Are you thinking about visiting this Mediterranean jewel during the winter but are just a little bit concerned about the weather in Mykonos in January? Your problems end here – we will share everything you should know about the climate in this part of Greece, so you know what you can expect and what activities you can engage in during the “colder” months.

Thinking About Visiting Mykonos in January? Here’s What You Need to Know

This unique and inspiring place is something you should definitely visit at least once in your life. If you think people mostly come here for beach clubs and parties, you are very wrong. This place has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to historical sites and lovely places to see throughout the year. This is why many tourists decide to visit this island “off-season.” If you don’t like the heat and want to avoid crowds around streets and beaches, visiting it during this period might be a great option.

Mykonos wooden sign

You don’t need to worry about freezing temperatures – the climate here is mild, and you can still experience a lot of sunny days during the winter

Mykonos January Weather Is Still Pleasant, and You Can Expect Plenty of Sunny Hours

Mykonos weather in January shouldn’t give you a headache – the temperature is still pleasant, and it won’t be too cold. Winters here are mild, and there is no high risk of heavy falls. Although winter is in full swing in January, there are still a lot of sunny days.

When it comes to sunshine hours, you can expect to get seven hours, which is the daily average, but sunny periods are usually longer. On the bright side, the UV index is much lower, so you can walk around without constantly applying sun cream even though there is not a single cloud.

The Average Monthly Temperature for January in Mykonos, Greece

Maybe you won’t be able to enjoy beach activities (this doesn’t always have to be the case), but you’ll probably still be comfortable enough to explore other beauties of this island and enjoy its charms. If you wonder what to wear during this period, keep in mind that the temperature during the day can reach 53°F (12°C), but during the night, it usually drops under 50°F (10°C). This is why it is recommended that you pack proper clothing – wind jackets are highly recommended and something warm for the evening. Winds are usually prevalent during this period, so there is a 60% chance that you’ll experience a windy day during your stay.

You Shouldn’t Worry About Heavy Rainfalls – Climate Is Mild in This Part of Greece

When it comes to rain, here is what you need to know. Although this place doesn’t have a lot of rainy days throughout the year, this might be one of the more rainy periods compared to summer, when the average rainfall doesn’t get over 1.38 inches (35mm) per month.

During January – the numbers are a little higher. The average rainfall in this period goes up to 5.3 inches (135mm) of rain on six days of this month. Although this is more than during the summer months, it is also less than the amount of rainfall during autumn and in February. Chances for snow are minimal – about 1%, and it is super rare.

weather in mykonos in january

The pleasant daily temperature will leave you more time for sightseeing activities and admiring the local amenities

Traveling During This Time of the Year Has Some Advantages

Now that you found out all the details about weather conditions during this period, you know that you can still plan a lot of fun activities and get around the island, you won’t have to stay in your Mykonos villa the entire day. You can also do some things you probably wouldn’t have the time for during the busy summer months.

For example, you can visit some phenomenal local art galleries and museums. January is probably also one of the best times for recreation and water sports because there aren’t a lot of tourists swimming and diving close to the shore.

Pleasant Weather Conditions in January Will Leave You More Time for Sightseeing and Other Interesting Activities

Shopping in Mykonos is always a good idea – this place is home to many luxury boutiques, and trying out fashionable pieces is much easier without the crowds and the heat. Some other things to do definitely include dining in the best restaurants that serve amazing specialties – from seafood to traditional Greek cuisine.

The advantage of visiting off-season is that it will be much easier to get a good table at some of the most prestigious restaurants every day – during summer months such as Jun, July, and August, tourists sometimes need to make a reservation for a month in advance. So, no, not everything is closed during the winter.

Restaurant on the seashore

You can have dinner at some of the finest restaurants every day – it will be much easier to get a table without the thousands of tourists that come in July and August

Weather in Mykonos in January Won’t Disappoint You, so You Can Start Planning Your Vacation

Hopefully, our January travel guide was helpful, and you found all the necessary information about visiting this Mediterranean gem during this time of the year. Spending any winter month here isn’t such a bad idea – quite the opposite.

You can still enjoy various activities without being annoyed by the crowds and parties around every corner. Visiting during this period can also be much more affordable – no matter if we’re talking about accommodation, flights, or food. Find your dream accommodation among our Mykonos villas for rental, and spend a few days exploring Greek culture and lifestyle while admiring the interesting architecture of this charming place.