Coronavirus has made the entire planet turn upside down in the last couple of years. Every aspect of our lives was affected by this unfortunate pandemic, including traveling. As things are getting better thanks to the vaccines, we wonder – will Mykonos go on the green list? Will you be able to visit the best island in the world this year? Let’s take a look at the current situation regarding travel restrictions for Greece.

Will Mykonos Go on the Green List?

Last year, things weren’t so good for the Greek islands. As the most popular travel destinations, they were swamped with tourists – this, obviously, ended with a high number of infections. Mykonos was a part of the EU’s red zone in the summer of 2021, which means all travel was advised against.

Similarly, Greece was a part of the UK’s amber list – is this still the case, or is Mykonos on the green list now? As all travel enthusiasts will be happy to hear, Greece is now on the UK’s “clear for travel” list, which means that you can start planning that vacation you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

Mykonos is ready to welcome tourists at the start of the summer season, and hopefully, you’ll be one of those lucky people who will enjoy the amenities and natural beauties of this fabulous island.

Always Keep Up With the Latest News About Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

Greece opened its borders to British citizens last year, in May, and they remain open. Although the situation is looking good right now, we can never predict what the Covid rates will be like. That’s why it is always wise to keep up with the news about an entry to certain countries.

What is right today might not be tomorrow, and staying informed is of utmost importance when it comes to Coronavirus. Always make sure you read trustworthy news sources and double-check the official government’s website.

 Man looking at the laptop and holding a thumb up, coffee next to him

Always make sure you double-check the news about Covid restrictions before a trip

Will It Be Safe to Visit Mykonos and Other Greek Islands in the Summer of 2022 – Do We Expect a Rise in Infections?

According to the data we have right now, it seems like everything will be fine in time for your fabulous Mykonos vacation. Obviously, it’s still recommended to take care of your health as much as possible, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the beaches on this beautiful island or relax with friends in one of the luxury Mykonos villas for rental.

There are no reasons to assume that tourists in Greece will have any issues regarding Covid restrictions or quarantine. We’re all hoping that this beautiful Mediterranean country will stay off the amber or red list and that there won’t be any turns for the worse in the way that the pandemic has been evolving.

So, it looks like now is the perfect time to start looking for your accommodation on the most popular of all Cycladic islands (or even all Greek islands).

Sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach in Mykonos

There are no better tourist destinations than the Greek islands – come to Mykonos

What Are the Current Travel Rules for Greece?

So, as we’ve explained, you are clear to go to Greece and enjoy your vacation. Still, do you need to worry about a PCR test or any other Covid requirements to enter the country? Let’s take a look at what you have to present if you want to get to the lovely Mykonos.

Entry Rules for EU and UK Residents

Since March 18, 2022, British citizens don’t have any restrictions on traveling, regardless of their vaccination status. Travelers don’t have to present any negative test results or quarantine after returning to the UK. When it comes to rules imposed by the Greek government, there are no issues there as well.

You are no longer obligated to fill out the PLF (Passenger Locator Form) upon entering the country. If you’re vaccinated and have an NHS Covid Pass, you can enter all EU countries without any problem – the NHS pass conforms to the EU’s standards and practically works the same as the EU digital Covid certificate (EUDCC).

So, the same rules apply for British and EU citizens – and that goes for the Schengen countries and other 35 non-EU countries that have joined the EUDCC system.

Entry Rules for US and Canada Citizens

When it comes to American and Canadian residents, they can also visit Mykonos – all they need to do is present one of the following upon entering the country:

  • Vaccination certificate (that is valid for 9 months after the completion of the basic vaccination, but there’s no time limit for those with booster doses),
  • A negative PCR test (valid for 72h),
  • A negative Rapid Antigen (valid for 24h).

The same applies to Australian travelers, and for the rest of the countries – their residents have to provide a negative PCR or Rapid Antigen no matter what their vaccination status is.

Map with a pin on Greece

No need to worry about test results or quarantine when coming to any Greek island

Get Yourself a Fabulous Accommodation for Your Long-Awaited Trip to the Heavenly Mykonos

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