Traditional Greek breakfast in Mykonos entails various kinds of homemade pies, pastries, jams, yogurt, and organic honey. Locals like to add dried fruit, nuts, or cinnamon to their food, and drink herbal tea or freshly squeezed orange juice. A healthy and hearty traditional Greek breakfast will provide you with enough energy to leave your Mykonos villa and explore this beautiful island.

What Is a Traditional Greek Breakfast in Mykonos?

Upon first visiting Mykonos, tourists are usually overwhelmed by the sheer variety of different Mediterranean dishes and flavors. Every meal is made with fresh ingredients that are nutritious, healthy, and tasty.

The basic ingredients chefs use for the first meal of the day are marmalade, jams, bread, vegetables, olive oil, cheese, and fruit. Typical dishes that are served in restaurants in Mykonos are:

  • Yogurt with honey and fresh fruit,
  • Sfakianopita (cheese pie with nuts and honey),
  • Fried eggs with potato and feta,
  • Eliopsomo (olive bread),
  • Ladenia (flatbread with tomatoes),
  • Rizogalo (rice pudding),
  • Sesame bread rings.

If You Want a Hearty Meal Before Going to Some of the Best Mykonos Beaches, Order Fried Eggs With Potatoes

One of the most popular meals in Greece is fried eggs with potatoes and feta. Everyone gets hooked on the first bite. Locals top fried eggs with a fried potato slice. They sprinkle a bit of crumbled feta and oregano. Then, a teaspoon of olive oil is added, and voila, you’ve got yourself a typical traditional meal.

One can drink either orange juice or coffee with fried eggs. This nutritious and healthy dish is ideal for anyone who later wants to explore outstanding beaches on the island or enjoy various water activities.

Fried eggs with vegetables

Craving something hearty and healthy? Then, order fried eggs and potatoes.

Ladenia Is Also Traditionally Eaten in the Morning

A soft and fluffy flatbread with vegetables called ladenia chefs make with flour, yeast, water, tomatoes, and onions. Many people claim it tastes and resembles a kind of focaccia. It is soft on the inside and crusty and light brown on the outside.

Locals traditionally eat ladenia with capers and peppers to enhance the flavor. The main ingredient all breakfasts have in common is olive oil. Ladenia is also sprinkled with olive oil, onions, and pieces of tomato. Yogurt is almost always eaten with ladenia.

Craving a Dessert? Request Rizogalo

Many families opt to start off their day with a sweet dish instead of a hearty meal. This is why rizogalo is traditionally eaten in entire Greece. It is a rice pudding that will satisfy anyone’s sugar craving. Egg yolks and cornstarch are used to make it. It is a custard-like dish sprinkled with cinnamon. Also, it is served chilled in the summer without any additional side dishes or drinks.

Cup of rice pudding

Try a sweet and tasty dish called rizogalo before heading to the beach

Planning on Eating in Restaurants in the Town? Here Is Where to Go if You Crave Fried Eggs or Pastries

If you are wondering where you should eat in Mykonos, you should know that there are exquisite restaurants where one can get a flavorful and delicious meal early in the morning. A quick taxi ride from your Mykonos villa will take you to any restaurant or bar in the best towns on the island, where you can explore authentic restaurant menus. Here is a list of the best places where you can order great breakfasts:

  • Blue Myth Restaurant,
  • Alesta Restaurant Mykonos,
  • Kostantis,
  • Vegera,
  • Karavaki Restaurant,
  • Kazarma,
  • Cosmo Cafe.

When Ordering in a Greek Restaurant, Don’t Miss Out on Sfakianopita

Typical breakfasts at restaurants usually consist of herbal teas, coffee or yogurts, and sfakianopita. This cheese pie with nuts and honey is a perfect start to your day that will make you energized enough to visit all the important Mykonos attractions.

The thin-pancake-like pie is made with salt, olive oil, water, flour, and grape-based alcohol called raki. A local cheese called myzithra gives the dish its unique flavor. It is the most important ingredient added to the dough. With nuts and honey on top, the dish gets a sweet flavor that contrasts with the savoriness of the cheese. Locals pair the dish usually with herbal tea.

Sfakianopita in a white basket

The unique technique of preparing the dough makes sfakianopita delicious

Do You Want a Simple Meal Before Your Adventure Trips? Then, Fruit and Yogurt Is Perfect for You

Anyone who wants to have a quick and easy meal in one of Mykonos luxury villas before going out should try what locals eat on a daily basis. We recommend Greek yogurt because of its quality, flavor, and creamy texture.

When paired with honey and fresh fruit, it becomes a perfect combination of flavors. It is a simple, quick, and customary dish loved all over the beautiful country. Locals typically eat it with grapes, a pinch of chia seeds, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and kiwi.

A bowl of yogurt with raspberries and strawberries

Try a quick and simple dish that tastes great – yogurt with fruit

Enjoy a Luxury Traditional Greek Breakfast Menu on a Yacht When You Travel to Greece

The experience of a delicious meal can be elevated by having a professional chef to serve it on a private yacht. Imagine sailing around the coasts of the Cyclades, enjoying a stunning view of the Aegean Sea, and eating fresh local food.

The Ace VIP can arrange for the best chefs to be at your disposal for an entire day. The only thing you should do is come up with a menu. We’ll help you plan an unforgettable traditional morning meal only top-tier cooks can prepare.

Request Eliopsomo When in Greece – Widely Popular Olive Bread

Before swapping Mykonos villas for luxury yachts, plan on requesting eliopsomo for the first meal of the day. It is homemade bread that is filled with olives. Locals usually toast it and serve it with coffee or tea. Adding a bit of feta, ham, cucumbers, and peppers makes the dish irresistible. Having a professional bake it and prepare it on a yacht would be a real treat.

Slices of bread on a brown chopping board

Leaving one of many beautiful Mykonos villas to spend a day on a yacht, then plan to order ladenia

Try Various Typical Breakfasts While Staying at One Of Our Luxury Mykonos Villas for Rental

While staying in one of our Mykonos luxury villas, you will have the opportunity to explore Myconian cuisine and enjoy typical breakfasts in nearby exquisite restaurants or on yachts. The Ace VIP will not only provide you with great villas but with table reservations in a luxury restaurant or a bar. We’ll do everything for you. The only thing you have to do is take a pick of our impressive listings and decide what customary dish you want to have in the morning.