If you didn’t eat a gyros and fall in love with it during your stay in Greece, you didn’t go to Greece – that’s the unwritten rule. It’s a staple in Greek cuisine – it’s the Greek version of rice and falafel. So, here is where to find the best Mykonos gyros.

When on Mykonos, Gyros Is the Ultimate Fast Food to Try, But Is It Really That Good?

Gyros is one of the most popular Greek foods. Even though the actual national dish of Greece is the famous moussaka, true gyros lovers will try to persuade you into thinking that spot belongs to their favorite dish. It truly is a Greek masterpiece – the most valuable Greek invention wasn’t democracy or philosophy, it was gyros, no matter what history books might be saying.

How Is It Made, and What Sides Can You Add?

This lovely dish starts off with a strong base – a pillowy soft pita bread that is meant to hold every other ingredient in place and support the integrity of the dish. The pita bread isn’t supposed to be overpowering or too large, it should only be marked with grill marks. If you decide to leave the pita bread out, you get a slightly healthier version – souvlaki.

The next layer is the legendary tzatziki salad – a staple in Greek cuisine, which is fresh and a bit spicy, perfectly complementing the meat that comes next. Contrary to popular opinion among tourists, this dish isn’t made with lamb. Gyros is made with either chicken or pork. Once the juicy meat has been added, the final mandatory ingredient is french fries, which go right into the pita and get wrapped up in one beautiful, messy wrap.

Pita, tzatziki, the meat of your choice, and fries are key ingredients of any great gyros, and once they have been added, you can get to business and add any sides you’d like. The most common ones people add are lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. You can really add anything you want, but if you choose not to add anything other than ketchup and mustard, you might end up getting some strange looks from the locals.

Tzatziki salad in a bowl

Tzatziki salad is what gives this dish its authentic taste

It’s Hard to Find a Menu in Greece That Doesn’t Offer Gyros

The most amazing thing about this dish besides its taste is the fact that it’s incredibly versatile. You can find it in some of the best restaurants with table service, as well as in any Mykonos gyros food truck.

It’s more popular as street food, and it’s the perfect choice for when you’re coming back from the beach, covered in salt, and you don’t feel like going anywhere fancy with table service. This dish is also a savior for people who are going on vacation on a budget, as gyros usually cost no more than a couple of euros, usually around 3.50 when you’re buying it from a food truck.

But it can also be served in traditional tavernas and more upscale restaurants. The only difference is that the price will be much higher, and the dish will come deconstructed on a plate. Here are some of the best places to try out this traditional Greek dish.

Sakis Grill Is the Best Gyros Mykonos Town Has to Offer

If you’re looking for the best gyros in Chora, look no further than Sakis Grill. It’s located in the heart of Chora, and it’s been one of the most popular spots on the island for years. They offer amazing food at low prices, and they have a small but lovely seating area outside, overlooking the lovely paved streets of Old Town.

A gyros will cost you around six euros, which is pretty affordable for this island. The service is amazing, and the restaurant itself is beautiful, decorated in classic white and blue Greek island architecture.

Gyros Can Be Delivered From Kalammakia Straight to One of Mykonos Villas for Rental You’re Staying at

If you’re feeling especially cozy in your luxury Mykonos villa rental, and you don’t feel like going out to eat, don’t worry – Kalammakia can deliver the most delicious gyros right to your doorstep. They’re located in Ano Mera, and their prices are very affordable. It’s the perfect choice for a stay-in day.

Pepper Is Open Until the Early Hours

Pepper is located in the center of Chora, and it’s one of the rare spots on The Island of the Winds that is open until 4 AM, which means you will be just in time to grab a delicious bite after a crazy night in one of the hottest clubs. They serve mouthwatering food at great prices, they have an outdoor seating area, and their staff is very friendly. And to top it off, they even offer special gluten-free pitas.

Man holding a gyros

Grab a delicious bite after a crazy night out at Pepper

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