Mykonos is one of those places that everyone has heard of – this tiny Greek island has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for decades now. It’s a top party island in the world, and as such, Mykonos for singles is a truly memorable experience. If you don’t know what to expect from The Island of the Wind if you’re coming here solo, our guide will be of great help.

Mykonos for Singles – What Can You Expect From This Popular Island in Greece as a Single Person?

The time has finally come for you to visit the ultimate best place in Greece – you’ve decided to come to the Cycladic islands and explore the beautiful beaches and every other amazing amenity this place has to offer. But, is this a good idea for a single person, or is Mykonos more suited for couples or families?

Don’t worry – there’s no better spot to visit for young and single people. You can organize the perfect travel itinerary and have the vacation of a lifetime. Whether you want to come solo or with single friends, you will be impressed with fantastic attractions and countless famous places you absolutely must visit.

There are so many things to do here – if you don’t manage to do it all, you can always come back the following summer. But for now, you just have to focus on gathering single friends and finding a Mykonos villa that accommodates large groups.

This Is a Great Island for Those Who Want to Party

If you want to experience the best party in the world, look no further than the queen of Cycladic islands. If you travel here and indulge in the nightlife, we can promise you that no other places for partying will ever be good enough for you again. This is simply an unprecedented spot for extravagant nightlife – from Mykonos town to sandy beaches all around the coast, there’s a lot to see and even more to do.

As the Top-Rated of All Cycladic Islands, Mykonos Has Something to Offer for Every Type of Vacation

If you’re more of a private person, and you imagine a vacation as a chill day on the beach with a cocktail in hand, listening to sea waves, will this be a good travel choice for you? Absolutely – while Mykonos indeed is for partying, it doesn’t lack different options for those who want to see it from another point of view.

You can find chill beaches and enjoy interesting tours – single or not, it doesn’t matter. This Greek spot is full of surprises – you can discover something new every time you come back for another visit.

Woman with a white hat and her hands up, overlooking the old port in Mykonos town

There’s no place where you will feel as free as on the most lovely of all Greek islands

Forget All About Dating and Head to the Best Beach Bars

Once you find yourself in this fabulous part of the Greek land, forget all about dating and hurry to check out amazing beach bars or clubs that can be found at almost every beach. With trendy, upbeat music all day and delicious signature cocktails, you are sure to relax and enjoy the best view life can offer – the turquoise sea and large crowds dancing on the sand.

From Super Paradise to Ornos Beach, the South Coast of Mykonos, Greece, Is a Mecca for Avanturistic, Party-Loving Spirits

As you probably won’t have enough time to check out every single bar or beach club around the coast (even if you have a comfy car rental that will help you get around), our primary advice would be this – don’t return to the same place twice, no matter how amazing it is. You might prefer the new place you discover the next day.

There is a pretty standard list of top-notch spots everyone wants to eat and drink at – here are some must-see bars and clubs if you are staying in Mykonos for partying. With the exception of Alemagou, everything is located on the south coast.

  • Nammos,
  • Scorpios,
  • Buddha Bar,
  • Kalua,
  • SantAnna,
  • Cavo Paradiso,
  • Alemagou.

You Won’t Need Guides to Show You Around Town – Amazing Bars and Clubs Are at Every Corner

While we know that your Mykonos trip will probably contain visits to great places in town, such as the windmills or simply wandering through the narrow streets, we’d still like to focus on the single-person experience – is there anything fun to do in town or is it all about a nice view or two? Chora won’t let you down – not all partying spots are located on the hot sand.

There are actually many amazing clubs you can check out, with world-famous artists playing here every summer. Chora also doesn’t lack fancy bars – every single one with a lovely view and fantastic drinks. Here’s what we suggest you keep on your travel itinerary:

  • 180º Sunset Bar,
  • Void,
  • Skandinavian Bar,
  • Caprice Bar,
  • Scarpa Bar.

Looking for an Amazing Accommodation Suitable for Single People Visiting Greece? Our Tip – Mykonos Luxury Villas

When you’re young and single, coming here with all your friends to dance and drink all day long, there’s no better place to stay than in one of many fabulous private villas in Mykonos. Hotels are overrated – villas are the new best thing. If you want to feel free and enjoy the day in the luxury interior and an even more stunning outdoor area with an infinity pool, private luxury villas in Mykonos are the way to go.

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