makes them the ideal place to go when you feel like you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the real world. Kick back and relax, get a cold drink, and spend the day lounging and suntanning right in the pool on a floating sunbed that is so big and cozy you’ll have a hard time staying awake. If that sounds like a good way to recuperate, check out our floating sunbeds villas.

Villa Megan Is a Large Property Perfect for Events

If you’re planning a fabulous event for a large crowd and you’re looking for an exclusive place to host it, you absolutely need to take a look at Villa Megan. It’s a gorgeous property located in Kalo Livadi, and it accommodates 40 guests in 20 lavish bedrooms and bathrooms. The entire property is so large it’s split into three separate classic Greek-style houses with whitewashed walls.

When it comes to amenities, there isn’t anything you could need that Megan hasn’t already got – from countless outdoor seating, lounging, and dining areas, an outdoor BBQ, jacuzzis, parking, a helipad, a home gym, and even a private chapel. There are four private pools on the property – two smaller ones in front of each master bedroom, as well as two large infinity pools. One of them comes with floating king-sized sunbeds, making the entire experience that much more luxurious. 

Even though the house sleeps 40 people, if you’re throwing a lavish event such as a wedding, you can host approximately 500 people during the day. When you add gorgeous gardens surrounding the property and amazing sea views, there is nothing missing.

View of the floating sunbeds in Villa Megan
Host a memorable event in Megan

Villa Pine Is so Stunning It Will Make You Never Want to Leave the Pool Areas

If you’re looking for a special, secluded property, Villa Pine is definitely one of the most beautiful houses we offer. It’s located on a cliff next to Super Paradise Beach, right above its own private port, perfect for docking your yacht rental Mykonos. Besides its stunning design, what makes this house so special is the fact that there are no neighboring properties for miles, so you’ll have unparalleled privacy.

The 3-bedroom house accommodates six guests, making it perfect for smaller families or groups of friends looking for some peace and quiet. The property has two infinity pools at different levels – the upper-level one features beautiful floating sunbeds that will make you forget about your private access to the beach.

Cancel Your Beach Day and Take Some Pics for Instagram – Villa McGinley Has the Best Pool and Amazing Views

Villa McGinley is the perfect mix of modern architecture and classic Cycladic architecture – the exterior of the house features whitewashed walls and gorgeous stone detail, with a large terrace and a gorgeous infinity pool with floating sunbeds. The 7-room house sleeps 14 guests, and it’s only a minute away from Ornos Beach. Even though it’s so close to the beach, you won’t even notice it next to the luxury pool – lay in the sunbeds and experience the most magical view of the island and the iconic sunset.

House Kristen Is a Gorgeous Beachfront Property Perfect for Relaxing

If you’re looking for the perfect place for your large groups of friends, check out Villa Kristen. It’s a beautiful beachfront property situated in the Kanalia area, practically right next to the sea. With seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, it’s great for groups of up to 16 guests.

The property features a large outdoor area with an infinity pool, many lounging areas, a jacuzzi, an outdoor BBQ, private parking, and even a home gym. The stunning pool has large floating sunbeds at the edge that face the sea and give breathtaking, rare views of the center of the island – Little Venice and the famous windmills.

View of house Kristen
Have breakfast with a stunning view of Little Venice from house Kristen

Contact Us and Book One of the Villas with Floating Sunbeds and Outdoor Private Pools for Your Magical Stay

If you want to spend your summer holiday simply relaxing, enjoying some peace and quiet with your loved ones, soaking in the sun and fresh sea air, and recharging your batteries, the Greek villas Mykonos has to offer are the perfect place for you. They were designed with the sole purpose of providing unparalleled comfort and making your stay on one of the most beautiful Greek islands as magical as possible.

So, contact us at The Ace VIP and reserve one of our Mykonos luxury villas. Besides all the amenities one could ever need, you will also have a personal Mykonos concierge by your side. Our concierge VIP services in Mykonos will assist you with anything you need, from car rentals and fresh new towels whenever you need them to finding a Mykonos yacht rental for your day cruise along the Aegean Sea.