Traveling with a family can be quite different from a typical vacation trip, as you have to be prepared for all kinds of situations and scenarios. Vacation with kids can sometimes be stressful, but if you have a proper beach packing list for a family, you won’t forget anything crucial. This article will give you all the tips and tricks for keeping your little ones safe and entertained the entire time.

Ensure That Everyone Has Proper Clothes for the Beach Day

When it comes to preparing for a vacation in Mykonos, keep in mind that most of the days you will be spending on the beautiful beaches and enjoying the warm weather. When planning everyone’s summer outfits for the family beach vacation packing list, remember that they should be comfortable and simple.

You will spend most of your time in a swimsuit, whether by the beach or by the private pool of your Mykonos villa, so ensure everyone has more than a few pairs – especially the kids. Simple cover-ups will be very useful if you wish to go to a nearby seafood restaurant and enjoy lovely Greek cuisine.

Everybody Needs Some Cute and Useful Summer Accessories

Both you and your kids will need some summer accessories to protect yourself from the Mediterranean sun – so ensure you pack up hats and sunglasses for everyone. Your kids will probably want to spend most of their time indulging in water activities or playing in the sand, and they will be exposed to the sun quite more than you – so remember to give them a nice hat to protect them.

You Need to Have a Bigger Beach Bag That’s Going to Fit All the Essentials

Vacationing with family means parents have to carry a lot of stuff with them whenever they leave private villas in Mykonos. So remember to bring a bigger beach bag that will fit all the essentials you have to carry with you. This bag will probably be with you everywhere you go, so make sure it’s nice and comfortable to carry.

Two girls running through the narrow streets of Mykonos to get to one of Mykonos luxury villas their parents have booked

Ensure you prepare some comfy outfits for your kids so they can play around all day

What to Prepare for a Day on the Beach With Kids?

Your packing list for a beach vacation in Mykonos must include a simple bag filled with the most basic necessities and toiletries every parent needs daily. Everyone knows how active kids can be, which usually means they will get dirty or end up with scratches – so it’s important to have some of these things with you all the time:

    • Wet wipes,
    • Disinfecting wipes,
    • Hand sanitizer,
    • Bandages,
    • SPF lotion,
    • Water,
    • Snacks.

Don’t Forget to Carry the SPF Products No Matter Where You Go

SPF products are one of the essential things you have by your side during the summer days. Whether you are spending your day in the beach club, visiting some of the best restaurants, or perhaps taking a tour around famous attractions – protecting yourself and your family members from the harmful effects of the sun is crucial.

Sunburns can be pretty problematic so ensure that you and all your family members are reapplying sunscreen every two hours, no matter where you are. Mykonos is a windy island, so that can trick you into thinking that the sun isn’t so strong, but it is.

Beach bag essentials

A crucial thing on your packing list should be SPF lotions

Don’t Forget to Bring Some Entertainment to the Beach

Although Mykonos is known for being one of the most exciting party islands in the world, popular beach bars with loud music don’t always seem like optimal fun for the little ones. You might want to consider visiting more family-friendly beaches, where your kids can freely enjoy playing in the sand and participating in different water sports activities.

So make sure you pack up all the fun beach gear you have that will keep your kids entertained while they are enjoying the beautiful Aegean Sea. If you also have a pet, it is good to know that there are some pet-friendly beaches as well.

If You Are Bringing Your Electronics – Protect Them Properly

If you and your family love having electronic gadgets with you all the time, even when you are on vacation – make sure your gadgets are well-protected. Phones, headphones, tablets, and similar devices can easily get damaged by sand, water, or the harsh sun.

A clear protective case can be a lifesaver in situations like this. With a protective case, you can freely give a gadget to your kids or take pictures of them swimming without worrying that your electronics will get damaged.

Father with a daughter on the beach

Your kids are going to need some entertainment during the vacation, so pack up all their favorite toys

A Portable Cooler Is a Great Choice if You’re Planning on Carrying Snacks and Drinks

Even though you are probably looking forward to tasting some delicious Greek food and visiting the best Greek restaurants, eating out is not always a great idea when you have kids. If you are thinking about how to provide your kids with some delicious and fresh meals like fruits and vegetables while on the beach – a portable cooler might solve all the problems.

There you can pack up all the snacks and drinks you need for the children, and they will have nutritious and delicious meals even on the beach. It is a very useful thing to have on your family beach trip packing list.

Two boys and a parasol on the beach

Make sure you keep your kids occupied, bring their favorite toys, books, and snacks

Once Your Beach Packing List for a Family Is Ready – Contact The Ace VIP Team to Organize the Rest

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