Every young, single person wants to visit this Greek island. There are so many fun things to do here and fabulous parties to check out – but you need to find accommodation before you get to experience the nightlife. So, what is the best place to stay in Mykonos for singles? If you have no idea where to begin the search for a hotel room or a Mykonos villa, we can help you out – check out this text for all the information.

Staying in the Party Capital of the World as a Single Person – What Areas of Mykonos, Greece, Are the Best Options?

Where should you stay in Mykonos if you are single and ready to party? This question bothers many young people who plan on visiting Mykonos during the peak of the party season. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the amazing nightlife simply because it was too far away from your accommodation, right?

Of course, this can easily be avoided if you rent a car, but isn’t it better to book a place to stay that suits all your needs? So, the dilemma is – which side of the island is the best, or which part of the coast? We’ll help you answer that question.

Should You Stay in a Beach Hotel Near One of the Popular Party Beaches?

You’ll find many beautiful beaches here, there’s no denying that. Still, it’s essential to know that not every beach will be great for partying – believe it or not, there are some quiet, family-friendly beaches as well. If you wish to avoid those parts of the coast, be sure to pick beach hotels or private villas near one of these fantastic beaches:

  • Paraga Beach – You might’ve expected something else to be our first pick, but trust us – Paraga is one of those places you can’t miss out on. When we tell you that legendary places like Scorpios and Kalua are located here, everything becomes clear.
  • Paradise Beach – If you really want to go crazy and experience the most amazing nightlife you will ever find, this is the spot to add to your travel itinerary. Remember, this beach is home to Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana – what more can a party enthusiast ask for?
  • Super Paradise – Extra close to Paradise Beach, Super Paradise is another must-visit spot. The vibe is pretty similar to Paradise, and we dare say it’s slightly crazier – Super Paradise Beach Club shouldn’t be missed out on.
  • Ornos Beach – Who says partying has to be totally wild to be good? If you’re more of a chill person, you will like Ornos. We recommend visiting Pasaji.

What About Staying in Chora and Its Surrounding Area?

If you think it’s only wise to pick hotels, suites, or villas near the island’s coast, you are mistaken – Chora is one of the better places for staying on the island. The party scene is wild in this tiny town as well, and there are many excellent bars and clubs to pay a visit to. In fact, staying in town might even be better than staying elsewhere on the coast. Mykonos town is an excellent starting point to travel the entire island.

Fireworks above the coast of Mykonos

Whether you’re staying in Chora or elsewhere on the island, you’ll have a great time

What Is the Best Place to Stay in Mykonos for Singles? Here Are Some Great Beach and Town Hotels to Choose From

Now that you know which areas of the island are worth staying in as a young, single person, all that’s left to do is pick the perfect accommodation among all the beautiful hotels, suites, or villas. However, know that you can hardly make a wrong decision here – it’s hard to find a bad hotel or any other kind of bad accommodation here.

The Best Hotels for Singles on the Island, From Super Paradise to Agios Stefanos North From Chora – Here’s What to Consider

Of course, you would be looking in the area of the above-mentioned beaches and Chora. There are many great places, but the winner can be only one – what will you pick? Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

  • Semeli Hotel,
  • Tropicana Hotel, Suites & Villas,
  • Belvedere Hotel Mykonos,
  • Destino Pacha,
  • MyCocoon Hotel,
  • Mykonos Ammos,
  • Little Venice Suites,
  • Paradise View Hotel.

Wherever You Decide to Stay While, Make Sure You Have a Car Rental So You Can Reach All the Parties

Before you travel here, make sure you have planned everything for this trip. One of the things to not overlook is the importance of car rental. While it indeed is a small isle, it’s not realistic to think you’d be able to walk from party to party.

Some of them won’t be within walking distance of your accommodation, and a car is definitely needed. You can reach out to The Ace VIP for assistance – we have plenty of vehicles ready for you. Our rentals are the most luxurious ones, and our reviews are top-notch.

View of the yacht near the coast of Mykonos

You can’t walk the entire coast to get to a party – you need a car rental

Hotels Aren’t Your Only Accommodation Option – Don’t Forget That There Are Many Luxury Mykonos Villas for Rental

One thing many people forget when they plan their trip is that this is one of those destinations in Greece with many private villas for rent. Mykonos luxury villas can be found near all those great party places, and The Ace VIP can offer you the top-rated ones. Our listings are among the best Mykonos villas for rental – contact us for more information and get ready to host a private party in the most amazing environment.

The Ace VIP Offers Another Fantastic Option for Young and Single – Renting Luxury Yachts in Addition to Private Villas in Mykonos

Private villas aren’t the only brilliant choices for hosting a private party – have you thought about renting a yacht and sailing around the coast with friends? If this happens to be your dream vacation, The Ace VIP is here and ready to make it happen. Check out our yacht listings, and pick the one that suits you the most – the perfect vacation is just around the corner.