Most people believe that Greece is a summer-only destination, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Greece flourishes during wintertime, especially the stunning Island of the Winds. So, why not spend your holiday in one of the fabulous winter rentals the island has to offer? Experience the Greek charm during wintertime in style – take a look at private villas in Mykonos for your getaway.

Mykonos Is the Perfect Destination for a Wintertime Escape – Stay in Winter Rentals and Explore Greece Off-Season

Most people associate the Island of the Winds with the crazy nightlife, hot summer nights, trendy nightclubs, and iconic beach bars. But the true magic happens out of season, during wintertime, when everything slows down, the crowds disappear, and the beauty of the island gets a chance to stand out.

There are a lot of things to do during the wintertime, and you are bound to fall in love with this magnificent Greek island. You can go sightseeing, explore the landscape and nature, eat amazing Greek food, and do it all in a calm, cozy setting with not too many tourists around. But of course, you will need a fabulous place to stay during your visit, so take a look at some of these winter villa rentals that will make you feel at home.

Villa Fabian Is Ideal for a Long, Intimate Vacation

If you’re looking for the perfect, small, and intimate home for two people, look no further than Villa Fabian. It’s a cozy one-bedroom, one-bathroom house located in the heart of the Old Town of Chora. The location couldn’t be more perfect, as most people coming during the winter months prefer to stay near Chora because of its proximity to all the main attractions and best restaurants and cafes.

You can enjoy a fully equipped home with a gorgeous design, beautiful views, and both an indoor heated jacuzzi and an outdoor heated pool to keep you warm when the temperature drops.

If You’re Looking for Large Luxury Villa Rentals in Mykonos – Modine 1 Is the Spot for You

If you’re looking for the ultimate getaway where you can enjoy some peace and quiet and completely unwind and recharge, Villa Modine 1 is the spot for you. This property offers unparalleled privacy, and it’s truly unique. The house accommodates up to 26 guests in 13 bedrooms and ten bathrooms, and it’s the epitome of luxury, perfect for large groups. Every detail has been meticulously thought out, and the design of the house will astound you.

This property truly offers everything you could possibly need for a magical stay – from heated infinity pools, impeccable interior design, a home gym for those windy days when you want to be active, an outdoor BBQ, an indoor jacuzzi, and even a private port. There are no neighboring properties for miles around, so you can enjoy the serenity, take in the stunning sea views, listen to the sound of waves, and relax. The Old Town is only 15 minutes away, so the location is perfect.

View of House Modine 1
House Modine 1 offers unparalleled luxury and privacy

House Bates Is One of the Most Beautiful Mykonos Villas for Rental

Located near Psarou Beach, just 15 minutes away from the center of the island, lies the ultimate vacation spotVilla Bates. It’s a gorgeous house built in classic Cycladic architecture style with a modern twist. The design of the entire property is beautiful, and it accommodates up to 12 guests over six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. Besides the stunning sea views over the infinity pool, you can enjoy both an outdoor and indoor jacuzzi.

Book Villa Stewart for a Fabulous Stay on the Island of the Winds

If you’re looking for a property for a smaller group of friends or a family trip, Villa Stewart is always an excellent choice. Located only 4 minutes away from Ornos Beach and 10 minutes from the Old Town, this beautiful house accommodates eight guests in 4 master suites. Enjoy the large space and heated jacuzzis with your closest ones.

Villa Francesca Will Warm You Up on Cold Days

Even though the temperature on the Island of the Winds rarely drops below 10 degrees Celsius during wintertime, you will always have the gorgeous Villa Francesca to keep you nice and warm. The home is located in the Lia area, 25 minutes away from the Old Town.

Besides the large outdoor area with an infinity pool, this home also features a hammam, large dining and living rooms with fireplaces to keep you warm, an office space, and a large, fully equipped kitchen, so it’s the ideal place to enjoy some quality indoor time with your loved ones. The house accommodates ten guests over five bedrooms.

Hammam in villa Francesca
Warm yourself up in the hammam in Villa Francesca

Nothing Can Compare to a Winter Mykonos Vacation – Book Your Luxury Mykonos Villa Rental in Time

While Mykonos is known for its iconic summer season, where everything is extravagant, loud, and crowded, true lovers of this island know that the best time to explore its beauty is off-season. Once November comes, the entire island becomes calm and quiet and the ideal place for your no-snow winter getaway. So, if you want to spend your vacation recharging on a gorgeous Greek island, contact us at The Ace VIP and book all your travel arrangements.

We’re not only experts for organizing a legendary summer vacation, but we can help you create magical wintertime memories. Enjoy pure comfort in one of our Mykonos luxury villas, and make sure to rent a car so you can get around the island easier. Our concierge VIP services in Mykonos work year-round, so rely on your personal Mykonos concierge for anything you may need, and if the weather allows it – don’t miss out on the opportunity to spend a day on a Mykonos yacht rental.