Mykonos is one of the best Greek islands, known for its party scene and gorgeous beaches. It has a lot to offer, and there’s always something for everyone. It takes time to see it all, but what if you have just one day? What to do in Mykonos in a day? If you don’t know where to start your visit, check out this text – it will help you plan the perfect “Mykonos in one day” travel itinerary.

What to Do in Mykonos in a Day – Travel Guide for 1 Day in Mykonos, Greece

Let’s say you are on a cruise and have a single day to spend on this heavenly place in the Aegean Sea – what do you do? Can you organize your travel itinerary so that you can see everything in one day? Lucky for you, Mykonos is a small island, and getting around doesn’t take much time. You can absolutely see the most popular spots here in 24 hours – you just have to divide your time accordingly.

Mykonos 1 Day Itinerary – Plan Well so You Can Get the Most Out of Your Short Time on This Island in Greece

Of course, you won’t be able to enjoy each spot for long – but, hey, at least you got to see Mykonos, even briefly. Consider yourself lucky – many people have Mykonos on their bucket lists. So, the key to a successful island tour is good planning. There are many places to check out, and you should know in what order to see them. Also, having a car rental is crucial – it will help you get around quickly and comfortably.

Windmills on the coast of Mykonos

A quick tour of this Greek island is possible – you just need good planning

Visiting Mykonos Town, Chora Is an Unavoidable Part of the Mykonos Experience

When you step off your cruise ship, you’ll find yourself in the new port in Mykonos town, Chora. So, now that you’re already there, we suggest you start your tour of this magnificent Greek island in its tiny main town with many beautiful sights.

Explore the Town

You don’t need any guided tours of Mykonos town – just explore its streets and enjoy. Chora is known for its unique Cycladic architecture and narrow streets, which are easy to get lost in. Don’t worry if you lose your way – simply ask one of the locals for directions. You’ll see that they are very friendly and ready to help.

The town has the best restaurants in Mykonos (Greek and international cuisine, you can choose), so be sure to grab a bite somewhere. Don’t hesitate to spend some money in souvenir shops – maybe even go on a shopping spree in Mykonos. There are some great high-end fashion brand stores in Chora.

Little Venice and the Windmills – Places You Must See

A few minutes’ walk from the center of Chora is all it takes to get to the maybe most famous spots on this Greek island – the windmills and Little Venice. They are about five minutes away from each other, so it obviously won’t take long to visit them both. Little Venice has lovely restaurants and cafes with gorgeous views, so if you haven’t eaten in Chora, here’s your chance.

 Woman in a blue dress holding her white hat and overlooking Mykonos town from a hill

Chora is a must-see if you visit Mykonos, Greece, while on a cruise

Take a Trip to Some of the Best Beaches on the Island

You can’t say you’ve been to this part of Greece and haven’t gone to the beach, right? After you see what Chora has to offer, be sure to head to one of the best beaches in Mykonos. Maybe you can even see more than one beach, depending on how much time you want to spend on this type of activity.

The closest one to Chora is Megali Ammos – you can even walk there from the town. It’s a beautiful beach with golden sand, plenty of sun, and it’s a lovely spot for swimming. Naturally, if you have a car, you’re not limited to the proximity to Chora, and you can check out any beach in Mykonos. Don’t forget to get a cocktail in one of the excellent beach clubs!

Waves on the coast of Mykonos

All beaches on Mykonos are gorgeous – wherever you go, you’ll love it

Go on a Trip to the Nearby Delos

Delos is a tiny isle located about 30-40 minutes from Chora by boat. It has enormous historical significance and outstanding archeological sites, considered among the most important ones in Greece – and that says a lot.

Tour of Delos is one of the best things you can do with your time in Mykonos – trust us, you’ll be amazed by the ancient ruins. Delos is under UNESCO protection, and the beauty of this place touches every person, regardless of whether they love history or not. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity to see Delos!

Ruins on Delos

Amazing sites on Delos are something everybody should see

If Your Travel Plans Include Staying Overnight, Do It the Right Way – Get Yourself One of the Luxury Private Villas in Mykonos

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