If you’re not a big fan of classic summer holidays where you spend the whole time chilling at the beach with a drink in your hand, and instead you like a little more active vacation – have you considered hiking around Mykonos mountains this summer season? Or you’re wondering, are there really mountains on this island? Let’s solve that mystery.

Greece Is Well Known for the Best Beaches, But How About Its Mountains?

The gorgeous, sunny country of Greece is well known as the number one summer holiday destination for millions of people in the world. It’s the go-to destination if you want to treat yourself to the perfect summer vacation you deserve. Greece has everything you could possibly need during your holiday.

It has some of the best beaches in the whole world and the most gorgeous views and scenery you will ever see, not to mention that Greek cuisine is one of the most delicious cuisines worldwide. Once you taste traditional Greek food, you will understand why so many people fall in love with this country so quickly and why so many people return year after year.

It’s normal that the first thought that pops into your head with the mention of Greece is a golden beach with crystal clear, turquoise water, but did you know that this amazing country is also well known for its mountain ranges? You must have heard about Greek mythology and the famous mount Olympus. The highest point is the Mythical peak which reaches a height of 2,917 meters, so Olympus is definitely the highest mountain in the country.

What Island in Greece Has the Tallest Mountains?

The Greek country is a fairly mountainous region, with over forty amazing ranges exceeding the height of 2,000 meters. However, Greek islands, no matter how gorgeous they are, aren’t really known for their tall mountains, ski centers, or adventurous hiking trails.

The tallest point on any Greek island is Mount Ida, located on Crete. Its height reaches 2,456 meters, making Crete the most mountainous out of all the Greek islands. Mount Ida is part of the Pindus range, which is the most significant one in the whole country, and it stretches across the entire surface of Crete.

View from an island in Greece

There aren’t many mountainous regions on Greek islands

How Tall Are Mykonos Mountains?

Mykonos is known for many things, such as the vivid nightlife, the gorgeous sandy beaches, the hottest clubs in the world, the best restaurants you will ever try, and so much more, but tall mountains aren’t on the list. The Island of the Winds is part of the Cyclades group of Greek islands, and it’s one of the bigger ones in the group. The Cyclades comprise over 200 beautiful islands, and none of them are known for being very mountainous, as you will notice when you visit Mykonos.

With a surface area of 85.5 square kilometers, the famous Island of the Winds is almost completely flat, with the exception of a couple of hill-like landforms. The tallest spot is only 372 meters tall, and it’s located on the Prophet Elias Vorniotis peak. The Prophet Elias Anomeritis peak takes second place with its height of 341 meters.

Depending on the criteria of different geologists in the world – in some cases, these land formations couldn’t even be considered to be a mountain because of their small altitude. Most geologists state that a land formation needs to be only 300 meters high in order to be considered a mountain, but there are no clear rules as to what the difference between a hill and a small mountain is.

Can You Go Hiking During Your Summer Vacation if You Travel to Mykonos?

Believe it or not, many people go hiking during their stay in Mykonos. It’s one of the most popular activities the island has to offer, even though you won’t be reaching very high altitudes. In fact, that’s what makes this popular summer destination ideal for hiking – you can go on a light walk along the trails to clear your mind, and you will be on top of the highest point just in time to see the gorgeous view of the sunset.

These hiking trails are suitable for everyone – beginners and pro hikers alike. All you will need are some comfortable shoes, a water bottle, and a camera to capture the gorgeous views up there. It’s an amazing way to spend your day, especially if you’re going to travel with family, and of course – don’t forget to apply the SPF.

Girl sitting at the top of a hill

Hiking is a great summer activity for those who prefer an active vacation

There Are Lots of Things to Do Besides Hiking – Visit Neighboring Islands Such as Delos or Rhenia for a Day

If you’re not a big fan of hiking in small altitudes, there is no reason to stay cooped up in your luxury Mykonos villa rental when there are so many fun things to do during your stay. A great idea would be to book a Mykonos yacht rental and visit islands nearby like Delos or Rhenia. It’s a fun way to spend your day and an opportunity to see the Aegean Sea from a new perspective.

If You Want to Climb a Higher Mountain, Go on a Trip to the Naxos for a Day

If you’re a true lover of hiking and you’re spending your vacation on The Island of the Winds, you can still have a great hike at a high altitude. All you need to do is go on a day trip to the neighboring island of Naxos, where you will find the highest point in the Cyclades group. It’s located on Mount Zas, and it’s 1,003 meters high.

Street in Chora

You will fall in love with the streets of Old Town – Chora

Book One of the Beautiful Private Villas in Mykonos if You Want to Go Hiking on The Island of the Winds

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