When searching for the perfect summer destination, Greek islands must have crossed your mind. The Mediterranean climate makes them the perfect place for your summer holiday. The most popular among them is the sunny Island of the Winds, but is Mykonos humid, and what weather can you expect if you decide to visit this gorgeous destination in Greece?

Great Mediterranean Climate Makes Greece the Perfect Destination for Your Summer Holiday During Any Month

The gorgeous country of Greece has a predominantly Mediterranean climate. That means that the summers are dry and hot, and the winters are quite mild and wet. This creates the perfect conditions for Greece to become one of the most popular destinations in the world, and this sunny country is especially loved as a destination for summer vacations during the warmer months.

In the summer, it gets pretty hot during the day, especially in the afternoon, but it cools down to a perfectly warm temperature in the evenings. If it does happen to snow in the winter, the white cover doesn’t stay so long since even winters are known to be relatively warm. Greece is known for having some strong winds, especially around the islands. This includes Cycladic islands, which are known for their incredibly windy days.

Mykonos Is the Most Popular Greek Island, and Tourism Is Flourishing Despite the Wind Always Blowing

No matter the weather, over half a million people choose to travel to Mykonos every year. It’s such a popular destination in Greece that no amount of wind could ever change that. People simply keep coming back for the best restaurants in the world, the gorgeous scenery, the nightlife, amazing beaches, fun activities, and so much more.

Woman standing holding a hat in Mykonos

People keep coming back no matter how humid or windy it gets

What Kind of Weather Conditions Can You Expect – Is Mykonos Humid?

Mykonos is part of the Cyclades islands, which means it belongs to the lucky areas of Greece that have a Mediterranean climate. This party island is always sunny and warm, but it does have lots of strong winds, giving it its other name – The Island of the Winds, which is why there are so many windmills everywhere. The only downside to this little piece of paradise is that it does get very humid, especially in the summer months.

How Humid Does It Get During the Peak Season in the Summer Months?

Most people tend to visit Mykonos during the summer months, which is when the island is at its best. The season starts in June and lasts until September, but the peak season is in July and August when it’s the hottest. But how humid does it get during the season?

Unfortunately, it does get quite humid during the summer, and there is no significant difference between the months of June, July, and August – the relative humidity is always around 74%. However, that shouldn’t stop you from having a great vacation.

If You Hate Humidity, Avoid Visiting The Island of the Winds in May

A surprising fact is that humidity is the worst during the month of May, not August or July, when it’s the hottest. In May, the relative humidity is the highest at 77%. So, if you’re not a fan of humid weather, it might be best to avoid traveling to this gorgeous destination in May.

Humidity in Mykonos – Does It Get Humid Even in Winter Months Like February?

The worst humidity hits the island during the warmer months. However, it’s still present even in the winter months as the temperature doesn’t drop that drastically. February is the month with by far the lowest relative humidity percentage – it comes down to 69%. So, the situation does improve in the winter and the colder months.

Mykonos beach

Surprisingly, May is the most humid month, but the difference in comparison to July or August is not that high

How to Deal With Humid Weather?

Even though The Island of the Winds is pretty humid, there are many ways to deal with such conditions. For starters, you should drink lots of water and fluids to stay hydrated and healthy in high heat and humidity. Remember that light and fresh foods like salads, fish, and fruit are highly recommended.

Also, it’s always a smart idea to carry a little spray bottle filled with water so you can cool and refresh yourself throughout the day. And, of course, if the humidity just gets overwhelming, you can always go and chill in your luxury Mykonos villa rental or take a dip into the water at some of the best beaches in the world.

A water bottle

Drink lots of water to deal with humid weather

What Is the Best Time to Go Visit The Island of the Winds?

Believe it or not, the ideal time to go visit The Island of the Winds is the month of September. That’s the time when some of the craziness of the tourism on this island has been dialed down, and the island isn’t as crowded anymore.

Another reason why September is the ideal time to visit this gorgeous place is because of the weather – the humidity is moderate at 70%, while the average temperature in September is around 24°C, making it the perfect weather for exploring all the hidden gems on the island. On average, there are 9 hours of sunshine per day.

The Average Temperature Never Drops Below 10°C No Matter What Time of the Year It Is

One of the best things about The Island of the Winds is the fact that no matter what time of year you choose to visit Mykonos, you won’t end up freezing in the cold because the temperature never drops below 10°C. The coldest month is January, when the temperature drops to 10,3°C.

February is just as cold, but January takes the number one spot when it comes to the number of rainy days. So if you do end up going to Mykonos in January or February, you can expect lots of rain, and you will need a light jacket along with an umbrella.

View of Mykonos

The lowest temperature in Mykonos is 10°C

If You Don’t Mind the Humidity and You Want to Travel to The Island of the Winds – Book One of Mykonos Villas for Rental

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