Curious to find out when does Mykonos open so you can rush there to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches or book the best private Mykonos villa on time before the prices go up? We can help you find out all the necessary information so you can be there as soon as the season starts.

When Does Mykonos, Greece, Open?

This island is open for tourists year-round, but don’t expect to find full clubs in January. Most places are closed off-season, so if you plan to spend a vacation here, it is best to plan it after Orthodox Easter in April, when the tourist season on the island officially begins. Things really start heating up in May and June, and then July and August are definitely the busiest months.

This is the period when all the clubs, bars, restaurants, shops, museums, and hotels are opened, and the tourist season is at its peak. Since this is a small island, it doesn’t have many local residents, which is why most clubs and other places are closed during the off-season.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Mykonos?

Deciding what the best time to visit is, depends only on you and your personal preferences. First of all, you need to know what your expectations are. Are you coming here on a honeymoon to stay in one of the romantic Mykonos villas, or are you planning a wild summer full of parties with your friends?

Maybe you’re about to have a baby, or your children are young, so you’re hoping to find some quiet beaches and relax with your family? There is the right time for everyone, but keep your preferences in mind and consider the average temperatures. Mykonos is a windy island, so it is never too hot.

A windmill above the sea

Most people come here during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t come here whenever you like

July and August Are Reserved for Parties and Beach Clubs

If you’re coming here to experience what Mykonos is mostly known for, then July and August are the perfect timing. This is the time when every street, beach, and club is packed with people. You can meet people from all over the world, but not that many Greeks as they usually prefer less touristy spots.

That is because Mykonos is well-known among jet setters, celebrities, and clubbers across the globe – there is no better place to have a fun vacation than here. The combination of amazing beaches, clear water, great clubs, and most popular DJs and non-stop parties turns this place into a mecca for party lovers.

Since everybody wants to come here, it is important to book everything in advance – accommodation and flight tickets for starters. You can rent a yacht later when you get here to explore the island and search for hidden beaches.

What’s the Best Time to Travel to Mykonos, Greece, With Kids?

If you plan to visit this place with kids, there is no need to worry. Mykonos is actually one of the best places for a family vacation, which many don’t expect to hear. The thing is, the weather is very pleasant, even during the hottest summer months, because of the wind that blows over the island.

Although temperatures won’t be an issue when traveling with youngsters, crowds could be. That is why it is recommended to choose May, June, or September for your visit. Beaches are less busy during this period, and it will be easier for you to find cheaper flights or ferry tickets, which means a lot when the whole family is traveling together. You can also plan a day trip to Santorini or Delos and explore one of the best neighboring islands.

Mykonos during the night

Clubs are all opened during July and August

November Usually Signals the End of the Season, But That Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Travel to Mykonos Then

The season usually ends around mid to end of October, and it is much less crowded than during the summer. In October and November, you’ll find many closed doors around all the Greek islands when it comes to bars, restaurants, and other touristy spots.

Low season – the period between October and April brings weather conditions that are not as ideal as during the summer months. This means that there is a much higher possibility that you’ll experience lower temperatures and frequent rain, so forget about flip flops and tank tops and pack some suitable clothing.

Ferry sailing

Greek tourist season officially ends during October, and November is the beginning of the low season

Now That You Know When Does Mykonos Open You Can Book Your Accommodation

As we already mentioned, summers on Mykonos are often overcrowded, and considering the fact it is a pretty small island, you need to think about accommodation in advance. The sooner you book, the better. You can find many convenient options all over the island – especially around the main town Chora and close to popular beaches such as Paradise. Booking one of our luxury private villas in Mykonos will certainly help you have a memorable vacation, and if you want to get around the island and explore its hidden gems, renting a car might be a wise decision. Just make sure you choose a period that suits you best, and we’ll ensure you have an amazing time.