Spending a vacation on this beautiful island in Greece is definitely something not easy to forget. Aside from the pristine beaches and endless partying, there is one more thing that will stay with you for a long time, and that is the Mykonos local food you’ve had the pleasure of trying. So, here’s a guide full of recommendations to ensure that your taste buds will be just as satisfied as the rest of you during this trip.

Trying Out the Best Mykonos Local Food Should Be on Your Travel Itinerary

We understand that it’s easy to overlook the cuisine when your travel itinerary is packed with things to do. Checking out Little Venice in the morning, visiting a few museums and galleries on the way, and spending the rest of the day sipping a cocktail in one of the beach clubs – when there’s so much fun out there, you might not like the idea of making reservations and taking the time out of your day to sit in a restaurant.

Your Encounter With Greek Cuisine Can Be Just as Exciting as the Rest of Your Trip

Even though it might not seem like it, trying out the local cuisine is an important part of the experience, no matter where you’re traveling to. So, checking out the best restaurants on this island should be considered a part of your itinerary. Trust us, you will definitely remember these authentic tastes for a long time and maybe even recreate some recipes of them once you’re home. So, let’s see some dishes you should definitely give a try.

Greek salad, fries, and olive oil with a view of the sea

You haven’t been to this place if you haven’t tried its amazing dishes

Start Your Day Right With a Plate Full of Vibrant Mediterranean Colors – The Breakfast Here Is Both Healthy and Delicious

Everyone is tired of hearing it, but it’s true – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, what’s better than starting out your day with some local breakfast options that are both healthy and delicious? After all, you probably have a lot of plans for the day, from seeing the main attractions to doing some shopping. Of course, all of that is impossible to do on an empty stomach.

The Tastiest Breakfast Options Available in Mykonos Town – You’ll Need the Energy for the Beach Later

There’s good news for anyone that likes to start their day with some good old scrambled eggs – you can try strapatsatha, which is basically the local version of this basic breakfast option. It’s amazing what a simple addition of fresh tomatoes can do to the meal. Top it off with some crumbled feta, and you have a healthy, low-carb meal perfect for the beginning of your day.

Trying the traditional Greek pies is also not a bad idea – there are many to choose from, but we recommend the spanakopita filled with spinach or sfakianopita filled with cheese and dressed with nuts and honey. If you’re a fan of the Italian focaccia, you can check out the local version, which is also a great vegan option – it’s called ladenia, and besides tomatoes, it has onions as well.

Table full of breakfast options such as omelet and croissant

You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to the most important meal of the day

There Are Plenty of Traditional and International Restaurants You Can Try Out

This is quite a cosmopolitan place, so if you feel like it, you could also visit an international restaurant and try different cuisines. Here are some restaurants, both local and international, you will definitely leave a huge tip in because they’re just that delicious:

  • M-Eating,
  • Bistrot de Nicolas,
  • Koursaros,
  • Nobu Matsuhisa,
  • D’Angelo.

But, when it comes to having a traditional dining experience, you should visit a Greek taverna. With a glimpse of the sea horizon, no matter where you look, can it get more authentic than checking out the seafood menu? Or better yet, pair that up with spending the day on the beach – we recommend the Kostantis Restaurant located beside Ornos Beach.

Variety of seafood

When it comes to this cuisine, everything is freshly made

A Meat-Lover Will Have a Field Day When It Comes to This Cuisine – The Greek Spin on Sausage Is a Must-Try

Any meat-lover will be happy to find out that there are different types of local sausage you can try. You have the louza, made from pork fillet, which stays in salt for at least 24 hours. After that, it’s put in boiling water and then seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, and many more spices. The final step is leaving the seasoned fillet in the sun to dry out, and it’s served in thin slices accompanied with some ouzo or raki.

Then there are loukaniko sausages that are also made from some of the best meat products in this part of the world. Loukaniko is usually made from pork or lamb and is typically flavored with various dried herbs such as orange peel or fennel seed.

Table with Greek food

You will be able to try a wide variety of different foods, and don’t forget the drinks too

If You’re Looking to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth – You Should Try the Melopita

All that salty seafood and meat can leave you wanting something sweet, and the perfect solution to your problem would be the local honey pie called melopita. Filled with cheese called mizithra and local honey, covered with some cinnamon on top, this delicacy can be found everywhere, from the restaurant of your hotel to highly-rated Greek restaurants.

Taverna by the sea

No matter if you’re eating something sweet or salty, the views will be wonderful

Is There Anything Better Than Ending Your Day in a Mykonos Villa Rental With Some Wine, Cheese, and Mostra?

Staying in one of the private villas in Mykonos sounds pretty good by itself, but why not make the most of it and organize a little wine-tasting night accompanied by some local foods? This country has been producing wine for thousands of years, so there are some really amazing varieties, especially when it comes to white wines.

Of course, this can’t be done without something to eat too, so get some local cheese such as kopanisti or arrange for a private chef to prepare you some mostra. Although it’s typically served with ouzo, you can’t make a mistake by trying it with wine. After all, it’s twice-baked bread with some kopanisti and ripe tomato on top, so it creates a delicious combination with almost any drink of choice, really.

Red and white wine on the table

Is there anything better than mixing a quality meal with some good wine?

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