As of May 2022, Greece travel restrictions are no longer in full effect, and travelers can relax knowing their favorite summer destinations, such as Mykonos, are free to visit. Still, it’s normal to worry about travel restrictions in Greece, so we’ll provide tips on navigating Greek laws carefully.

Greece Travel Restrictions – Everything to Know About Greek Security and Laws

Are there currently any travel restrictions in Greece for Covid? This question is likely on the minds of many travelers who are looking to fill out their travel itinerary for summer 2022. According to the Greek government’s website, all entry limitations and bans have been lifted, even though some countries still see cases on the rise.

Greece’s government decided on May 1st, 2022, that travelers don’t need to show a negative Covid-19 certificate, but having one might still be helpful. Certificates aren’t mandatory, but practicing standard safety precautions is recommended.

Standard precautions include wearing face masks in closed public spaces if emphasized, especially public transport, hospitals, pharmacies, and medical centers. If any tourist tests positive for Coronavirus while in the country, the requirements are quarantining for five days.

Should We Expect the Greeks to Ban Entry Again? Travel Safely and Stay Informed

For now, the Greek government doesn’t plan to restrict any parts of the country, so anyone planning to visit Mykonos doesn’t need to worry if it will go on the red list. These measures are expected to last indefinitely, but it’s wise to always check for new rules and regulations.

You can search for information on the Visit Greece app and the website. These are the most credible sources, as the information on them is issued directly by the government. Whatever changes occur, they will be in effect immediately and posted online.

For now, we can all rest easy and enjoy the days of Greece’s territory being on the green list, including the Cycladic islands.

A view of some blue and white chairs, white buildings, and a cruiser on the Aegean Sea

Pack your bags and get ready to enjoy Greece’s charms, as there are no entry requirements in place

The Greek Government No Longer Requires Tourists to Be Fully Vaccinated or Fill Out Forms

According to information on the government’s website, until March 2022, it was mandatory to fill out a form known as the Passenger Locator Form (PLF). As of March 15th, that’s no longer mandatory, but the PLF is still there for travelers to fill out.

You can fill out the form on the Visit Greece app or the official government website, nowhere else. The PLF is an extra precaution, so filling it out won’t hurt. Even if you don’t have it, it’s strongly recommended that every tourist install the official app on their phone.

What’s the Situation on Islands Like Mykonos?

The situation on Mykonos is good and numerous tourists flock to this island. Before you figure out how to get to Mykonos and plan what to do on the island in one day, be aware of the following:

  • Anyone working in Greece’s tourism industry must be vaccinated against Covid-19. Until all vaccinations are completed, employees are tested for the virus.
  • Employees on most cruise ships, yachts, pleasure boats, ferries, buses, and trams are obligated to wear masks according to relevant health protocols.
  • Safe enterprises are labeled with the National “Health First” certification seal, so while on Mykonos, enter only the shops with this certificate. In hotels, it will be displayed at the reception desk.

Practical Tips for Traveling and Staying Safe While You’re on Mykonos

While it’s perfectly safe, it’s good to first look into when Mykonos opens, as you don’t want to bump into many closed doors. Yes, locals live on the island and its towns but don’t use tourist areas and shops.

The tourist season typically starts around April or May, and the biggest crowds appear on the last days of July and early August. Before you book a flight from Athens to Mykonos, prepare your swimsuits and sunscreen. Here are some quick tips to stay safe and Coronavirus-free on the island:

  • Book a resort, Mykonos villa, or hotel that has the “Health First” certificate,
  • Avoid the busiest months, and search for accommodation during June or September,
  • Wash your hands whenever you leave public places and transport,
  • Avoid hugging and kissing too many people (this can be tough as Greeks love physical contact),
  • Engage in common sense, and don’t act in risky and unpredictable ways.

Where Can I Get Tested for COVID-19 on Mykonos?

What is Mykonos like in terms of traveling and movement bans? For now, Mykonian towns operate freely and casually, just like before the pandemic hit. Still, the risks of getting infected always exist because this virus hasn’t vanished completely.

If you’d like to take precautions to preserve your health, which we fully support, you can search for places to get a PCR test on Mykonos and breathe easy once you get a negative result. Many accommodations can do rapid PCR tests on site in case a visitor needs the certificate to go back home. You can visit the best places on the island, stay Covid-free, and have a wonderful time in the Mykonian sun.

Does Greece Have Travel Restrictions for UK Residents?

Learning if Mykonos is expensive may not be a priority for UK residents. Most might be curious about potential travel restrictions to Greece from the UK. The UK is one of the countries with rising Coronavirus cases as of late, which isn’t surprising, considering their summers are filled with international festivals and events.

Here’s what the British government’s official website has to say about Greece travel restrictions from the UK:

  • If citizens have an international flight to Greece’s territory, they should get the necessary information on cancellations and amendments from the airline they booked with,
  • No citizens need to show a negative test or do one before flying,
  • It’s not mandatory, but it is recommended to fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF)
  • All travelers must follow the requirements of wearing face masks in public transport,
  • Watch what kind of medication is allowed since some OTC medications in the UK contain codeine, which is considered a controlled substance by Greece’s laws,
  • Upon return, no traveler is obligated to do Coronavirus tests or submit negative results.

Once You Know You’re Safe and COVID-Free, Treat Yourself to Private Villas in Mykonos

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