Do you wish to spend time working next to an infinity pool and the view of the Aegean Sea? Then, you need to choose one of the best Mykonos villas for working remotely and spend some time enjoying everything this island has to offer. The incredible aspect of this alternative workspace is the fast Wi-Fi, tranquil and quiet space, as well as an awesome background for Zoom calls and meetings.

#1 Villa Hayek Is an Ideal Place for a Serene Workation

The first property on our list is villa Hayek which offers everything that a person looking for a beautiful space for working remotely would wish for. It’s a tranquil accommodation that is designed in traditional Mykonian architecture, making it a splendid background for any type of online call or meeting.

It has a great Wi-Fi connection, A/C, private parking, a pool, and daily maid service. It includes two bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spacious outdoor area where there is a large table that can serve as a workstation as well. If you’d like to relax after you finish your obligations, you can go to Ftelia Beach, which is nearby. On the other hand, restaurants, bars, and clubs in the main Mykonian town are only 12 minutes away.

Outdoor area of luxury Mykonos villa Hayek

If you’d like to travel and stay in a secluded and beautiful accommodation, this is a great option

#2 Villa Dafoe Is for People Who Want to Work During the Day and Party During the Night

Villa Dafoe doesn’t have an infinity pool, but it has the most important thing, the perfect location. It is situated at the heart of the island, in Chora, right next to the Mykonian windmills, with a breathtaking view of Little Venice. This property is suitable for anyone who wants to work in privacy and in a stunning place in Greece but also enjoys the party scene after the work is done.

Here you will have a great Wi-Fi connection, A/C, sea view, private terrace, or balcony. The design of the furnishings inside the villa and the architecture is traditional Greek, meaning that it is a very Instagrammable property.

What Is Easily Accessible When Staying in This Mykonos Villa Rental?

This property in Greece is not noisy during the day; however, during the night, Chora comes alive, it’s buzzing with activity, and the exciting atmosphere is very energizing. You can simply leave your accommodation, and you are in the center of the activity right away.

You can dance the night away in the Skandinavian Bar, Jackie O’ Bar, or Scarpa Bar. But before a wild night, you can enjoy a meal in some of the best Mykonian restaurants, such as M-eating, Niko’s Taverna, To Maereio, Kastro’s, and Kalita.

Outside view of villa Dafoe

If you are looking for one of the private villas in Mykonos close to clubs, choose this one

#3 If You’d Like to Have Your Own Office Space While in Greece, Check Out Villa Galactica

An incredible property that sits on 13 acres of land with a view of the Aegean Sea, villa Galactica will blow you away with its beauty. The serene Feng Shui design is ideal for anyone who needs the appropriate ambiance for concentrating on important work matters.

The list of amenities this property offers is extensive. It features a large swimming pool, firewood oven, garden with herbs and spices, reception, cordless telephones, and the most important thing – an office space where you can stay and work in privacy. This is one of the Mykonos villas for rental, you don’t have to leave to enjoy the Mykonian island vacation. It’s suitable for organizing events since it can accommodate at least 10 guests.

There is private parking, excellent Wi-Fi, and daily maid service, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you wish to visit Chora, you can simply request that a concierge in Mykonos arrange for a private driver to pick you up.

Woman sitting in a pool at villa Galactica

If you are looking for a big luxurious Mykonos villa, then rent Galactica

#4 One of the Best Mykonos Villas for Working Remotely Is Villa Icarus I

If you’d like to be in a stunning Greek villa which is located on one of the best beaches on the island, the right choice is certainly villa Icarus I. The main feature of this property is the semi-oval pool which overlooks Psarou Beach.

The relaxing Bohemian atmosphere and the high-quality amenities make this a great spot where you can work. There are three bedrooms, a dining room, a fully equipped kitchen, and an outside terrace with sunbeds. The exterior boasts a rocky motif, and there are comfy sun loungers and wood-beam pergolas, which will make your holiday more enjoyable.

This Is One of the Best Villas That Suits Individuals That Want to Enjoy Water Sports on Psarou Beach

If you are interested in exciting water sports activities, then this is one of the best Mykonos villas for rent you can stay at. It is located on Psarou Beach, which is a popular destination in Greece for activities such as:

  • Jet skiing,
  • Parasailing,
  • Water skiing.

This beach also has several water sports centers where you can rent equipment and take lessons. In addition to water sports, Psarou is also known for its lively atmosphere, luxury beach clubs, and crystal-clear waters.

An outside area of villa Icarus I

Interested in jet skiing and water skiing? Then rent a Mykonos villa close to Psarou beach

Now It’s Time to Choose One of the Luxury Mykonos Villas From The Ace VIP’s Catalog

Every property offers something different. You can check out the ones with pools or the ones that have a better location. It’s up to you and what suits your work obligations the best. Now if you have chosen the one luxury Mykonos villa you want to rent, call The Ace VIP right away. We’ll fill you in on the additional services we provide, such as jet rentals, Mykonos yacht rental services, our concierge VIP services in Mykonos, and car rental. Don’t hesitate to contact us before you travel and secure one of the finest Greek villas in Mykonos, where you will feel at home.