There is nothing better than sunbathing on the Super Paradise beach and taking Instagram pictures in front of the legendary Mykonian windmills. However, for an authentic summer vacation on this island, it’s best to explore the off-the-beaten-track destinations. Mykonos boasts magnificent and impressive sites that will inspire you to learn more about this Cycladic gem. Prepare for slipping away from the crowded streets and discovering beautiful places away from the prying eyes of other tourists.

Visit Historical Sites to Learn About Cycladic History and Mysteries

Once you arrive in one of the Mykonos villas for rental, prepare to uncover the hidden tales etched in Mykonian stones and wander amidst the remarkable historical sites, delving into the enigmatic world of the Cycladic culture and its profound influence on the island’s rich heritage.

Since some of these magnificent places are far away from Mykonos’ main town, Chora, make sure that you hire a private driver, take a taxi ride, or rent a car for these adventures. Come with us on this adventure, and let’s explore together!

Travel to the Castle of Gizi in Ano Mera

An impressive fortress perched on a hill in the charming village of Ano Mera dates back to the 13th century. The ruins left on the hill were once part of the Venetian Castle of Gizi from the period when The Island of the Winds was under the rule of the Venetian Gizi brothers.

Today, visitors can be transported back in time and discover various chambers, a small chapel, and a central courtyard that was once bustling with activity. On top of this, the view from the castle’s position is truly breathtaking. It’s a perfect place to watch the Mykonos sunset. Visit the TripAdvisor website and read whether there is a guided tour to the castle during your stay in a Mykonos villa rental.

A church by the Castle of Gizi ruins
Read about the medieval Mykonian history and take a day tour to the Castle of Gizi

Discover the Portes Above Platys Gialos – Choose the Safest Way to Get to the Site

Situated above the mesmerizing Platys Gialos beach lies an interesting site known as the Portes. This hidden gem unveils a world of historical significance. As you ascend to the monument that resembles Stonehenge, you can see the remnants of a once-thriving settlement that stand as proof of the architectural brilliance of the past.

The monument itself is thought to be the place from which people protected their settlement by monitoring whether any danger was coming from the sea. Remember that it can be accessed by dirt road and it’s a bit demanding for walking so we suggest going there by car.

Don’t Miss Traveling to the Abandoned Old Mines of the Mykonian Island

Are there any good spots when it comes to exploring something closer to our time? Embark on a journey to the abandoned old mines of Mykonos, now known as “The Chernobyl of the Aegean.” Once renowned for its bustling mining industry, the island holds a rich history that began in the early 20th century. From the mid-1950s, the extraction and transportation of barite flourished.

Today, scattered amidst the rugged landscape, you’ll encounter remnants of mines and old machinery, with abandoned facilities and weathered buildings serving as silent witnesses to the passage of years. The atmospheric setting is ideal for adventure-seekers and those that want to take photographs of something authentic.

A view of abandoned mines in Mykonos Greece
Leave the comfort of the luxury villas in Mykonos for a new trip through time

Enjoy Water Activities on Secluded Destinations – Mykonian Secret Beaches

Mykonos is indeed a party island, and most tourists flock to Super Paradise Beach as well as Paradise Beach, where the popular beach bars are located. However, enjoying the same tranquility as in the Mykonos luxury villas and your own home is still possible on some of the best-secluded beaches on the island. We want to show you some that are off the beaten path, and we recommend seeking organized transportation from your concierge in Mykonos if you decide to go there.

Day-Dreaming and Sunbathing on the Mersini Beach Is a Must

Mersini Beach is tucked away from the crowds in the northeast part of The Island of the Winds. The water is translucent and shallow, while the beach itself is pristine and sandy. The area is quiet, and the people who frequent the beach are mostly locals.

Of course, we have to mention that there aren’t any taverns, bars, or restaurants here, and one needs to bring an umbrella as well as a mat to enjoy the bliss. However, Mersini is worth it, and quite close to it is another beautiful hidden gem – Fokos Beach, which is astonishing as well.

To satisfy some of your adventure curiosity, on your way back from the beaches in the northern part of the island, make sure to check out the Armenistis Lighthouse, built when the Volta, a British steamship ship, sank in 1887.

Girl on a beach in Greece while on vacation in a mykonos villa
After a hike to the secluded places, it’s best to unwind in one of the Mykonos villas for rent

Experience the View of the Delos Island From the Coast of Secret Kapari Beach

Escape to the unspoiled beauty of Kapari Beach, a secret haven that offers an authentic experience. Nestled along the rugged coastline, it provides an amazing view of Delos Island. Similarly to Mersini Beach, it is not organized like other popular beaches and lacks commercial establishments.

Its untouched allure has been preserved because of the rocky and narrow paths that lead to it. So, prepare your comfortable shoes. However, a little effort that is needed to get to it is so worth it. If you don’t believe this, let us share with you the video of this beach below:

Off the Beaten Path but in Plane Sight – Check Out the Open-Air Cinema Manto

After partying in clubs, sunbathing, and going on adventures to historical sites, it’s time to finally let your hair down and eat gyros while watching a great movie. What better place to do this than the open-air cinema Manto? You might be wondering whether this is a hidden gem at all, but trust us, it is.

Even though the cinema is in the heart of Mykonos Town, it’s tucked away in a quiet part where tourists who don’t know about it don’t go. The atmosphere is superb. Located in a garden under the starry night sky, you can indulge in Hollywood blockbusters while sipping on Mykonian wine and eating Greek meze.

Friends enjoying watching a movie in the open-air movie theater
Instead of watching a movie in one of the Greek villas in Mykonos alone, head to the cinema

Before You Travel to Experience These Off-The-Beaten-Track Places, Book Your Mykonos Villa

The top Mykonos off-the-beaten-path destinations are within your reach, and the only thing you need to do first is book the villa you’ll be staying at while on the island. Fortunately, The Ace VIP team is here to assist you. Use our website to pour through numerous private villas in Mykonos that might be ideal for you. Once you make a decision, contact us for further details. Also, don’t forget that we offer car rental services and some of the best Mykonos yacht rental services, as well as jet services. The Ace VIP also provides concierge VIP services in Mykonos – it doesn’t get better than that, so get in touch with us today!