Is your long and unforgettable vacation in Mykonos is slowly coming to an end? It’s time to pack your suitcase and return to the gloomy United Kingdom. We’ll help you prepare for traveling from Greece to UK and ensure that you get home safely. From checking your flight details to getting a precautionary COVID-19 test, we’ll remind you of all the necessary steps for returning to your country as well as to reality.

First, Check Your Travel Documents

Once you have arrived in Greece, you have probably placed all your documents in your suitcase, a safe, or a bag and immediately began exploring Mykonos beaches and all the popular Mykonian attractions.

You don’t want to aimlessly search for all documents on the day of your return. So, in order to avoid this difficult and unpleasant situation, make sure that you check you have all your travel documents in one place. You should have your valid passport, personal ID, return flight ticket, health, and travel insurance, proof of vaccination, as well as the money that you have left.

How to Keep Your Travel Documents Safe Before Returning to the UK?

It’s essential that you keep track of your possessions and documents while traveling. Travelers that stay in private villas in Mykonos can leave their documents in the villa under lock and key. You don’t want to find yourself walking around Mykonos town or secluded beaches carrying your passport and ID in your beach bag. All documents can easily get stolen in this way.

It’s best to check on your documents all the time, opt for keeping them inside your suitcase or a safe in the villa. But, if you are adamant about having everything with you at all times, you can buy a fanny pack. In this way, you won’t let anything out of sight. You can make digital copies of your passport, so you always have some form of identity proof.

A person holding a passport

Tourists should keep their passports in Mykonos villas for rental

Even if You’re Fully Vaccinated, Take a Precautionary COVID-19 Test

Have you experienced everything that Mykonos has to offer? Have you partied like never before in exciting and fun beach clubs or had drinks in their finest beach bars every night? After dancing all night long and meeting new people every day, you need to get a precautionary COVID-19 test even if you have your certificate of vaccination.

You don’t want to risk traveling while feeling unwell or exposing your loved ones back in the UK to the virus. Therefore you can find clinics such as Mykonian Hugeia, Mykonos Medical, and Sea Medical Health Clinic scattered all throughout the island and request a PCR test or a rapid antigen test. Some clinics offer at-home testing to travelers, which you can book on your phone. The results are generally available the next day.

Does the UK Government Require You to Get Tested Upon Entry?

The UK government has changed the rules and requirements for entry into the country in 2022. The government doesn’t require passengers to take a test or to quarantine after they enter the country.

One doesn’t need a passenger locator form in Greece, and the same is true for England as well. Also, these rules apply to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a taste for the sake of your health.

A Covid-19 test

Regardless of the rules, put your health at the forefront of your priorities

While Waiting for Results, Don’t Forget to Buy Souvenirs According to Your Allowance – Let Us Help You Improve Your Souvenir Choices

Since your Mykonos vacation is almost over, all that you are left with are wonderful memories and photos on your phone. However, you should follow our advice and make sure that you don’t leave the island without souvenirs you can gift your family members and friends back in the UK. You can search at Mykonian shops for items such as:

  • Trinkets,
  • Bracelets,
  • Necklaces,
  • Soups made with olive oil,
  • Figurines, sunglasses,
  • Colorful plates,
  • Seashells,
  • Shirts with Mykonian features.

Visit the Airline Page – Have Correct Flight Information When Traveling From Greece to UK

We know it’s difficult to leave behind sandy beaches and luxury villas in Mykonos. However, you can plan to come back next year to swim in the crystal clear waters and enjoy water sports activities again. But, since you now have to return to the United Kingdom, you should check your flight information online in advance so that you don’t miss your flight. If you are not sure whether you have the correct information, contact the airline.

British Airways schedules the most flights from Athens to London, but some fly with EasyJet, Wizz Air, and Ryanair. Individuals who don’t want to have a stop in Athens can fly directly from Mykonos to London Gatwick with EasyJet during the summertime.

A plane in the air

Are you familiar with all your flight information? Follow our advice and check

Start Packing the Day Before You Have to Return

Let us share with you valuable advice regarding packing after a fun summer vacation in Mykonos.

  • First, you should begin the day before your return.
  • Separate your souvenirs and things that can easily break, and make sure that you pack them in the middle of your clothes.
  • Don’t mix dirty and clean clothes. Place all of your dirty clothing in a separate bag.
  • Have another bag for your shoes. In case some of your footwear still has sand on it, it’s best to clean them a bit before putting them in the suitcase.
  • Don’t just shove all of your clothes inside, take time to fold everything neatly and to organize the space so that everything fits.
  • Finally, don’t overload it with unimportant items such as too many seashells and rocks from the beach or souvenirs you don’t really need. Some things should be left behind.

Request a Private Driver to Take You to the Airport

The Ace VIP ensures that all tourists have the most luxurious and convenient stay. The guests don’t have to rush and worry about missing their flight when there is an option to request from the best Mykonos concierge to have a private driver take them to the airport. This will ensure that you relax and enjoy Mykonos all throughout your vacation because with The Ace VIP, you are in the most capable hands.

Driver on a call

With concierge services, you can get a private driver to take you to the airport

The Ace VIP Team Can Help You Enjoy Your Stay in Mykonos and Ensure You Travel Back to the UK Safely

After spending time in one of Mykonos luxury villas and having a chance to rent a yacht or use our concierge Mykonos services, The Ace VIP can help you get to the airport in no time. Ensure that you are prepared for your trip back home by getting tested for COVID-19, packing properly, and collecting all documents required. Don’t hesitate to contact The Ace VIP next summer and organize an incredible vacation if you will be traveling from UK to Greece again.