Greece is a country with many amazing summer destinations, and there isn’t a person on this Earth without at least one Greek island on their travel bucket list. Today, we will be looking into the battle between two popular islands in Greece – Ios vs. Mykonos. Take a look at this detailed comparison before booking your next big summer holiday.

Which Is the Best Island to Visit – Ios vs. Mykonos? Should You Be Close to Santorini or Stay on the Island of the Winds?

If you’re having trouble deciding between Ios and Mykonos for your next vacation, there are a few things you need to consider. While both of these Greek islands are insanely beautiful, and you will have an amazing time whichever you pick, they both have their advantages, and it all comes down to personal preference. For example, if you want to explore Greece, Ios is a ferry trip away from Santorini, while Mykonos offers proximity to other islands in the Cyclades. Your choice will come down to the smallest details, so let’s compare the two.

Which Island Offers the Best Beach Days?

When it comes to which island has the best beaches, the choice is quite difficult to make. Both have gorgeous beaches with crystal clear water and golden sand, amazing water sports, and great beach bars, so you can’t go wrong with either.

Which Destination Will Break the Bank More?

If you’re concerned about your vacation budget, you will be glad to know that Ios is significantly cheaper than Mykonos. After all, the Island of the Winds holds the reputation of being one of the most expensive places in the world, but that hefty price tag is completely justified by the level of comfort and exceptional services this island offers. So, if you have the money to splurge and treat yourself to a unique, luxurious experience, we recommend Mykonos as your vacation spot, but if you’re traveling on a lower budget, Ios is the place for you.

Where Should You Go for the Ultimate Nightlife – Mykonos vs. Ios

Both islands are known as ideal destinations for younger people looking to have some fun, as they both offer great nightlife and some wild parties. However, the level of sophistication between the two is very different. Mykonos is known for fabulous, exclusive parties catered towards celebrities, millionaires, and those who know how to enjoy the finer things in life, while Ios is more popular among college students and those who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on a champagne bottle but are looking to have a good time.

Nammos Club Party
Both destinations offer wild parties and great nightlife 

If You Want to See a Greek Church and Other Cultural and Historical Sights, Travel to Mykonos and See Its Old Town

If you’re someone who likes to go sightseeing when visiting new destinations, we suggest traveling to Mykonos, as the Old Town of Chora is filled with cultural and historical sights that will allow you to get to know Greek culture. There are many museums, galleries, old churches, and monasteries worth visiting, as well as other interesting tourist attractions. On the other hand, Ios doesn’t have a historically significant Old Town and offers fewer cultural sights.

For Those Who Love to Put Hiking in Their Itinerary, Ios Is the Better Option

If you love being active on vacations and going hiking is a mandatory part of any summer getaway, Ios undoubtedly has better hiking trails for both experienced hikers and beginners. However, Mykonos also offers a couple of nice hiking trails, but they are much simpler as there are no big mountains.

Where Can You Find Better Restaurants?

Ios is not as luxurious as Mykonos, so it’s only natural that the restaurant scene isn’t as developed. There are a lot of amazing restaurants and local tavernas in Ios, but Mykonos takes the win in the restaurant department. The Island of the Winds is home to countless world-class restaurants, and it’s a true paradise for foodies looking to try both traditional Greek cuisine and a fine-dining fusion experience.

Which Island Has Better Accommodation Options?

Finding good accommodation is one of the most important aspects of planning a vacation. So, which island offers better options? The answer is simple – the Island of the Winds. While Ios has some nice hotels, the Greek villas Mykonos offers are unparalleled in every way.

Private villas in Mykonos are gorgeous and built in classic Cycladic style, very luxurious, offer all the amenities and privacy you could ever imagine, and they’re overall the dreamiest place you will ever stay in. The fabulous Mykonos villas for rental are multi-million dollar properties that look like a scene from a movie or a postcard, so you can rest assured that nothing comes even close to them.

Villa with swimming pool
Nothing compares to luxury villa rentals in Mykonos

Enjoy the Iconic Nightlife and Gorgeous Beaches – Contact Us and Experience True Luxury in Mykonos

At the end of the day, there can only be one winner – the Island of the Winds. If you decide to visit Mykonos for your next summer vacation, get ready for incredible beaches, delicious food, some wild nights out, and an overall magical and luxurious experience. The entire island feels like a dream, almost too good to be true.

So, hurry up, contact The Ace VIP team, and book your travel arrangements in time to be a part of the next summer season. Choose one of our exceptional Mykonos luxury villas for the most comfortable stay of your life, and enjoy the luxurious setting – you deserve only the best. Rely on your Mykonos concierge for any additional requests, from getting a car rental to booking a Mykonos yacht rental for the day – nothing is out of reach.