Everybody knows what to pack for a summer vacation – a swimsuit, flip flops and sandals, hats and glasses, but not a lot of people have traveled to Greek islands during the wintertime, so here are some tips on what to wear at the beach in winter and still be the most fashionable tourist on Mykonos.

Don’t Expect Hot Weather in Wintertime on Mykonos – While It Doesn’t Snow, It Does Get Cold

Mykonos is truly the ideal place for a winter getaway if you’re not in the mood for cold and snow. The temperature is warm but not as hot as during summertime and cool but not as cold as in other destinations where it snows. The temperature is mostly in the range of 8-13 °C, which is perfect for outdoor activities and exploring the island during your stay.

Here Are Some Tips on What to Wear at the Beach in Winter and How to Dress Right

Hanging out on one of the beautiful Greek beaches during the winter sounds like a strange experience on its own, but how does one dress for such an occasion? The beach suggests warm weather, but the middle of the winter doesn’t exactly guarantee sunny weather. So, here are some useful fashion tips to help you navigate this confusing weather.

A Beach Bag Is Mandatory No Matter What Season It Is

If you plan on heading down to one of the beautiful beaches to sit by the water, you will need an appropriate beach bag. Even though you’re not swimming or sunbathing, you still need a large beach bag to hold all of your necessities. Repurpose the one you used during the summertime instead of buying a new one, just make sure it’s not crochet – this style could get damaged in rain or humidity. You can also opt for a large backpack that fits everything you need, and it can be especially useful if you’re planning to go hiking or sightseeing.

It’s Always Best to Layer So You Don’t Get Too Hot or Too Cold

When faced with a confusing climate that’s neither hot nor cold, sometimes it can be difficult to dress accordingly and incorporate your style all at once. Most of the time, you end up either too hot or too cold, and that’s why layering is the key. Start with a cozy shirt and pants and layer over it. Put on activewear under your pants, a sweater over your shirt, and even add a jacket if necessary. Think about functionality – wear pieces you can gradually take off or add on to adjust to the weather conditions.

Switch Large Summer Hats for Cozy Caps

When it comes to women’s summer fashion, hats are always the best accessory to your outfit. A large flimsy hat is mandatory during the summer season, and the bigger the style, the better. However, as temperatures drop, so should the size of your hat. Bring caps and beanies to protect you from the wind and the cold, and make sure to bring along a pair of gloves and a scarf that goes along with it, just in case.

Glasses Are a Year-Round Staple

Unlike hats, there is an accessory that is welcome year-round, no matter what the weather’s like – a pair of your favorite sunglasses. Not only will they elevate your outfit, but they will also protect your eyes from the strong sun and the sharp wind. It is called the Island of the Winds, after all.

Leather Sandals Are Only Suitable as Souvenirs – It’s Time for Sneakers or Boots

While wearing anything other than sandals during the summer season on the Island of the Winds is considered a crime, once the colder months arrive, it’s time to switch to more heavy-duty shoes. Opt for comfortable sneakers or boots in case of a rainy day, and stick to buying leather sandals as a souvenir.

Leather sandals
Sandals should only be a souvenir during this time

Leave Some Room in Your Suitcase for Shopping – Both Men’s and Women’s Boutiques Are Open Year Round

While you should give some thought to how you will dress during your trip, don’t stress over what clothes to pack. After all, you will be able to buy an entire new wardrobe if needed.

Mykonos is known for being the most exclusive and expensive Greek island, and that title doesn’t come without some fabulous shops.

The Island of the Winds is on a must-visit list of every shopaholic, as it’s filled with countless local and designer shops. You can buy the latest high-end clothing pieces and have a shopping spree of your life. The best place to go shopping is the famous Matogianni Street in the Old Town of Chora. It’s home to all the best shops, so make sure to leave some room in your suitcase for a good shopping day.

View of Chora
Take a walk along the Matogianni Street and shop your heart away

Contact Us and Book All Your Travel Arrangements Before You Start Planning Your Outfits

While having a stylish outfit while on vacation is extremely important, don’t let it distract you from what’s really important – planning your perfect winter getaway on one of the most beautiful Greek islands. If you want to completely recharge your batteries and create your own winter wonderland in Greece, contact us at The Ace VIP, book all your travel arrangements, and choose one of our Mykonos luxury villas to keep you cozy and comfortable throughout your stay.

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