Food delivery has become more and more popular over the years, and in most destinations in the world, people want to know whether they can have pizza or burgers delivered to their doorstep. However, on the world’s best party island, people are wondering can you have alcohol delivered in Mykonos. So, here is everything you need to know about the delivery alcohol, so the party in your luxury Mykonos villa rental never has to stop.

What Happens If You Run Out of Drinks at Your Villa Party? Can You Have Alcohol Delivered in Mykonos?

Mykonos is known as the ultimate party island, where there is music and dance every day and every night throughout the entire summer season. It’s filled with the world’s hottest clubs and the best beach bars, and parties are around every corner. And, of course, where there is a good party, there is also free-flowing alcohol. It’s the place you go to relax, have some fun, and lift your spirits, so drinks are more than encouraged.

Legend says you can hear the echo of glasses clinking and the splash ice makes when it falls into a drink wherever you are on the island, as house parties, particularly fabulous villa parties are the foundation of the island’s iconic nightlife.

But what happens if you run out of booze to serve to your guests in one of the gorgeous Greek villas Mykonos has to offer? Don’t worry, this situation is considered to be an emergency on this popular Greek island, so there are many solutions that will have your favorite drink at your doors within an hour.

Get a Delivery App and Have Anything You Want at the Touch of a Button

In today’s modern world, everything happens online, and so does food and drink delivery. Almost every country, including Greece, has some kind of delivery app or online service you can use to have products delivered to your feet within an hour or two. You just need to do a bit of research on those apps and sites on the Island of the Winds, but you will surely find one. You can order red or white wine, citrus juice, soda, gin, rum, or anything else you need for your favorite drink.

Just search for your item, add it to the cart, place your order, pay, and wait for the delivery man to come with your goodies. The only downside of these apps is that they usually have limited working hours and aren’t open all night long, so you will need to find another method of delivery if you end up needing new drinks at 2 a.m.

Woman using a phone
You can find an app that will deliver anything you need to your villa

Whether You Need Champagne, Wine, or Cocktail Delivery – Our Concierge VIP Services in Mykonos Will Help Out Any Day

When it comes to alcohol delivery Mykonos has to offer, no service can compare with the excellence of your very own Mykonos concierge. Our award-winning concierge services will help you with any request you may have during your stay, and if there happens to be a bottle of champagne, wine, or any other alcoholic beverage missing from your villa, your concierge will make sure you have it in your hands within an hour tops. All you have to do is call and ask, and your wish will be fulfilled shortly.

Our Fabulous Private Villas in Mykonos Have Their Own Free Alcohol Supply – A Personal Wine Cellar Where You Can Get a Bottle of Any Age

The best thing about our private Mykonos villas for rental is that they were practically built to be the perfect party place. It’s an oasis for those who like to enjoy the finer things in life, such as excellent alcohol and fun times with friends and family.

Luxury villas in Mykonos offer every amenity you could possibly imagine, including fully stocked indoor and outdoor bars and wine cellars, so you can enjoy a glass of your favorite cocktail or wine in the comfort of your own holiday home with the perfect sea view. Those villas have a better supply of alcohol than most local shops, and the chances of you not being able to find the drink you want are slim to none.

Mykonos concierge
Our professional concierge services will deliver anything you need

Contact Us and Choose the Villa of Your Dreams for Your Perfect Summer Vacation on the Island of the Winds

Mykonos has been holding the reputation of being the hottest summer destination for many years, and there is nothing that can ruin a summer vacation on this Greek island, not even alcohol shortage. The island has thought of everything when it comes to providing perfect vacations, which is why over half a million people come back every year. If you want to spend your summer holiday in this little piece of paradise with a drink in your hand – contact us at The Ace VIP and book all your travel arrangements in time.

Choose one of our Mykonos luxury villas for your stay, with all the amenities you could ever want. You have the luxury of creating the vacation you’ve always dreamed of, so if you want a bar right in the middle of your infinity pool, you will get one. You can also rent a car if you’d like to explore the island further or have your private chauffeur drive you from party to party. And, of course, no vacation in Mykonos would be complete without spending a day cruising along the Aegean Sea on a Mykonos yacht rental.